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4 Ways to Ensure Your Business Software Provider is Doing All it Can to Protect Your Data. Jul 31, 2020 689
A data arms race has begun -- it's not a game, it's a national security imperative. Jamal Ahmed Jul 31, 2020 1081
With ban looming, PUBG Mobile updates its Privacy Policy for Indian users. Jul 30, 2020 363
Data privacy leaders back Duterte's call for safer e-commerce, e-governance. Jul 29, 2020 950
Facebook Says EU Antitrust Probe Invades Employee Privacy. Jul 28, 2020 394
Call to respect privacy of coronavirus victims. DOMINIC ROBERTSON CHIEF REPORTER Jul 27, 2020 458
How to make your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive private. Feria , Rom Jul 27, 2020 743
How to keep your Facebook profile safe. Jul 27, 2020 737
CHR wants transparency in situation of inmates to prevent deaths due to COVID-19. Jul 26, 2020 307
Hyderabad among world's top 20 most surveilled cities. Mohammad Siddique, Correspondent Jul 25, 2020 587
Residents' parking and privacy fears over apartments plan for pub site. Jul 22, 2020 400
Cross-border private data flows. What happened last Thursday? Impact of decision is immediate and global. Jul 21, 2020 829
Divulge information on deaths of inmates in New Bilibid Prison, BuCor urged. Jul 21, 2020 544
DOJ: Jaybee Sebastian's death should have been made public. Jul 21, 2020 489
Death of inmates should be made public --Rep. Biazon. Jul 21, 2020 427
BuCor: Shabu tiangge operator Boratong among COVID-19 fatalities. Jul 21, 2020 1681
Test & trace programme 'does break data laws'. Jul 21, 2020 440
It will surprise absolutely no one that the Government's world-beating test. ANDY RICHARDSON Jul 21, 2020 388
It will surprise absolutely no [...]. ANDY RICHARDSON Jul 21, 2020 388
Coronavirus Test and Trace programme 'has broken a key data protection law'; The government has admitted the vast contact-tracing programme does not have a comprehensive "impact assessment" of how people's personal data would be used. By, Dan Bloom Jul 20, 2020 878
'Data Privacy Act cannot be used to hide info on high-profile inmates' deaths due to COVID-19'. Jul 20, 2020 468
'Data Privacy Act protects identity of PDLs who die from COVID' -- Lacson. Jul 20, 2020 371
'Shame campaign? No; lawful warrantless arrests? Yes' --- Roque. Jul 20, 2020 551
Drilon: BuCor can't withhold info using Data Privacy Act. Jul 20, 2020 572
Covid-19 tracking scheme launched in England could have broken data laws; Officials have admitted the test and trace programme was introduced with assessment of its impact on privacy. By, Brett Gibbons Jul 20, 2020 261
Dead or alive? Drilon scores BuCor for 'lack of transparency' in Bilibid deaths. Jul 20, 2020 571
Analysis: Facebook says current privacy laws are 'insufficient'. Cat Zakrzewski The Washington Post Jul 19, 2020 739
Is it time to delete TikTok? A guide to the rumors and the real privacy risks. Geoffrey A. Fowler The Washington Post Jul 19, 2020 1908
BuCor: Data privacy law bars disclosure on PDLs who died of COVID-19. Jul 19, 2020 830
Publishers stop selling gay author's embattled novels over privacy concerns. Jul 19, 2020 760
Europe struck down its data deal with the U.S. Facebook, other companies are in trouble. Jul 18, 2020 1000
Pompeo 'deeply disappointed' in EU court decision to ditch trans-Atlantic data transfer deal. Reuters News Service Jul 17, 2020 292
Journalists need to respect privacy in cases of ill health. Jul 17, 2020 837
Contact tracing is a legal minefield for businesses. Rafi Azim-Khan Jul 17, 2020 935
More countries waking up to Huawei threats, US says. Jul 16, 2020 482
