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Articles from Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of Science (April 1, 2002)

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A comparison of ultimate pullout strength of four bioabsorbable tacks. Jeno, Susan H.N.; Bleess, B.; Haugen, L.M.; Mabey, R.L.; Johnson, P.Q. Report 410
A European map assessment as a UND Bush Scholarship of Teaching Activity. Munski, Douglas C. 823
Academy officers and committees. Brief article 174
Auxin-induced leaf growth inhibition in Phaseolus vulgaris (the common bean). Tranby, Traci L.; Keller, Christopher P. 410
Brownian dynamics of rabbit glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) mutants binding rabbit F-actin. Waingeh, Victor F.; Lowe, Stephen L.; Thomasson, Kathryn A. Report 617
Building enthusiasm for science through hands-on education. 292
Carbonyl iron is a more effective hemoglobin repletion agent than electrolytic or reduced iron powder in rats. Swain, James H.; Hunt, Janet R. Report 739
Cognitive dissonance theory and judges' scores at a springboard diving championship. Siders, William A. Report 834
Communications: graduate. Calendar 296
Communications: professional. Calendar 294
Communications: undergraduate. Calendar 333
Comparison of population characteristics and morphological features of painted turtles from two sloughs in Western Minnesota. Schmit, Joanna M.; Zemlicka, Candice J.; Thompson, Deanna M.; Stockrahm, Donna M. Bruns 622
Conception rate to timed artificial insemination protocols in lactating dairy cows. Navanukraw, C.; Reynolds, L.P.; Grazul-Bilska, A.T.; Redmer, D.A.; Fricke, P.M. Report 608
Constitution of the North Dakota Academy of Science. 3714
Correlation between variation in flight speeds and wing morphology of North American dabbling ducks (Anus). Langer, William E. 678
Dietary copper but not dietary zinc decreases protein kinase C[alpha] expression and dimethylhydrazine-induced aberrant crypt foci formation in the rat colon. Fox, Erin; Davis, Cindy D.; Johnson, W. Thomas Report 626
Directory of members. Directory 2745
Ectypodus lovei from the Medicine Pole Hills Local Fauna (Chadronian, latest Eocene), Bowman County N.D. Schumaker, Karew K.; Kihm, Allen J. 832
Editor's notes. Jackson, Jon A.; Rada, Jody H. 731
Effect of exogenous auxins on leaf expansion in the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). Keller, Christopher P. Report 662
Effects of hormonal treatment on follicular development and oocyte quality in anestrous ewes treated with follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). Luther, J.S.; Redmer, D.A.; Reynolds, L.P.; Choi, J.T.; Navanukraw, C.; Arnold, D.R.; Schaeffer, A.; Report 735
Effects of light, growth history and temperature on larval life history parameters of Ambystomatid salamanders. Ihli, Lori S.; Beachy, Christopher K. 645
Extracellular matrix changes in parturition. Schafer, Rhonda R.; Rada, Jody A. Report 537
Financial statement. Table 774
Gap junctional protien connexin (Cx) 43 expression in cumulus oocyte complex (COC) of ewes treated with follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). Pant, Disha; Reynolds, Lawrence P.; Lopes, Flavia; Petry, Kimberley D.; Bilski, Jerzy J.; Weigl, Rob Report 656
Hands-on water related education through water quality monitoring. Holland, Christine C.; Goeken, Wayne R.; Daly, Daniel J. 1834
Heavy mineral analysis of sandstone using an XRD-Rietveld method. Kight, Roy P.; Cool, Christopher A.; Webster, John R.; Winburn, Ryan S. 614
Inadequate copper intake reduces serum insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) concentration and bone strength in growing rats. Roughead, Z.K.; Lukaski, H.C. Report 657
Influence of phosphorylation on the half-life of the regulatory subunit of Type I cAMP-dependent protein kinase. Comstock, Clay E.S.; Shabb, John B. Report 621
Lorenzo's Oil and the blood brain barrier: ramifications for the treatment of x-linked Adrenoleukodystrophy. Murphy, Eric J. Clinical report 450
Overview of water-related hands-on science education in the Red River watershed. Hartman, Joseph H.; Goeken, Wayne R.; Crocker, Charlene R.; Daly, Daniel J. 1810
Past presidents and locations of the annual meeting: North Dakota Academy of Science. 574
Petrology of the Tot Mountain lavas, Mount Bachelor, Central Oregon High Cascades: interpretation based on detailed geochemical and petrographic analysis. Larsen, Jennifer M. Report 329
Progress report on the UND Bush grant map reading and interpretation project. Munski, Douglas C. 748
Promoting geoscience education through digital imagery--using GeoDIL in the classroom. Hartman, Joseph H.; Perkins, Dexter 2772
Red River Geoscience Education--a three-school pilot program in Northeastern North Dakota. Daly, Daniel J.; Crocker, Charlene R.; Hartman, Joseph H. 2711
Regional and whole body composition and bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). Siders, William A.; Lukaski, Henry C. 800
Report: Lignite: fuel or feedstock? Pansegrau, Paul D. 276
Science--where the Park River, the laboratory, and students meet. Thorfinnson, Kristin M.; Gudmundson, Miranda J.; Kertz, Jill A.; Kertz, Kayla M.; Kingery, Muriel A. 3515
The importance of hands-on learning experiences for science-bound youth. Seymour, Alaina J. 1761
The ontogeny of tibial spurs in Eurycea salamanders. Edgell, Jessica; Richter, Heidi; Beachy, Christopher K. Report 289
The role of nitric oxide and oxidative stress in cardiac ventricular myocyte excitation-contraction coupling dysfunction under simulated diabetes. Esberg, Lucy B.; Ren, Jun 585
Thermal desorption of mercury from coal fly ash. Gieske, Amy L.; Schluessler, Linnea M.; Hassett, David J. Report 613

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