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ProMetic Life Sciences Acquires Affinity Chromatography.

Burtonsville, MD, 5/13/99-ProMetic Life Sciences, Inc. acquired 100% ownership of Affinity Chromatography Limited in the first quarter of 1999. ACL held a 34% interest in ProMetic BioSciences, Inc., a subsidiary of PLI. PLI now owns 100% of PBI, as well as ACL. ACL develops high-performance affinity media for the isolation and purification of biological compounds and therapeutic proteins.

Affinity Chromatography's protein purification technology produces high yield and purity for lower costs and will allow ProMetic to offer more efficient, high quality custom media to its customers, particularly pharmaceutical companies.
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Comment:ProMetic Life Sciences Acquires Affinity Chromatography.
Publication:Instrument Business Outlook
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Date:May 31, 1999
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