EU-US Data Pact Scrapped By Top Court In New Blow To Brussels. Jul 16, 2020 530
India bans TikTok along with 58 other China-based apps over privacy concerns. Jul 16, 2020 1016
Top E.U. court ruling throws transatlantic digital commerce into disarray over privacy concerns. Jul 16, 2020 815
Is it time to delete TikTok? Delete: A guide to better understand rumors, risks with popular TikTok app. Geoffrey A. Fowler The Washington Post Jul 14, 2020 854
Touchless Authentication System Using Visual Fingertip Trajectories. Akman, Vefak Murat; Vural, Revna Acar; Koc, Kemal Talha Report Jul 14, 2020 6082
ATCON Calls for Adoption of NDPR for Security. Jul 14, 2020 674
Google faces lawsuit over tracking in apps even when users opted out. Reuters News Service Jul 14, 2020 331
Security, privacy and integrity are core to our innovations: Avaya's Sumedh Ganpate. Adelle Geronimo Jul 12, 2020 1230
Employers find testing employees for COVID-19 more trouble than it's worth. Court, Emma; Palmeri, Christopher; Bloomberg, Angelica LaVito Jul 12, 2020 1389
Infringement of privacy. Jul 10, 2020 369
Use data privacy and security measures in contact tracing -- NPC. Jul 10, 2020 177
Don't collect excessive personal info, restaurants told. Jul 9, 2020 450
U.S. probing allegations TikTok violated children's privacy. Reuters News Service Jul 8, 2020 509
Facebook faces revolt as dozens of top ad spenders plan month long-blackout; The social media giant is struggling to keep its advertisers including Starbucks and Ford onboard following claims that it has been too slow and reluctant to remove hateful content. By, Graham Hiscott Jul 2, 2020 1068
California begins enforcing digital privacy law, despite calls for delay. Jul 2, 2020 422
Contact Tracing and Privacy Rights. Pike, George H. Jul 1, 2020 1189
How hackers breached vulnerable PH schools. Jul 1, 2020 1079
India bans 59 Chinese apps including TikTok. Jun 29, 2020 348
Indian government bans 59 mobile apps including TikTok, Shareit, UC Browser, Mi Community and more. Jun 29, 2020 307
Privacy body sets distance learning guidelines. Jun 28, 2020 969
New from Apple at WWDC: Hand washing alerts, iPhone widgets and privacy 'nutrition labels'. Geoffrey A. Fowler and Heather Kelly The Washington Post Jun 28, 2020 1407
The failure of the track and trace app is the least-worst thing about it. Irene Ng Jun 27, 2020 792
Google announces privacy updates, auto-deletes search and location histories for new accounts by default. Jun 27, 2020 305
Big data or big brother. Jun 26, 2020 847
Take precautions before uploading photos, says NPC. Jun 25, 2020 251
DOLE assures OFWs on privacy; right info ensures prompt aid upon return. Jun 25, 2020 347
Google tightens privacy settings for new users. Zaira Lakhpatwala Jun 25, 2020 290
Keep the prying eye out with privacy screens. Jun 24, 2020 1191
Google to now auto-delete Location History by default for new accounts. Jun 24, 2020 272
Track hack: Apple gives users even more control over their data. Alvin R. Cabral Jun 24, 2020 315
Apple MacOS Big Sur announced with new design and strong focus on privacy. Jun 23, 2020 572
Apple ups ante on smartphone privacy. Column Jun 23, 2020 719
Shops in UAE cannot use customer information for promotions under new law. Ismail Sebugwaawo Jun 23, 2020 315
BenefitMall in Texas Partners with Benefits and Security Provider, CyberScout. Stephanie K. Jones Jun 23, 2020 232
New from Apple at WWDC: Hand washing alerts, iPhone widgets and privacy 'nutrition labels'. Jun 23, 2020 1484
NCA response to misleading consumer privacy breach claims. Jun 23, 2020 260
Banking beyond borders: How big can your savings get with an overseas bank account? Justin Varghese, Reporter Jun 22, 2020 2655
