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Privacy with half a gazebo.

Privacy with half a gazebo

Airy and open, this gazebo affords some privacy without blocking breezes. It also creates shade and a visual focus for Michelle and Tom Grimm's tight patio in Laguna Beach, California.

Just inside the low property-line wall, they chalked a crescent shape on the brick patio. Builder Fred Arevalos set 2-by-6 plates with masonry nails, then built a 2-by-4 frame for six 4- by 8-foot ready-made lath panels; horizontal 2-by-2 braces provide midpanel support.

Overhead, a 14-foot 2-by-8 beam spans the open front. Spoke-like 2-by-4s meet at its center, their hub hidden by a half circle of 5/8-inch plywood. Plywood quarter-circles brace the front corners.

Photo: Container plants dress up lattice enclosure set against low property-line wall

Photo: Lattice panels, cut into six triangles, form roof of this gazebo framed with 2-by-4s
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Date:Jul 1, 1986
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