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Proceedings at the 1145th General Meeting.

The 1145th General Meeting of the Academy was held on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, at 1:00 p.m., Dr. Hiroo IMURA, President, taking the chair. One hundred and two members were present, and the following communications were made:

The Enigma of The Treasure Chest of the Great Learning for Women (1716-) ... Hiroshi WATANABE, M.J.A.

Spatial Economics Perspective on COVID-19 Pandemic ... Masahisa FUJITA, M.J.A.

Multi-step synthesis of natural products ... Keisuke SUZUKI, M.J.A.

On the effectiveness of the search and find method to suppress spread of SARS-CoV-2 ... Hirotaka SUGAWARA

Communicated by Toshimitsu YAMAZAKI, M.J.A.

JF1/B6F1 Ngly[1.sup.-/-] mouse as an isogenic animal model of NGLY1 deficiency ... Makoto ASAHINA, Reiko FUJINAWA, Haruhiko FUJIHIRA, Yuki MASAHARA-NEGISHI, Tomohiro ANDOU, Ryuichi TOZAWA and Tadashi SUZUKI

Communicated by Kunihiko SUZUKI, M.J.A.

Semi-inner products and operators which attain their norm ... Pawel WOJCIK and Tomasz STYPULA

Communicated by Kenji FUKAYA, M.J.A.

Before the communication of the papers, the Chairpersons of each Section introduced the following newly elected members:

Section I: Makoto ITO, Yasunari TAKADA and Satoshi KINSUI.

Section II: Eiko OHTSUKA, Naoko NISHIZAWA, Takeo KANADE, Toshio YANAGIDA, Akira YOSHINO, Masanori IYE and Yasushi MIYASHITA.

After a recess during which the members present met in their respective Sections, the General Meeting was resumed for business transactions.

First, Dr. Kazuo SUGENO, M.J.A., paid a tribute of admiration to the late Dr. Morio TAKESHITA's meritorious service to academic circles.

Second, Dr. Osamu SAITO, M.J.A., paid a tribute of admiration to the late Dr. Akira HAYAMl's meritorious service to academic circles.

Third, the Chairpersons of both Sections made reports of the matters dealt with at the respective Sectional Meetings.

Then, a decision was made of recipients of the 17th Japan Academy Medal as follows:

Atsushi URAKAWA "High-Efficiency Catalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide by High Pressure and Transient Operations, and the Elucidation of the Reaction Mechanisms"

Yuki OKA "Functional Identification of Neural Circuits Involved in Maintaining Water and Salt Homeostasis in the Body"

Michihiro KOIBUCHI "Pioneering Research on Introducing Randomness for Interconnection Networks on Parallel Computer Systems"

Takuo SUGAYA "Proof of the General Theorem of Cooperative Behavior in Repeated Games with Private Monitoring"

Ayumi MIURA "Empirical Study of Syntax and Lexis of Impersonal Constructions in the History of the English Language"

Kei MIYAMOTO "Research on Mechanisms of Nuclear Reprogramming in Eggs and Oocytes" The 17th award ceremony for the JSPS Prize, offered by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, and the Japan Academy Medal will not be held.

Finally, the President reported that Dr. Kazuyuki TATSUMI, M.J.A., was elected as a member of the Publication Committee.

The Meeting adjourned at 4:39 p.m.

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Publication:Japan Academy Proceedings Series B: Physical and Biological Sciences
Date:Feb 1, 2021
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