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Pro-abortionists' slippery, slip-shod responses when caught in their Big Lies.

We wrote about this twice in NRL News Today, but the subject matter is so important I wanted to be sure NRL News readers also heard about it. Why so significant? Because it is not often that "Fact Checkers" actually check the 'facts' that pro-abortionist circulate as if they are immutable truth.

The Washington Post's principal Fact-Checker, Glen Kessler, just hammered Planned Parenthood for once again distorting the true number of women who died prior to Roe v. Wade. New president, Dr. Leanna Wen, trotted out the tried and untrue assertion that "thousands" of women died before Justice Harry Blackmun came to their rescue with his opinions in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

Kessler gave Dr. Wen "Four Pinocchios" for thrice peddling patently unsubstantiated claims that "thousands" of women died prior to 1973. [Proabortionists often allege 5,000, but evidently Wen balked at his nonsensical statement.]

"The problem with Wen's claim is that is derived from data that is decades old," Kessler wrote by way of an early summary. In truth, as Kessler is too kind to point out directly, the claim was based on data that was inadequate when it was accumulated and patently absurd in retrospect.

Would you expect Wen to be woman enough to own up by personally addressing Kessler on her Twitter account? I suppose not but still....

Anyway in lieu of that, Wen re-tweeted posts from Sandro Galea that are rife with the kind of misinformation that Kessler critiqued.

For example, Dr. Galea links back to a Guttmacher study from 2003. Galea tweets, "The number of yearly deaths could well have been in the thousands. A @Guttmacher report contains data indicating that in 1930 abortion was named as the cause of death for nearly 2,700 women."

I cannot find a link in the Guttmacher study to back up their claim that in 1930 "abortion was the official cause of death for almost 2,700 women." But the point is not what was the number of abortion-related deaths in 1930. It is rather what the numbers were leading up to 1973 when Roe was decided.

Remember this is all in the context of what happens if Roe v. Wade should fall. Wen asserted on March 6, "We face a real situation where Roe could be overturned. And we know what will happen, which is that women will die. Thousands of women died every year pre-Roe."

The same Guttmacher study Galea links to in the tweet Dr. Wen reposted says the number of abortion deaths had dropped to 1,700 by 1940 "and to just over 300 by 1950 (most likely because of the introduction of antibiotics in the 1940s, which permitted more effective treatment of the infections that frequently developed after illegal abortion). By 1965, the number of deaths due to illegal abortion had fallen to just under 200"--not the "thousands" that Wen demagogues.

When Kessler went to Planned Parenthood for backup for Wen's assertion, they directed him to a 2014 policy statement from the abortion-happy American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

In a devastating critique, Kessler wrote
   There is no citation
   in the statement for
   the estimate of "as
   many as 5,000 annual
   deaths," even though
   many of the other
   sentences are carefully
   documented. None of
   the citations around
   this sentence supports
   the figure, and there is
   no explanation about
   how it was calculated.

Pro-abortionists aren't big on citations when they are peddling one of their favorite Big Lies.

In explaining his "Four Pinocchios" ["whopper" status] designation Kessler concluded
      Wen is a doctor, and
   the ACOG is made
   up of doctors. They
   should know better
   than to peddle statistics
   based on data that
   predates the advent of
   antibiotics. Even given
   the fuzzy nature of the
   data and estimates,
   there is no evidence
   that in the years
   immediately preceding
   the Supreme Court's
   decision, thousands of
   women died every year
   in the United States
   from illegal abortions.

      Wen's repeated use of
   this number reminds us
   of the shoddy data used
   by human trafficking
   opponents. Unsafe
   abortion is certainly a
   serious issue, especially
   in countries with
   inadequate medical
   facilities. But advocates
   hurt their cause when
   they use figures that do
   not withstand scrutiny.
   These numbers
   were debunked in
   1969-50 years ago
   --by a statistician
   celebrated by Planned
   Parenthood. There's
   no reason to use them

These people are shameless.

Caption: Dr Leana Wen

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