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Proceedings of the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group = Actes de la Rencontre Annuelle 2007 du Groupe Canadien d'Etude en Didactique des Mathematiques (31st, Fredricton, New Brunswick, Canada, Jun 8-12, 2007).

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This submission contains the Proceedings of the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group (CMESG), held at the University of New Brunswick in Fredricton, New Brunswick. The CMESG is a group of mathematicians and mathematics educators who meet annually to discuss mathematics education issues at all levels of learning. The aims of the Study Group are: to advance education by organizing and coordinating national conferences and seminars to study and improve the theories of the study of mathematics or any other aspects of mathematics education in Canada at all levels; and to undertake research in mathematics education and to disseminate the results of this research. These proceedings include plenary lectures, working group reports, topic session descriptions, new PhD reports, and summaries of ad hoc sessions and a panel discussion. Papers include: (1) Understanding Abstraction in Mathematics Education: Meaning, Language, Gesture, and the Human Brain (Rafael Nunez); (2) Mathematics Departments, New Faculty, and the Future of Collegiate Mathematics (T. Christine Stevens); (3) Outreach in Mathematics--Activities, Engagement, & Reflection (Veronique Hussin and Eric Muller); (4) Geometry, Space, and Technology: Challenges for Teachers and Students (Shelley Hunter, Donna Kotsopoulos, and Walter Whiteley); (5) The Design and Implementation of Learning Situations (Anna McQuillan, Fernando Hitt, and Luis Radford); (6) The Multifaceted Role of Feedback in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics (Jerome Proulx and Florence Glanfield); (7) Mathematics Educational Neuroscience: Origins, Activities, and New Opportunities (Stephen R. Campbell); (8) Communicating the Excitement and Beauty of Mathematics (Malgorzata Dubiel); (9) Conception et experimentation de situations didactiques au prescolaire/primaire / Design and Experimentation of Didactical Situations in Kindergarten and Elementary School (Jacinthe Giroux) [Written in French]; (10) Cabri 3D: An Environment for Purposeful Mathematical Activity? (Kate Mackrell); (11) Equity and Opportunities to Learn in Cooperative Mathematical Work (Indigo Esmond); (12) (Elargir les) Connaissances mathematiques des enseignants de mathematiques du secondaire: une etude sur la formation continue / (Enlarging) Secondary-Level Mathematics Teachers' Mathematical Knowledge: An Investigation of Professional Development (Jerome Proulx) [Presented in both French and English]; (13) Un paradigme d'experimentation au laboratoire de sciences pour l'identification et l'optimisation statistique d'un modele algebrique par interaction visuo-graphique (Georges Touma) [Written in French]; (14) What Factors Influence Understanding of Written Arithmetic Problems? (Dominic Voyer); (15) Probabilities / Probabilites (Egan Chernoff and Annie Savard); (16) First Steps toward an Archeology of Gesture in Graphing (Susan Gerofsky); (17) Function Modelling Using Secondary Data from Statistics Canada's E-STAT Database (Jennifer Hall); (18) Explanation and Proof in Mathematics and Mathematics Education (Gilla Hanna, Ella Kaye, and Riaz Saloojee); (19) Exploring Our Embodied Knowing of the Gauss-Bonnet Theorem: Barn-Raising and Endo-Pentakis-Icosi-Dodecahedron (Eva Knoll); (20) Mathematical Biography (John Grant McLoughlin); (21) This Is Mathematics; This Isn't Mathematics; But That... I'm Not So Certain About: The Possible "Emancipation" of Secondary School Mathematics from the Bonds of "Real" Mathematics (Craig Newell); and (22) What Courses Could or Should Mathematics Departments Offer to Graduate Programs in Mathematics Education? (France Caron, Morris Orzech, and Elaine Simmt). Appended are: (1) Working Groups at Each Annual Meeting; (2) Plenary Lecture at Each Annual Meeting; and (3) Proceedings of Annual Meetings. Individual papers contain references, figures, and tables. [Abstract modified to meet ERIC guidelines. For the 2006 proceedings, see ED529562.]
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Author:Liljedahl, Peter, Ed.
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Date:May 1, 2008
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