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Privacy baffle for a roof deck.

Beach cottages in Southern California have always been packed tightly together. Even so, there's usually been room for a bit of private garden. But inflated coastal property costs are pushing many beach houses to the limits of their lots-and sacrificing garden space in the process.

Architect Dan Mello of Redondo Beach

tackled this problem in Maureen Robertson's house in Manhattan Beach. He found space for the main outdoor sitting area over the garage, and allowed for another small pocket at ground level between the garage and the house.

Menlo covered the built-up garage roof with redwood decking laid over 2-by-4 sleepers and placed an 8-foot-tall baffle at the far end, about 20 feet from the house wall, The baffle affords a certain amount of privacy and shade.

Steel railings welded on site wrap around the deck, then continue along a bridge that leads to the upstairs master bedroom. (The bridge passes over the ground-level patio.) Upright supports for the rails were lag-screwed into the flashing-covered top plate of the stud wall.

The baffle itself is made of fir, Built like a standard stud-framed wall, it's topped by a glue-laminated beam and braced by diagonal 4-by-4s; 1-by-2s nailed 1 1/2 inches apart span its outer face.

Both baffle and deck were treated with exterior polyurethane sealer.
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Date:Sep 1, 1988
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