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Articles from Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of Science (April 1, 2005)

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[A.sub.1]-adrenergic-mediated enhancement of hippocampal CA3 network activity. Rau, Katie E.; Jurgens, C.W.D.; Knudson, C.A.; King, J.D.; Carr, P.A.; Porter, J.E.; Doze, Van A. 441
A model of osteoarthritic cartilage damage: action of Fibronectin Fragments. Ding, Lei; Guo, D.P.; Singh, B.; Homandberg, G.A. 777
A petrographic analysis of extended middle missouri ceramics from North Dakota. Josephs, Richard L. Brief article 234
Acute effects of dopamine and transport blockers on dopamine transporter phosphorylation and regulation. Gorentla, Balachandra K.; Vaughan, Roxanne 347
Alpha-2 adrenergic receptor modulation of hippocampal CA3 network activity. Boese, Sarah J.; King, Jacob D.; Jurgens, Christopher W.D.; Pyle, Sally J.; Porter, James E.; Doze, 653
An epidemiological review of a fatal neurodegenerative disease outbreak: quantification of genetic risk and the impact of lateral transmission in the outbreak. Evoniuk, Jessica M.; Stoltenow, Charles L.; O'Rourke, Katherine I.; Redmer, Dale A.; Moore, Bert L. 583
Another model of osteoarthritic cartilage damage: actions of collagen fragments/peptides and a global mechanism in which matrix degradation fragments determine the fate of injured cartilage. Guo, Danping; Ding, Lei; Homandberg, Gene A. 829
Aromatic tosylate esters as ligands for metal ions. Ngwendson, Julius N.; Olson, Angie C.; Banerjee, Anamitro Brief article 137
Brownian dynamics simulations of interactions between fish aldolase and G-or F-actin. Forlemu, Neville Y.; Waingeh, Victor F.; Lowe, Steve L.; Thomasson, Kathryn A. 568
Burrowing with a kinetic snout in a snake (Elapidae: Aspidelaps scutatus). Deufel, Alexandra; Bruce, Shawn D. 442
Characterization of Boron's anti-inflammatory effect: down-regulation through the NF-kappab pathway. Durick, Kelly A.; Tomita, Michiyo; Hunt, Curtiss D.; Bradley, David S. Brief article 264
Clinopyroxene, orthopyroxene, and olivine chemistries in ultramafic to mafic xenoliths. Heinle, Shannon; Perkins, Dexter 586
Communications professional. Calendar 292
Comparing seed germination in western prairie fringed orchid (Platanthera praeclara Sheviak and Bowles) seeds planted in grazed and ungrazed plots. Anderson, Mindy; O'Brien, Bridget; Alexander, Bonnie 374
Comparison of DNA damage resulting from exposure to various nickel species. Ralston, N.V.C.; Gallagher, J.R.; Galbreath, K.C.; Zillioux, E.J. 755
Comparison of the levels of the spicing factor PSF in individuals with dystonia. Detke, Siegfried 264
Computer modeling of electrostatic interactions between LDH and actin. Njabon, Eric N.; Lowe, Stephen L.; Waingeh, Victor F.; Thomasson, Kathryn A. 471
Constitution of the North Dakota Academy of Science. 3701
Depth profile study of the composition of urinary stones and crystals from canines and felines using X-ray diffraction. Fjeldahl, Kayla; Winburn, Ryan S. 432
Design of gas-solid fixed-bed reactors using computational fluid dynamics. Jangiti, Saiprasal; Patel, Nichil; Grewal, Nanak Brief article 169
Detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPS) through the application of fluorescent lifetime probes. Jungberg, Carl E.; Gonnella, Thomas P. Brief article 167
Determining seed production rates in the federally listed threatened plant, the western prairie fringed orchid (Platanthera praeclara Sheviak and Bowles). Dahl, Sarah; Jorissen, Heather; Alexander, Bonnie 410