Total COVID-19 cases among overseas Filipinos soar to 8,300. Jun 22, 2020 237
Nobody reads privacy policies. This senator wants lawmakers to stop pretending we do. Geoffrey A. Fowler The Washington Post Jun 21, 2020 1480
Are celebrities as vulnerable to FaceApp privacy concerns? Jun 20, 2020 659
Pak scholar among winners of Facebook's Ethics in AI awards. Jun 19, 2020 418
Indian Intelligence agencies ask the government to ban these 52 mobile apps for having ties with China. Jun 18, 2020 604
Your data may be at risk, but with apps like Viber, you can stay protected. Jun 18, 2020 916
COVID-19, contact tracing and the data privacy challenge. Adelle Geronimo Jun 17, 2020 762
Convenience Against Privacy. Jun 17, 2020 352
DICT supports SEC in promoting cybersecurity, data privacy protection. Jun 17, 2020 262
Cybersecurity Firm Avast Unveils Launch Of Online Privacy Product. Jun 17, 2020 326
N.Y. AG Urges Apple, Google to Protect Consumers Using Contact Tracing Apps. Jun 16, 2020 737 developer: Trust issues hound contact tracing app. Jun 16, 2020 2152
EI 63 Saga: Lawyer petitions Vodafone Group UK over privacy breaches by Vodafone Ghana. Jun 16, 2020 501
Vodafone Group UK petitioned over allegations of privacy breaches by Vodafone Ghana. Jun 16, 2020 488
Privacy matters. Jun 14, 2020 450
Dawaai uses technology to aid Covid-19 relief efforts. Jun 14, 2020 389
Walking in the footsteps of the past: Seeking privacy and serenity. Travel narrative Jun 14, 2020 674
Dura 'Likes': PNP social media rules and what police actually post. Jun 11, 2020 2230
Palace guarantees safety of data in contact tracing app. Jun 11, 2020 560
Govt refutes French security researcher's allegations of Covid-19 app being 'unsafe'. Jun 11, 2020 468
Govt's Covid-19 app sparks furore over security flaws. Ramsha Jahangir Jun 11, 2020 775
Pathways for the conversation on contact tracing and privacy. Jun 9, 2020 1090
Pathways For The Conversation On Contact Tracing And Privacy. Jun 9, 2020 965
Fake accounts surge on Facebook as schools targeted. Jun 8, 2020 1180
Ex-DICT usec Rio says he was eased out of govt after pointing out app limitations. Jun 7, 2020 1245
NPC alerts Facebook on proliferation of impostor accounts. Jun 7, 2020 364
Huawei Analyst Summit: Security and privacy in a seamless AI Life - Only you control your personal data. Jun 6, 2020 618
Why We Issued DPCO Licenses- NITDA. Jun 3, 2020 460
GlobeX Data enrolling social media influencers to raise awareness of its cybersecurity products. Jun 2, 2020 474
New DIFC law seeks to enhance security, privacy of data. Issac John Jun 1, 2020 701
IMMIGRANTS HAVE A RIGHT TO PRIVACY TOO. Dalmia, Shikha Jun 1, 2020 439
PH to lead global privacy taskforce on COVID-19. Jun 1, 2020 499
PH to lead global privacy taskforce on COVID-19. Jun 1, 2020 478
Report: 5G No Longer Important to Covid-19 Recovery, Cyber Security and Data Privacy Increases in Importance. Jun 1, 2020 655
Governments Employ Digital Monitoring. Jun 1, 2020 315
Zero-Party Data: PERSONALIZATION AND PRIVACY CAN COEXIST: When customers provide data directly to companies, consent takes on a new meaning for marketers. Britt, Phillip Jun 1, 2020 2020
Informed Consent for Genetic Testing in Autopsy. Gaffer, Ken Jun 1, 2020 2780
Translocation-Based Algorithm for Publishing Trajectories with Personalized Privacy Requirements. Wang, Shuai; Chen, Chunyi; Zhang, Guijie May 31, 2020 13873
An Improved Sanitization Algorithm in Privacy-Preserving Utility Mining. Liu, Xuan; Chen, Genlang; Wen, Shiting; Song, Guanghui May 31, 2020 8126
Facebook ran multiyear charm offensive to woo state prosecutors. Naomi Nix Bloomberg May 31, 2020 1874
