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Privacy breach.

I HAD made complaints via the Citizens' Complaint Portal by hiding my identity regarding illegal acts against an individual based on facts known to me. Unfortunately, the portal shared the GPS location of my anonymous complaint and the other party got the GPS location from the copy of one of the complaints from the department concerned and my data through a serving officer of a sensitive organization with complete details of my account from Prime Minister Delivery Unit (PMDU) through an agency.

I sent an email to the PMDU to conduct an inquiry as to how my privacy was breached in violation of Privacy Policy of Citizen Portal which says: 'Information is not accessible by the officer concerned/handler of the complaint. However the Prime Minister's Office is authorised to view the complainant's information and share it with authorities concerned in case where required'. In addition the privacy policy mentions that no third party has any access to the information.

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Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Jul 16, 2019
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