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Pro Engineer adds three modules.

Parametric Technology Corp. in Waltham, Mass., announced release 14.0 of its Pro/Engineer CAD/CAM software, which has three new application-specific modules. These are Pro/Casting, for automating the creation of casting tools and components; Pro/Legacy, for importing and updating legacy data in the Pro/Engineer system; and Pro/STEP-Interface, for exchanging product-model data in compliance with international standards. The addition brings Pro/Engineer's total of application-specific modules to 33.

With Pro/Casting, MEs create casting tools and components. The module provides tools to define cast geometry, create die cavities, compensate for shrinkage, determine draft requirements automatically, create the required draft, define and generate sand cores, define complex parting surfaces, split die components automatically into individual cast sections, run interference checks in die-opening cycles, and analyze part thickness for casting suitability. It was designed for use especially in the automotive and aerospace industries and by industrial pump manufacturers and foundries.

Pro/Legacy is for importing and updating 2-D drawings or 3-D part and assembly models, which can include surfaces, wireframe geometry, or both. Users can create, modify, and delete entities in imported 3-D data and geometry and detail information in 2-D drawings.

Pro/STEP-Interface allows engineers to import and export data in accordance with the International Organization for Standardization 10303 standard. Commonly known as STEP, this standard provides a means for exchanging 3-D designs of mechanical parts and assemblies that include the following types of product data: advanced boundary representation solids, manifold surfaces with topology, and surfaces and wireframe models.

Other new features in release 14.0 include a human factors database, which provides models of both male and female bodies and has 5th-, 50th-, and 95th-percentile body dimensions. Predefined joint-angle settings allow the models to be used in standing, walking, driving, and other positions.

Release 14.0 runs on PCs and workstations from Compaq, Digital Equipment Corp., Hewlett Packard, IBM, NEC, NeTpower, Silicon Graphics, and Sun Microsystems under the Unix or Microsoft Windows NT operating systems.

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Title Annotation:Parametic Technology Corp.'s Pro Engineer CAD CAM software
Author:Deitz, Dan
Publication:Mechanical Engineering-CIME
Date:Jan 1, 1995
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