DFA tallies 2,300 more COVID-19 cases among Filipinos abroad after 'late reporting' from Middle East. May 31, 2020 275
Phunware achieves TRUSTe data collection certification from TrustArc for adhering to strong compliance and privacy policies. May 30, 2020 428
NPC calls for better online privacy during GCQ. May 30, 2020 314
Contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic: Protection of personal information in South Africa. Viljoen, I.M.; de Villebois Castelyn, C.; Pope, A.; Botes, M.; Pepper, M.S. May 28, 2020 5836
Digital surveillance: Privacy, data ecosystem and effectiveness. May 28, 2020 610
NHS Test and Trace records of people with coronavirus will be kept for 20 years; People who report themselves as being infected will be kept for 20 years -and their contacts will be kept for five years. By, Mikey Smith May 28, 2020 389
Ehteraz app protects user's privacy: expert. May 26, 2020 538
Denmark to let cross-border couples meet -- if they show photos, love letters. Reuters News Service May 25, 2020 332
PAL warns public vs fake websites offering promo fares. May 24, 2020 223
Twitter, WhatsApp sanctions loom in EU privacy crackdown. May 24, 2020 377
National Privacy Commission looking into public release of OFWs' COVID-19 test results. May 22, 2020 685
Have doubts about UAE's new Covid-tracing app? Here's why it is safe, private. Web Report May 22, 2020 795
When privacy takes a back seat. May 22, 2020 383
CHR: South Cotabato COVID-19 tracing system should consider right to privacy. May 21, 2020 441
'We're devastated with what has happened to Phoenix...' family call for privacy as the first picture of woman whose body parts were found in 2 suitcases revealed. STEPHANIE BALLOO News Reporter May 20, 2020 411
GlobeX Data launches cybersecurity and Internet-privacy solutions in India. May 20, 2020 452
Sita steps up development of self-sovereign identity for air travel. May 19, 2020 512
CHR: Respect privacy in contact tracing. May 19, 2020 244
Communications Ministry urges collaboration on data protection and privacy. May 17, 2020 417
After isolation, open spaces; Keep avoiding the crowds after lockdown ends with these stunning and remote retreats where privacy is guaranteed. SARAH MARSHALL May 16, 2020 635
NPC issues 'work from home' guidelines. May 16, 2020 174
Privacy commission to employers: Ensure data protection in work from home setup. May 15, 2020 421
Virus hunters in smartphones. Shalini Verma May 15, 2020 891
Coronavirus: Education minister seeks to allay data protection fears. Nick Theodoulou May 14, 2020 355
Govt allays fears on privacy as it prepares to launch Covid-19 app on May 15. May 14, 2020 481
Allianz Ayudhya showcases its digital leadership. May 13, 2020 755
Pathao launches online healthcare service. May 13, 2020 384
Data protection an obligation for collectors. May 12, 2020 525
UAE internet users are becoming more conscious about personal data privacy: study. Adelle Geronimo May 12, 2020 675
Huawei EMUI Obtained Privacy Protection Certification from the British Standards Institution. Egypt Today May 11, 2020 472
Report says Chinese banking apps are collecting more data than required. Report May 11, 2020 166
Report says Chinese banking apps are collecting more data than required. Report May 11, 2020 164
"Data security is a constantly evolving strategy": Gulf IT. Adelle Geronimo May 10, 2020 853
What data does the NHS coronavirus app collect about me -and will it work? The app has raised concerns about privacy -and about how effective it will be at tracing the spread of the disease. Here's everything you need to know; The app has raised concerns about privacy -and about how effective it will be at tracing the spread of the disease. Here's everything you need to know. By, Mikey Smith May 9, 2020 1540
