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Pro bono cases get access to predictive coding.

Byline: Juliana Kenny

E-discovery technology is a consistently evolving tool, and an integral part of the legal industry. The software used to improve visibility, efficiency, communications, and compliance is set to grow as a market from $1.8 billion in 2014 to $3.1 billion in 2018. However lucrative, there are still many pro bono needs for this kind of technology, and two companies are addressing that need with their product.

Content Analyst and iCONECT Development have joined to provide their predictive coding solution at no cost on pro bono cases. The iCONECT-XERA Document Review platform will serve to make e-discovery more accessible to those involved in cases that have limited means.

Kurt Michel, Content Analyst President and CEO stated: "As the de facto standard advanced analytics engine in eDiscovery, Content Analyst is pleased to partner with iCONECT to make the power of predictive coding accessible to those who would otherwise be unable to reap these benefits. Content Analyst has always been a socially aware corporation, but until now we have been unable to provide pro bono services to the legal community in such a comprehensive manner without a willing partner such as iCONECT. We are grateful to partner with iCONECT in this way for the greater good of the legal community."

Predictive coding is a machine learning technology that is used to ease the legal discovery and review process. The discovery process is a key system for compliance, and the two companies have paired their technologies to make predictive coding software accessible to those that require pro bono assistance. Discovery can be laborious and costly, but this software will help reduce time and cost. The companies will provide predictive coding capabilities on pro bono cases through iCONECT's worldwide network of law, government and hosting vendor clients, and incorporates Content Analyst's CAAT machine learning technology.

Ian Campbell, iCONECT President and CEO said: "In following our previous announcement to offer iCONECT-XERA at no charge for pro bono cases, we're very pleased to be able to include predictive review capabilities, powered by CAAT. Giving access to these technologies helps to expand high-level legal services to those that might otherwise be disadvantaged in a legal case. We've maintained a highly valued technology partnership with Content Analyst for several years, and to partner with Content Analyst in this unique way takes our relationship to the next level."

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Publication:Inside Counsel Breaking News
Date:Dec 15, 2014
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