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ProPublica Investigates AIDS Charity --'NY Times' Still Running Ads.

The latest investigation by ProPublica takes aim at an AIDS charity group, and indirectly The New York Times. The lengthy story, posted today on the non-profit investigative reporting site, focuses on the Center for AIDS Prevention, a Beverly Hills-based organization.

The story calls the group a "shady AIDS charity" and also takes issue with the Times for posting ads that link to the group's Web page.

"The Center for AIDS Prevention has mobilized a nationwide fundraising campaign, but members of the tight-knit AIDS community in California have never heard of the group. Its history is shrouded in mystery, and even people who have interacted with the group are uncertain of its purpose," the ProPublica story states. "The Web site offers incorrect information about AIDS prevention and treatment -- such as the suggestion that birth control pills prevent the spread of HIV (PDF). The charity's proprietor also has ties to a for-profit company that sold ineffective herbal AIDS remedies to replace antiretroviral drugs."

A check of the Times' Web site today showed ads for the group remained online. ProPublica contacted Times spokeswoman Diane McNulty, reporting "The Times declined to comment on how much the Center for AIDS Prevention paid for their advertisement, which has run for over a week." It adds that McNulty "said all charitable nonprofits receive a discounted rate."

She also said the paper received complaints about the ad late last week, and that the center had not yet replied to a request for information Monday morning.

The entire report can be found at:

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Title Annotation:Center for AIDS Prevention and The New York Times
Author:Strupp, Joe
Publication:Editor & Publisher
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Date:Mar 24, 2009
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