Virus tracing app raises privacy concerns in India. SHEIKH SAALIQ Associated Press May 9, 2020 953
Weligama UC Chairman writes to two TV channels on invasion of privacy. May 8, 2020 520
Zoom Agrees To Step Up Security After New York Probe. May 8, 2020 279
Videoconferencing: How to ensure privacy and security: Beware of the risks--like 'Zoombombing'--and measures you can take to prevent them. May 8, 2020 741
Death of a Keroche daughter and headline that mocks rich parents. May 7, 2020 222
Who said what... concerns aired over Big Brother and privacy. May 7, 2020 419
A silver bullet or a red or reliable is a contact herring... how exact tracing phone app? Here Jon Belcher, a commercial lawyer with Blake Morgan, specialising in information governance, data protection compliance, information sharing and freedom of information issues, asks whether or not a contact-tracing app can help ease the lockdown. May 7, 2020 2199
Contact-tracing app strategy faces challenge; LEGAL. May 6, 2020 485
Here come COVID-19 tracing apps - and privacy trade-offs. MATT O'BRIEN and CHRISTINA LARSON Associated Press May 6, 2020 999
I'll sacrifice my privacy to save people's lives; Dr Miriam Stoppard daily virus update. Dr Miriam Stoppard May 6, 2020 324
European virus tracing apps highlight battle for privacy. KELVIN CHAN AP Business Writer May 5, 2020 980
COVID-19 and patient-doctor confidentiality. McQuoid-Mason, D.J. May 5, 2020 1533
Xiaomis response to private browsing data collection allegations analysed and explained. May 4, 2020 1132
Huawei AppGallery to build secure and reliable Mobile Apps Ecosystem. May 4, 2020 922
How to stay healthy while working at home during coronavirus lockdown; Osteopath Andrew Doody from the Fleet Street Clinic on how to sit pretty, avoid laptop neck, embrace the privacy and more as you stare at a screen all day on coronavirus lockdown. By, Punteha van Terheyden May 2, 2020 1073
Privacy concerns hit Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi. May 2, 2020 230
Publisher wins first skirmish in Meghan letter privacy action; Media: Parts of claim are struck out in preliminary hearing. May 2, 2020 424
Privacy of Covid-hit patients assured. May 1, 2020 539
London court throws out part of Duchess Meghan's privacy claim against newspaper. Reuters News Service May 1, 2020 155
Sea Levels Could Rise 5 Feet if Glacier Thaws, and Other CM Risk Alerts. May 1, 2020 881
Home Sweet Workplace? Companies are facing privacy and cybersecurity issues as more people work remotely due to COVID-19. Augustinos, Theodore P. May 1, 2020 618
Privacy Concerns In IoT A Deeper Insight into Privacy Concerns in IoT Based Healthcare. Sarrab, Mohamed; Alshohoumi, Fatma Report May 1, 2020 14562
GDPR Failings with Home Working Brits as Law Celebrates Its Second Anniversary. May 1, 2020 533
Interoperability Rules, Pandemic Return Spotlight to Data Privacy: Should health information bean inherently protected class of data, rather than only when held by certain entities? Raths, David May 1, 2020 1371
Applying Deep Neural Networks over Homomorphic Encrypted Medical Data. Vizitiu, Anamaria; Nita, Cosmin Ioan; Puiu, Andrei; Suciu, Constantin; Itu, Lucian Mihai Apr 30, 2020 16466
Why two counties provide COVID-19 info to first responders -- and others do not. Robert Sanchez Apr 30, 2020 603
Why two counties provide COVID-19 info to first responders -- and others do not Responders:. Robert Sanchez Apr 30, 2020 603
Why two counties are providing COVID-19 info to first responders -- and others aren't. Robert Sanchez Apr 30, 2020 603
