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Privatization information packets available through NLC, PTI.

"37 Million in Orange Country Services Studied for Privatization." "Study Says Privatization Plan A Threat To Services." Headlines like these from The Los Angeles Times and the Boston Globe are appearing in newspapers across the country. As you look at privatizing services, your need for up-date information is more critical now than ever before.

Whether you are looking at privatizing refuse collection, fleet management, or street sweeping, you'll want to know what other cities' experiences have been with privatization.

Information is available at the touch of a button!

First, you can dial 202/626-3130--the telephone number of NLC's Municipal Reference Service--and ask for the Privatization Information Packet prepared by the staffs of NLC's MRS and PTI's ANSWER. This packet contains news articles, local government examples and case studies on the pros and cons of privatization. We've also included examples of alternative service delivery mechanisms (public enterprise initiatives, volunteer programs, adopt-a programs, interlocal agreements) that might prove viable options.

You can also use your computer and modem to dial LOCAL EXCHANGE. LOCAL EXCHANGE is the electronic information network for local government officials operated by PTI, NLC, ICMA, and GTE Education Services. The e-mail portion of the network allows you to send messages and post bulletin board inquiries to other LOCAL EXCHANGE users regarding their privatization experiences.

The databases on LOCAL EXCHANGE provide abstracts to articles and references to municipal privatization efforts. A search of the Urban Affairs Abstracts database using the term privatization yielded over 400 citations! Add the strength of the network's new truncation feature with the combined-phrase searching capability and you have a quick and easy way to make your search as specific as you want.

Recently, entries from the 1991/92 edition of PTI's Solutions book were added to the Local Government Solutions database on LOCAL EXCHANGE! This database contains descriptions and contact information on actual local government programs in cities and counties of all sizes.

For the Privatization Information Packet and a copy of a sample LOCAL EXCHANGE search on privatization, call 202/626-3130. To become a LOCAL EXCHANGE subscriber, call 202/626-2400.

Dale Bowen is business manager for PTI.
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Title Annotation:National League of Cities, Public Technology Inc.
Author:Bowen, Dale
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
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Date:Feb 17, 1992
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