Dopamine transporter ligand binding domains analyzed through photoaffinity labeling. Parnas, M. Laura; Gaffaney, Jon D.; Newman, Amy H.; Zou, Mu-Fa; Lever, John R.; Dutta, Aloke K.; Kol 411
Editor's notes. Brown-Borg, Holly; Jackson, Jon A. Editorial 630
Effects of estradiol ([E.sub.2]) and linseed meal (LSM) on organ weights in ovariectomized ewes. O'Neil, M.R.; Lardy, G.P.; Reynolds, L.; Caton, J.S.; Vonnahme, K. 588
Effects of nutrient restriction and dietary selenium on cellular proliferation in fetal ovarian follicles obtained from sheep in late pregnancy. Arndt, Wendy J.; Vonnahme, Kimberly A.; Borowczyk, Ewa; Borowicz, Pawel P.; Ward, Marcy; Caton, Joel 538
Electrodeposition of polypyrrole on aluminum alloy 2024-t3 in the presence of different mediating compounds for the purpose of corrosion protection. Levine, Kirill L.; Tallman, Dennis E.; Bierwagen, Gordon P. Brief article 199
Environmental implications of selenium's effects on mercury retirement. Jordan, C.R.; Raymond, L.J.; Ralston, N.V.C. 796
Expression of the major angiogenic factors in the placenta of adolescent ewes. Borowicz, Pawel P.; Johnson, Mary Lynn; Borowczyk, Ewa; Vonnahme, Kimberly A.; Grazul-Bilska, Anna T 591
Fluorescent nanosensor for targeting selenium in a mixture. Liang, Song; Huan Yanfu; Pierce, David T.; Zhao, Julia Xiaojun Brief article 202
Functional genomics and development of a ecotoxicological model using salamander. Beachy, Christopher K.; Voss, Randal S. 355
Gap junctional proteins connexins (Cx) 26, 32, 37 and 43 mRNA expression in the ovine ovarian follicles during the periovulatory period. Borowczyk, Ewa; Johnson, Mary Lynn; Redmer, Dale A.; Reynolds, Lawrence P.; Navanukraw, Chainarong; 529
Genetic control of leaf expansion in Arabidopsis. Keller, Christopher P. 272
Glutathione depletion increases oxidative stress and promotes motor neuron-like cell apoptosis. Chi, Liying; Ke, Yan; Luo, Chun; Liu, Rugao Brief article 260
Glycolytic enzyme interactions with F-actin: comparing rabbit and yeast. Weingeh, Victor F.; Lowe, Stephen L.; Kozliak, Evguenii I.; Gustafson, Carol D.; Knull, Harvey R.; T 557
Graduate communications in the A. Rodger Denison Competition. Calendar 562
High membrane potential sensitivity to hydroquinone by root cortex cells of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). Mazurek, Shanna A.; Grundstad, Morgan L.; Seil, Joshua E.; Barkosky, Richard R.; Keller, Christopher 475
HLA-DQ8ab transgenic mice demonstrate an increased resistance to the plague. O'Bryant, Deanna M.; Nilles, Matthew L.; Bradley, David S. 419
Indications for strong metal support interactions: the case of C[O.sub.2] adsorption on Cu nano particles supported on ZnO(0001). Wang, J.; Funk, S.; Burghaus, U. Brief article 287
Intergenerational effects of in-utero stress: perpetuation of hypertension as a response to developmental plasticity. Anderson, Cindy M.; Lopez, Faye; Zimmer, Ashley; Zhang, Hai-Ying; Benoit, Joseph N. 589
Is topoisomerase II implicated in translocations involving the MLL gene? Reinholdt, Michelle L.; Townsend, Jessica A.; Super, Heidi J. 447
Lanthanide metal chemistry: catalysis of biodegradable and biofriendly polymers. Binda, Pascal; Dugah, Divine; Nelson, Chassidy; Delbridge, Ewan Brief article 279
Microabsorption or absorption contrast in 'real' materials. Brayko, Adam; Winburn, Ryan S. 406
Minutes (unapproved) of the North Dakota Academy of Science annual business meeting. Calendar 643