DOH, NPC assure COVID-19 patients of utmost data secrecy. Apr 30, 2020 469
Protection of Sensitive Data in Industrial Internet Based on Three-Layer Local/Fog/Cloud Storage. Liu, Jing; Yuan, Changbo; Lai, Yingxu; Qin, Hua Apr 30, 2020 9456
Will you trade privacy for an appy ending? DAILY VIRUS UPDATE. Dr Miriam Stoppard Apr 29, 2020 315
Dubai Police issue advisory on online video games. Web Report Apr 29, 2020 160
Beware of free online games: Dubai Police. Ali Al Shouk, Senior Reporter Apr 29, 2020 245
Media requested to respect privacy of coronavirus patients. Apr 28, 2020 244
Respect Kenyans' privacy during contact tracing, state warned. Apr 28, 2020 577
Who guards privacy ... Google or your government? Andrew Hammond Apr 26, 2020 897
Coronavirus: Apps likely to prove crucial to exit strategy. Nick Theodoulou Apr 26, 2020 1252
Coronavirus: Australia launches controversial tracking app. Reuters News Service Apr 26, 2020 520
Australia launches controversial COVID-19 tracking app as some states start easing rules. Apr 26, 2020 539
NPC to health institutions: Strengthen protection of coronavirus patient data. Apr 25, 2020 864
Ways to get around being data mined. Hyther Nizam, Special to Gulf News Apr 25, 2020 669
Apple, Google say users to control virus 'tracing' tool. Apr 25, 2020 428
Making remote work secure in time of COVID-19. Apr 24, 2020 447
Facebook discloses more about Messenger Rooms, including privacy details. Apr 24, 2020 306
Meghan's privacy action against tabloid has first court hearing. Apr 24, 2020 685
Zoom releases Zoom 5.0 to enhance security and privacy. Giorgia Guantario Apr 23, 2020 861
DILG assures protection of privacy of individuals during contact tracing. Apr 21, 2020 386
It's public health over privacy. Apr 21, 2020 734
The Zoom issue: is convenience more important than our privacy? Giorgia Guantario Apr 20, 2020 1325
Senate greenlights draft law before submission to the CCC. Apr 20, 2020 1340
COVID-19: FG Insists Data Usage Complies with Rules. Apr 20, 2020 634
Privacy issues on Zoom. Tehreem Tariq - Islamabad Apr 20, 2020 184
Data usage in fight against COVID-19 complies with laid down rules - Pantami. Apr 19, 2020 619
Privacy for an online coronavirus pandemic world. Apr 17, 2020 527
EU wants voluntary, privacy-based virus-tracking mobile apps. Reuters News Service Apr 16, 2020 352
Nigerian ID rollout raises data protection concerns. Linus Unah reports Apr 15, 2020 1244
Apple responds to letter regarding privacy of COVID-19 tools, Bloomberg reports. Apr 14, 2020 163
Task force clarifies mandatory disclosure of patients' info. Apr 14, 2020 1086
Zoom beefs up privacy on platform. Apr 13, 2020 382
IT Ministry seeks public opinion on draft of 'Personal Data Protection Bill-2020'. Apr 13, 2020 182
Data protection. Apr 13, 2020 444
COVID-19: Stigmatisation will force patients underground, frustrates fight - FG. Apr 13, 2020 624
Solons back mandatory disclosure of personal information of COVID-19 patients. Apr 13, 2020 473
COVID-19 patients told to tell the truth, divulge key info for contact tracing. Apr 13, 2020 395
No public disclosure of COVID-19 patients' personal info, govt assures. Apr 13, 2020 358
Editorial / Utmost care. Editorial Apr 13, 2020 393
Virus trace: Govt may now bare identities. Apr 13, 2020 463
Another pandemic of Covid-19 misinformation. Apr 12, 2020 851
IT Ministry seeks public opinion on draft of 'Personal Data Protection Bill-2020'. Apr 11, 2020 185
Govt seeks consultation on data protection bill. Ramsha Jahangir Apr 11, 2020 941
CHR Cordillera says COVID-19 patients' right to privacy a must unless waived. Apr 10, 2020 540
No public sharing of COVID-19 patients' personal data - NPC. Apr 10, 2020 317
