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Pro-family group hits back at BC Teachers. (News in Brief: Canada).

Vancouver--Christopher Kempling, a teacher and counsellor at a Quesnel, B.C. high school, was recently censured by the B.C. College of Teachers (BCCT) for "conduct unbecoming a member." Concerned about materials produced by the Gay & Lesbian Educators of B.C. for distribution to BCCT members, Mr. Kempling wrote to local papers regarding advice found in these materials which disrespected the beliefs of the world's major religions. He also had grave concerns about the use of the explicit homosexual newspaper Xtra West as a classroom resource.

Mr. Kempling was brought before the BCCT to answer this charge on the complaint of a local woman, not herself a BCCT member. It is unusual for the BCCT to accept complaints from non-members. Having been found "guilty," Kempling then was required to pay the costs of the action. He has promised to appeal the verdict and has found support from Kari Simpson of Langley, B.C., director of the pro-family Citizens Research Institute.

Ms. Simpson has filed two complaints with the Human Rights Tribunal (HRT) of B.C. The first alleges the promotion of contempt, intolerance and discrimination against citizens with religious beliefs by the BCCT, as examplified in the case of Mr. Kempling. The second is a complaint against militant homosexual activist James Chamberlain, employing the same format used to charge Mr. Kempling.

Ms. Simpson is confident of proving that Chamberlain also breached the BCCTs Code of Ethics. She offers to withdraw the HRT complaints if justice and recompense is offered to Mr. Kempling.


It is high time that this spirit of fighting back spread throughout the country. Please support Kari Simpson. Write Citizens Research Institute, email:; or call (604) 514-1614; or fax (604) 514-1669.
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Publication:Catholic Insight
Date:Nov 1, 2002
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