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Head of creative, Team Red Dot

Let me begin by congratulating everyone for successfully getting their work approved and released. It's always a wonderful feeling, isn't it?

I believe that judging any piece of work without being privy to the background, the brief and the creative process cannot make for a fair assessment. Having said that, I have a task at hand that I shall complete while honouring the credo, 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'.

EmiratEs (1) I have heard that this idea was developed in-house, kudos. Well written and well directed. But the icing on the cake is the casting and subtle humor. When have we ever seen

a poised, restrained and dapper Jeremy Clarkson (so unlike him)?

Kaya (2) The war paint analogy is powerful, but beyond the teaser films, I did not see the message thread through in the entire campaign. Also, was it necessary to retouch the war paint in the static artworks? It just killed the whole 'keep it real' vibe.

national Bonds (3) Insightful campaigns that provide realistic solutions are always worth it. But what I see here and the OOH execution # S AV I N G S E X C U S E o n S Z R h a v e n o l i n k . I g u e s s what's missing here is #synergy.

stC laywaGiF (4) STC has done it once again -- more than 5 million views in a month! It is evident that the idiom in this communication has been well received by their audiences in KSA. Very bold move to use a female protagonist and relate her to manly attributes of stamina and strength. The times they certainly are a changing in Saudi Arabia.

inFiniti (5) Piggybacking on the Dubai 30 x 30 challenge. Why not? Let's be healthier and fitter no matter who urges us to do so, even if it is a luxury automobile brand. I like the whole approach of spelling out a simple and doable daily task. It would be worthwhile to know the effectiveness this campaign.


Markopoulos Emirates

Director of content & digital MENA, Hill & Knowlton Strategies

EmiratEs -- GamE ChanGEr (1) I loved the overall execution and how Jeremy Clarkson delivered it in a globally identifiable style. It certainly had that Top Gear vibe. I can't help but feel that the film was let down by the last 8 seconds. The reveal of the game-changing first-class cabin could have been delivered in a game-changing way, but instead it felt a like a bit of an afterthought. Maybe just letting Clarkson do the entire voice over would have improved the finale, or just ending the film at 52 seconds.

stC -- Umm ali (4) This was an entertaining watch,andfeelsvery'Saudi'initshumour.Tothe point that I think I just watched a KSA version of Forrest Gump. I think the connection to the key message was very clever and will certainly talk

to young Saudis. I did feel my attention fading towards the end, and a shorter version may well be more engaging.

Kaya sKin CliniC -- #FaCEyoUrsKin (2) The idea behind this isn't clear to me. It oozes signs of the hashtag and campaign roll-out plan coming before a well-rounded creative idea has been thought through.

I t h i n k i f t h i s w a s d o n e a g a i n , b u t f o c u s i n g m o r e on what the big idea and key message is, it will drastically improve the creative execution and campaign mechanics. It lacked emotion where emotion is critical, and I believe that this could have been a really empowering campaign.

national Bonds (3) I'm hugely conflicted on this, as the campaign was an integrated campaign between JWT, Mirum and Hill+Knowlton Strategies. However, I will say that I believe it has achieved the goal of making a subject that no-one really wants to talk about more approachable and less complicated.

inFiniti (5) A nice incentive and good to see a brand promoting healthy lifestyles. I feel it's lacking a bit in content and perhaps a bigger push and integrated approach would reach more of the population. Looking at the leaderboard, the uptake seems low. Again, kudos on trying to tackle a hot topic and pushing more people into adopting healthy habits.

Title: Game changer Director: Vaughan Arnell


Title: #FaceYourSkin Created by: Socialize Art director: Robert Platas Copywriter: Peter Mazloumian Execution: Crayons Communications PR agency: Landmark PR & Events

National Bonds

Title: #SavingsExcuse PR: Hill & Knowlton Strategies Advertising: J. Walter Thompson Digital: Mirum

STC Laywagif

Title:um ali agency: J. Walter Thompson riyadh production house: Telfaz 11 Director: Nizar Qandi


Title: Not about the 'stache PR agency: Cicero & Bernay

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