Modulation of SRC-like tyrosine kinase Lyn plays a role in Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in lung cells. Kannan, Shibichakravarthy; Foster, Daniel C.; Knittel, Jessica; Wu, Min Brief article 265
Nanotechnology: aligning protein molecules in monolayer films of nanometer thickness. Pazdernik, LeRoy; Picard, Gilles Brief article 212
Nucleotide diversity of chalone isomerase in common bean (P. Vulgaris). Mamidi, Sujan; Lee, Rian K.; McClean, Phillip E. 297
On the formation of brownmillerite via thermal routes. Mattern, Cory; Nelson, Sheri Y.; McDaniel, Gary; Winburn, Ryan S. 637
Photochemistry of 2-nitrobenzyl enol ethers: oxidative C=C bond scission. Yong, Promise K.; Banerjee, Anamitro Brief article 150
Physiological implications of mercury's effects on selenium availability. Raymond, L.J.; Ralston, N.V.C. 796
Sexual behavior and education intervention: assessment of effectiveness. Zimmer, Ashley Brief article 138
Strike kinematics in death adders: convergence with vipers? Deufel, Alexandra; Nett, Jaime L. 388
Structure activity relationship: the case of C[O.sub.2]/ZnO(0001) and CO/Cu-ZnO(0001). Wang, J.; Hokkanen, B.; Johnson, E.; Burghaus, U. 453
Studies of chromosome rearrangement and gene fusions involving the human myeloid-lymphiod leukemia gene (MLL). Super, Heidi J.; Reinholdt, Michelle; Townsend, Jessica; Mueller, Stephanie; Pankrantz, Kyle 570
Substitution and price effects of carbon emission penalties on C[O.sub.2] emissions reduction from electric power plants. Karki, Shankar; Mann, Michael D.; Salehfar, Hossein Brief article 269
Syntaxin 1A regulates dopamine transporter phosphorylation and activity. Cervinski, Mark A.; Vaughan, Roxanne 553
The assessment of the Northern Leopard Frog (Rana pipiens) population at upper souris wildlife refuge. Junglas, Katheryn M. 402
The effects of light cycle on metamorphosis in salamanders. Rose, Kenn; Beachy, Christopher K. 442
The influence and effectiveness of reclamation seeding on grassland recovery. Simmers, Sara; Galatowitsch, Susan 769
The radon we breathe: its seasonality in the human body and the environment. Lykken, Glenn I; Mom-ilovi, Berislaw; Johnson, LuAnn 592
Theoretical studies of [Ti.sub.2][H.sub.5] + and related molecules. Azenkeng, Alexander; Hoffmann, Mark R. 625
Toxicity of nanomaterials to living cells. Jin, Yuhui; Huan, Yanfu; Zhao, Julia Xiaojun; Wu, Min; Kannan, Shibichakravarthy Brief article 218
TRPC3-VAMP2 interaction dictates plasma membrane localization and function of TRPC3 in neuronal and non-neuronal cells. Bollimuntha, Sunitha; Singh, Brij B. Brief article 229
Undergraduate communications in the A. Rodger Denison Competition. Calendar 341
USGS 30-m and LiDAR 1-m DEMs to assess the accuracy of elevations in the Red River basin of the North. Pachhai, Sarita; Rundquist, Bradley C.; Peck, Wesley D.; Bolles, Bethany A. Brief article 174
Using high spatial resolution satellite imagery to map leafy spurge (euphorbia esula) and Canada thistle (cirsium arvense) in the North unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Pringle, Brent E.; Rundquist, Bradley C. Brief article 181
Variation in metamorphic timing can be induced by variation in density without differences in growth rate in the frog, Rana utricularia. Richter, Janel; Martin, Lincoln; Beachy, Christopher K. 615
Whole-body versus skeletal calcium retention in rats: short-and long-term comparisons using [sup.47]Ca and [sup.41]CA tracers. Sattler, J.A.; Soule, M.R.; Hillegonds, D.J.; Roughead, Z.K.; Wagner, J.L. Brief article 319

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