Zoom's privacy and security woes in the spotlight. Apr 9, 2020 694
India home quarantine families face discrimination: BBC. Apr 9, 2020 1030
Twitter curbs user control over sharing data with advertisers. Apr 9, 2020 334
HUAWEI AppGallery Boasts Four-Layer Threat Detection. Apr 8, 2020 508
Zoom Video under investigation for alleged deceptive privacy practices. Apr 8, 2020 155
Masks And Our Face Recognition Future After COVID-19. Apr 8, 2020 673
DOLE vows info privacy for firms seeking help due to COVID-19. Apr 7, 2020 565
Privacy commission: Agencies to collect only necessary data amid COVID-19 crisis. Apr 7, 2020 716
COVID-19: Neutral backdrops, no pyjamas - strict rules for distance classes in UAE. Faisal Masudi, Senior Reporter Apr 7, 2020 922
List of alleged COVID-19 patients online fake: DOH. Apr 6, 2020 260
Zoom Trouble. Andrea Wells Apr 6, 2020 447
NPC warns data collection for financial aids. Apr 5, 2020 293
Everybody seems to be using Zoom. But its security flaws could leave people at risk. Drew Harwell The Washington Post Apr 4, 2020 2211
COVID-19: Privacy in the time of coronavirus pandemic. Joseph Dana, Special to Gulf News Apr 4, 2020 925
NPC condemns attacks, threats to health workers. Apr 4, 2020 373
Smartphone vs virus, is privacy always going to be the loser? Apr 4, 2020 735
Why disclosing Covid-19 patients doesn't meet legal and moral threshold. Apr 4, 2020 1958
Public good and private rights. Apr 4, 2020 695
New app produced in Britain to help reduce COVID-19 spread faces controversy. Charlie Peters Apr 3, 2020 1154
Coronavirus: If you act the goat, you can lose your privacy rights. Apr 2, 2020 704
Privacy? Harry and Meghan are now living in La La Land. Chris Bucktin STATESIDE Apr 2, 2020 818
The New Paradigm: Insurers face a challenge in trying to balance the use of new technology and respecting consumers' privacy. Mills, Howard Apr 1, 2020 639
Without Consent: A deluge of class action lawsuits involving the use and collection of biometric information is creating new concerns for insurers, including the potential for costly claims settlements and a new swath of directors and officers claims. Chordas, Lori Apr 1, 2020 2461
Europe to launch coronavirus contact tracing app initiative. Reuters News Service Apr 1, 2020 484
Zoom under scrutiny in US over privacy, porn hacks. Apr 1, 2020 404
Nigerian ID rollout raises data protection concerns. Unah, Linus Apr 1, 2020 1225
COVID-19 Pandemic Has Hackers Working OT. Apr 1, 2020 487
What It's Like to Be a State Legislative Librarian. Aycock, Anthony Apr 1, 2020 1654
The 2020 United States Census--Is my Personal Information Safe? Daughety, Steve; Thompson, Suzette Apr 1, 2020 749
Highly secure privacy-preserving outsourced [kappa]-means clustering under multiple keys in cloud computing. Zou, Ying; Zhao, Zhen; Shi, Sha; Wang, Lei; Peng, Yunfeng; Ping, Yuan; Wang, Baocang Mar 31, 2020 8109
Toward Design of a Drip-Stand Patient Follower Robot. Wu, Zewen; Payandeh, Shahram Mar 31, 2020 7111
Text Data Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things: Threats, Challenges, and Future Directions. Khadam, Umair; Iqbal, Muhammad Munwar; Alruily, Meshrif; Ghamdi, Mohammed A. Al; Ramzan, Muhammad; A Mar 31, 2020 10199
Query Privacy Preserving for Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks. Liu, X.; Zhang, X.; Yu, J.; Fu, C. Mar 31, 2020 6768
Attitude of Asian Parkinson Patients towards Clinical Research and Tissue Donation. Khan, Shazma; Foo, Joel Y.J.; Chia, Nicole S.Y.; Agustin, Sherwin J.U.; Neo, Shermyn X.M.; Tay, Kay- Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 4478
