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Private Investigations.

Private Investigations

Norma Mott Tillman, PI

Privately Published

PO Box 158543, Nashville, TN 37215-8543

Marygleen McCombs (publicity)

0963442414 $29.95

Norma Mott Tillman draws upon more than twenty-five years of professional experience and expertise in writing Private Investigation 101. Her purpose is to provide a comprehensive guide for career searchers, legal professionals, law-enforcement officers, criminal justice students, and novice private investigators in the techniques of finding missing persons. In the course of doing so, she also provides invaluable insights into the realities of being a private investigator which is substantially different from what people see in the movies or on television--or read about in detective novels. Tillman explains the essentials for becoming a licensed investigator, including how to start a private investigation agency, write contracts and reports, the various and different types of investigations (background, asset searches, criminal defense, insurance claims, missing persons, divorce and child custody, worker's compensation, medical malpractice); using and finding information sources ranging from professional databases and public records, to internet sources; interviewing techniques; understanding state laws and licensing requirements; and the value in joining professional organizations. Packed from cover to cover with resources, insider tips, illuminating insights, and answers to questions common to the process of becoming a licensed investigator, Private Investigations is the perfect introduction and instruction manual for anyone who aspires to a career in this diverse field. Also very highly recommended are Norma Tillman's previous books: How To Find Almost Anyone Anywhere (Rutledge Hill); The Man With The Turquoise Eyes And Other True Stories Of A Private Eye's Search For Missing Persons (Rutledge Hills; and The Adoption Searcher's Handbook (UFO, Inc.)
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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