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Proactive design.

What's ahead for interior design - from the designer's perspective? The IIDA Industry Advisory Council of Chicago-based International Interior Design Association recently identified 10 trends, now gathering momentum, that will continue to change the interior design profession and industry well into the new millennium:

1. The market will demand user-centered design, resulting in the design community increasing the need for products that meet clients' individual requirements.

2. Clients will return to their core businesses, further appreciating the interior designer's professional expertise.

3. Designers and industry will confront new sources of competition, such as intellectual property and product rights, via the Internet and an increasingly visual global society.

4. Designers and industry will share new risks and new partners, working much more closely during the research and development phase of product and project design.

5. "Green" design will require clearer definition in order to implement green standards and enhance the environmental viability of spaces and products.

6. As technology continues to change, home and work spaces will continue to merge and change as well, including the location of such spaces and office design.

7. An aging population will accelerate the acceptance of universal design, including a changing healthcare delivery system in the United States that will produce new residential concepts.

8. Technology will continually redefine society and socialization, creating new, virtual communities that give people the ability to pursue interests on a global level. Conversely, this same phenomena will bring families and other groups closer together.

9. People will seek increased balance among self, family, community, and career, in a direction that makes boundaries between these societal priorities increasingly elastic.

10. The survival of the interior design profession and industry will depend on education and research, with the creation of intellectual partnerships and the development of innovative projects and products.

How will these trends affect facilities managers? Very positively, I believe. We have the potential for a much more far-reaching collaboration with the design community to further our goals of "functional" form.

We just have to listen to one another.

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Title Annotation:ten trends in interior design profession and industry
Author:Monroe, Linda
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Nov 1, 1998
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