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Proceedings at the 1108th general meeting.

The 1108th General Meeting of the Academy was held on Wednesday, April 12, 2017, at 1:00 p.m., Dr. Hiroshi SHIONO, President, taking the chair. Ninety members were present, and the following communications were made:

The 1077 Statistics of Commercial Tax in China Yoshinobu SHIBA, M.J.A.

The Contents of the Self-Defense Forces Act Art. 76, Cl. 1, No. 2 What is the Meaning of so-called

"Limited Admittance of the Right to Collective Self-Defense"? Tokiyasu FUJITA, M.J.A.

Purinergic signaling in microglia in the pathogenesis of neuropathic pain Kazuhide INOUE

Molecular investigations of development and diseases of the brain of higher mammals using the ferret Hiroshi Kawasaki

Above two, communicated by Nobutaka HIROKAWA, M.J.A.

The molecular cues regulating immune cell trafficking Akira TAKEDA, Naoko SASAKI and Masayuki MiyaSAKA

Communicated by Shizuo AKIRA, M.J.A.

Rapid and coordinated processing of global motion images by local clusters of retinal ganglion cells Akihiro MATSUMOTO and Masao TACHIBANA

Communicated by Masanori OTSUKA, M.J.A.

Data management issues in mobile ad hoc networks Takahiro HARA

Communicated by Makoto NAGAO, M.J.A.

Organization and dynamics of yeast mitochondrial nucleoids Isamu MiYAKAWA

Communicated by Tsuneyoshi KUROIWA, M.J.A.

On the product of Hurwitz zeta-functions Nian Liang WANG and Soumyarup BANERJEE

On the distribution of rank two r-congruent numbers Chad Tyler DAVIS

Above two, communicated by Masaki KASHIWARA, M.J.A.

Value distribution of L-functions concerning shared values and certain differential polynomials Fang LIU, Xiao-Min LI and Hong-Xun YI

Communicated by Shigefumi MORI, M.J.A.

After a recess during which the members present met in their respective Sections, the General Meeting was resumed for business transactions.

First, Dr. Fumio OOSAWA, M.J.A., paid a tribute of admiration to the late Dr. Junichi TOMIZAWA's meritorious service to academic circles.

Then, the Chairpersons of both Sections made reports of the matters dealt with at the respective Sectional Meetings.

The Meeting adjourned at 5:16 p.m.

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Date:May 1, 2017
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