High-Flying Zoom Faces Privacy Suit Claiming It Fails to Protect User Data. Andrew G. Simpson Mar 31, 2020 413
New super stalkerware finds many takers in KSA. Arab News Mar 29, 2020 517
Coronavirus: Data protection chief green lit lockdown measures. Jean Christou Mar 28, 2020 174
NITDA Assures Alignment Of COVID-19 Data Collection Strategies With NDPR Guidelines. Mar 27, 2020 410
In Europe, tech battle against virus clashes with privacy culture. Reuters News Service Mar 26, 2020 1036
Hotel launches 5-star dinning service in the privacy of your home. Mar 26, 2020 186
Thinking of sharing your location data? Think twice. Mar 24, 2020 489
Africa: What's Up with WhatsApp? Vogt, Heidi Mar 22, 2020 2853
LendingTree partners with ID Experts to launch free identity monitoring. Mar 20, 2020 233
LendingTree partners with ID Experts to launch free identity monitoring. Mar 20, 2020 235
Privacy commission says collection of data from COVID-19 patients allowed. Mar 19, 2020 577
Increase your home's privacy without digging a moat. Mar 18, 2020 377
No longer a privacy issue. Mar 17, 2020 1057
Netanyahu imposes "Big Brother" surveillance under pretext of Coronavirus. Mar 16, 2020 296
The coronavirus, national security and data privacy. Mar 16, 2020 1004
Will Israel Really Violate Privacy Rights in the Fight against Corona? Mar 16, 2020 255
Data agency: a missing link for consumer power. Portell, Greg; Bjubrey, Wade Mar 16, 2020 1897
Village home full of features; Detached homes often provide privacy and seclusion with good-sized gardens and spacious accommodation. Here, homemaker looks at four houses on the market this week that are certain to appeal to a wide range of buyers, from families to couples alike. Mar 14, 2020 733
FACE VALUES. Mangu-Ward, Katherine Mar 14, 2020 175
Tiktok steps up transparency efforts. NEHA MALARA Mar 12, 2020 199
Privacy rights of COVID-19 patients hamper release of data, says Panelo. Mar 10, 2020 405
Digital lenders back calls sector regulation. Mar 10, 2020 387
Facebook sued by Australian watchdog over data breaches. JAMES WARRINGTON @j_a_warrington Mar 10, 2020 182
Only pertinent info for COVID-19 patients may be released - NPC. Mar 10, 2020 501
Facebook sued by Australia's privacy regulator. Mar 9, 2020 169
Aussie Watchdog Sues Facebook Over Cambridge Analytica Breach. Mar 9, 2020 391
Australia sues Facebook, alleges breach of user data. Reuters News Service Mar 9, 2020 435
Huawei launches one of the top three app distribution platforms. Egypt Today Mar 9, 2020 425
What the Internet Really Knows About YOU: A digital media expert argues that your private life is exposed online, no matter how cautious you think you're being. Tufekci, Zeynep Viewpoint essay Mar 9, 2020 1373
Facebook has a prescription: More pharmaceutical ads. Nitasha Tiku The Washington Post Mar 8, 2020 2241
Road to privacy: How GDPR is transforming business practices. Barry CookExpert View Mar 8, 2020 865
Royal privacy pains. Mar 7, 2020 215
Huawei secures your privacy in the era of all-encompassing AI tech. Mar 5, 2020 740
Respect privacy. Mar 4, 2020 667
Facebook has a prescription: More pharmaceutical ads. Mar 4, 2020 2485
Privacy breached. Mar 3, 2020 2484
Pakistan's cybersecurity regime. Mar 2, 2020 962
Genomic research and privacy: A response to Staunton et al. Thaldar, D.W.; Townsend, B. Mar 1, 2020 2494
Privacy rights of human research participants in South Africa must be taken seriously. Thaldar, Donrich; Townsend, Beverley Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2020 1861
Unisex toilets are great in an inclusive world but excuse me if I want a little bit of privacy in the bathroom. Mar 1, 2020 479

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