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Proceedings at the 1072nd General Meeting.

The 1072nd General Meeting of the Academy was held on Tuesday, October 15, 2013, at 1:00 p.m., Dr. Masaaki KUBO, President, taking the chair. Ninety-three members were present, and the following communications

were made:

A single wheat grain changes the            Koichiro TSUNEWAKI, M.J.A.

Guidebook of commerce in                       Yoshinobu SHIBA, M.J.A.
historical China

Wireless-electrodeless quartz-                           Hirotsugu OGI
crystal-microbalance biosensors              Communicated by Shun-ichi
for studying interactions among                        IWASAKI, M.J.A.
biomolecules: A review

Some sufficient conditions for the    Utku YILMAZTURK, Temha ERKOC and
Taketa inequality Bochner-                    Ismail S. GYLOGLU Zeinab
Schoenberg-Eberlein property for                    KAMALI and Mahmood
abstract Segal algebras                  LASHKARIZADEH BAMI Above two,
                                                communicated by Masaki
                                                     KASHIWARA, M.J.A.

Affine translation surfaces in                 Huili LIU and Yanhua YU
Euclidean 3-space

On the equivalence of several                Shintaro KUROKI and Li YU
definitions of compact infra-
solvmanifolds                                              Duc Tai PHO

Alexander polynomials of certain          Above three, communicated by
dual of smooth quartics                           Kenji FUKAYA, M.J.A.

On the recent seismic activity in                   Nicholas V. SARLIS
North-Eastern Aegean Sea                         Communicated by Seiya
including the Mw5.8 earthquake                           UYEDA, M.J.A.
on 8 January 2013

Explicit t-expansions for the                            Seidai YASUDA
elliptic curve [y.sup.2] =                     Communicated by Heisuke
4([x.sup.3] + Ax + B)                                 HIRONAKA, M.J.A.

After a recess during which the members present met in their respective Sections, the General Meeting was resumed for business transactions.

First, Dr. Haruyuki TONO, M.J.A., paid a tribute of admiration to the late Dr. Masahide BITO's meritorious service to academic circles.

Next, The Chairpersons of both Sections made reports of the matters dealt with at the respective Sectional Meetings.

Then, The election of the President for the coming term took place; Dr. Takashi SUGIMURA was elected.

The Meeting adjourned at 5:07 p.m.

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Date:Sep 1, 2013
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