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Pro-Abortionists Take Aim at McCain.

"Obama offended some anti-abortion activists but may have helped his case for NARAL's endorsement while campaigning in Pennsylvania earlier this year when he talked about the possibility that one of his young daughters could have an unintended pregnancy. 'If they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby,' he said. The word 'punished' may also have been a signal to NARAL, which frequently uses the term when describing measures aimed at restricting teens' access to abortions."

Congressional Quarterly's Jonathan Allen explaining NARAL's endorsement of pro-abortion Sen. Barack Obama over pro-abortion Sen. Hillary Clinton.

"The whole name of the game is who will be the next president."

Eleanor Acheson, an assistant attorney general for Clinton who oversaw judicial selections, quoted in USA Today

"In 1990 there were 1,608,600 abortions4,407 abortions each day. In 2005 there were 1,206,200 abortions 3,305 abortions per day. That is a dramatic reduction by anyone's measure. It matters who is in the White House."

Dr. Randall K. O'Bannon, NRLC director of education

We've discussed the pros of pro-life Sen. John McCain and the cons of pro-abortion Sen. Barack Obama many times in National Right to Life News and many, many times in Today's News & Views ( For instance, the other editorial that begins on this page catches us up on the presidential contest to date. There is also a story that begins on page one. In addition there is a highly useful comparison on page five that summarizes the records of the two men. Please copy and distribute widely.

What more is there to say? Lots and lots and we will say it early and often. For pro-lifers every election is an exercise in clarification. Pro-abortionists have a real knack at hiding their real agenda. And when the "mainstream media" does its level best to cover the pro-abortionist's tracks, it muddies the discussion for the American people.

At one level Sen. Obama is so smooth he makes "Slick Willie" [Bill Clinton] look positively clumsy by comparison. At another level he often stumbles over his own tongue.

Watch Obama in any teleprompter-free context, for example. If any of the Republican presidential candidateslet alone President Bushwere that hesitant, inarticulate, and seemingly searching in vain for a coherent thought, he would be mercilessly skewered. Not so the junior senator from Illinois.

It's very much like how the lack of a legislative record (other than voting pro-abortion and working to make sure every abortion ends in a dead baby) works to Obama's advantage. The absence of anything to call his own somehow "proves" he has not been corrupted by Washington. Likewise Obama's inability to move spontaneously beyond the simplest talking points is routinely transmogrified into examples of a "higher" level of communication. Go figure.

None of this would be more than of passing interest if it didn't serve to camouflage how militantly pro-abortion Obama actually is. Read virtually any newspaper story/analysis and the consensus is that McCain has a strong pro-life record on abortion (which is true) and that Obama, reflecting his reconciler spirit, is the very embodiment of middle-of-the-roadism (which is decidedly not true).

It's not as if there aren't plenty of clues. It is up to us to make those clues more visible. McCain and Obama do have voting records and have sent clear signals what kind of justices they would nominate to the Supreme Court. Obama, more than once, has cited as a model the late Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 195369.

This makes a kind of perverse sense.

Los Angeles Times reporter David Savage once wrote that Obama has said "most of the time" that conservative and liberal Supreme Court justices will arrive at "the same place." But "What matters at the Supreme Court," Obama added, "is those 5% of cases that are truly difficult. In those cases, adherence to precedent and rules of construction will only get you through 25 miles of the marathon. That last mile can only be determined on the basis of one's deepest values, one's core concerns, one's broader perspectives on how the world works and the depth and breadth of one's empathy. In those difficult cases, the critical ingredient is supplied by what is in the judge's heart" (emphasis added).

Warren was the preeminent example of the "empathic" jurist, a man who knew the judicial results he wanted and got them by hook or by crook, a.k.a. he answered the promptings of his "heart."

The contrast with McCain could not be sharper or starker. He outlined his judicial philosophy, which centers on a resistance to judicial activism, at a speech in May at Wake Forest University.

In one key section, McCain contrasted judicial activism from real activism. Real activists "seek to make their case democraticallyto win hearts, minds, and majorities to their cause," McCain said. "Such people throughout our history have often shown great idealism and done great good. By contrast, activist lawyers and activist judges follow a different method. They want to be spared the inconvenience of campaigns, elections, legislative votes, and all of that.

"They don't seek to win debates on the merits of their argument; they seek to shut down debates by order of the court," McCain continued. "And even in courtrooms, they apply a double standard. Some federal judges operate by fiat, shrugging off generations of legal wisdom and precedent while expecting their own opinions to go unquestioned. Only their favorite precedents are to be considered 'settled law,' and everything else is fair game."

Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alitochosen by President Bushare examples of the kinds of jurists McCain says he would nominate were he President. For those who believe in judicial restraint, these are encouraging words.

We will be keeping close track of the campaign right up through November 4. Here is a closing thought to keep uppermost in our minds.

Those close to the action know the truth. The Eleanor Achesons know that the near-term future of the Supreme Court will depend entirely on who is elected President this fall. The Randall K. O'Bannons know that the number of babies thrown into the maw of the abortion machine has declined by a quarter since 1990, but that this most encouraging reduction in the death toll could begin to move in the opposite direction starting next November. The Abortion Establishment, for whom there are never enough abortions, know that McCain is their worst nightmare.

As swept up in Obamamania as many people are, it is still true that the truth can puncture a hole in the Obama balloon. For example, if you read the blogs, you can almost see the scales fall from eyes of people who ought to know better when they learn of Obama's role while a state senator in foiling Illinois's Born-Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA).

They find it almost inconceivable that their hero would be so cold-blooded as to work to kill legislation that merely would have given babies who survived abortions a fighting chance. BAIPA would merely have given to babies who somehow survived the abortionist's best efforts the same level of care given to babies who spontaneously are born premature.

Keep up the good work. And if you can, please give a gift subscription to NRL News. The more copies of the "pro-life newspaper of record" that we get into people's hands, the quicker the truth about pro-life Senator McCain and pro-abortion Senator Obama will be known.
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Title Annotation:Barack Obama takes aim at John McCain for coming presidential elections
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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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