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King has further battles to fight: Sainsbury's is returning to form--but can the momentum be maintained? May 9, 2009 403
No salvation overseas for Tesco: from Hungary and Poland to the US, the empire faces challenging times. Apr 18, 2009 415
What's behind Tesco cost cuts? Is Tesco's strategy based on the recession, or overseas expansion? Feb 14, 2009 422
Tesco out of step with customers: and the multiple's move into discount tertiary ranges will not help. Jan 17, 2009 396
Faltering Tesco must work hard: the retailer says it's become more competitive but gross profits are falling. Viewpoint essay Dec 6, 2008 431
Negative outlook for Sainsbury's: 'fundamentals remain tricky' as supermarket makes best of tough job. Oct 11, 2008 407
And the forecast said it'd be sunny: value may be up, but volume is down. The industry would be wise to keep inflation at the forefront of their minds when forecasting. Aug 16, 2008 441
Is Sir Terry's fear well founded? With the UK's economic situation on a downward plunge, the multiples are bracing themselves for the effects. Who will fare best? Jul 19, 2008 440
No such thing as a quick retail fix: M&S and Asda have both embarked on major new ranging and sourcing strategies. But will they work? Jun 21, 2008 423
First rumblings of a price battle: the difference between the changes in input and on-shelf prices is at its highest level this decade, which could affect margin forecasts and even prompt a battle on price. May 24, 2008 379
Tesco's 'troubles' are simply blips: while Tesco's current performance is undoubtedly strong, there have been dips in the past 18 months, so what's in store for the future? Apr 26, 2008 403
Food retail: is it still a safe haven? Investors once viewed UK food retailers as sound defensive plays, but the market and the profiles of retailers have changed dramatically. Mar 29, 2008 385
The time is right for virtual grocery: shoppers are more prepared to do their shopping online than ever before. Retailers must seize the opportunities the internet offers. Mar 1, 2008 406
The reasons why Morrisons works: Morrisons' like-for-like sales growth has been more than twice that of its rivals and it's quickly gaining market share. So what is it doing right? Brief article Feb 2, 2008 387
It may get pretty tough out there: pressure on the housing market is already taking its toll on consumer confidence, making for a worrying start to the year for retailers. Jan 19, 2008 394
Forget delta two. King's doing well: Sainsbury's management continue to do a great job restoring the chain's fortunes and could well deliver impressive profits in 2009. Nov 24, 2007 405
Why Tesco will win in the States: other British retailers have failed miserably in the US, but, for one, Oriel Securities is confident Tesco will succeed with Fresh & Easy. Oct 20, 2007 391
Trust Tesco. The future is bright: slowdown in sales? Tough times ahead? Not according to Tesco, which has given analysts confidence in a brighter outlook. Oct 6, 2007 378
Tesco's 16% fall is not justified. Sep 1, 2007 446
Tougher times lie ahead for retail: atrocious rain has hit commodity costs, food prices are going up, and consumers are being hit by higher interest rates. That means food retail growth will be squeezed. Aug 4, 2007 402
Why outlook for grocery is grim: the latest interest rate hikes will have affected shoppers' spending and for multiples offering non-food items, sales may start to wobble. Viewpoint essay Jul 7, 2007 404
Why Kwik Save couldn't be saved; what went so badly wrong that Kwik Save should have slumped from being FTSE 100 stock to its current state of near-collapse? Brief article Jun 9, 2007 406
Tesco triumphant in diversification: as it grows its global portfolio, Tesco is hedging its bets with a security through diversity strategy. So don't worry if there's bad news from the US. Column May 12, 2007 415
Can 'The Best' cut it with the others? Bolland's vision for Morrisons gives us something to be optimistic about but the problem lies in how the retailer markets itself. Column Apr 14, 2007 393
Will Sainsbury's star stop shining? Mar 17, 2007 421
Is a bidding war now on the cards? The chain could well end up in private hands--which might suit its rivals but will not necessarily be a good thing for its customers. Column Feb 17, 2007 402
Don't panic over the interest hikes: that surprise move over interest rates is unlikely to hit consumer spend on food or hit investor confidence in supermarket sector. Jan 20, 2007 402
Put these shares in your stockings: ignore the doom-mongers. The supermarkets are heading for a fantastic holiday period in terms of both sales and profits. Dec 16, 2006 391
Mourinho's way? I'll take O'Neill's: strategists are all very well but a company will run into trouble when financiers call the shots and the cool face is ignored. Column Nov 11, 2006 410
Price competition is yesterday's war. Column Oct 14, 2006 397
How green are our greengrocers? Don't pat the supermarkets on the back for their green efforts--they're only after your money. Sep 16, 2006 394
Foreign policy can hint at the future: Wal-Mart's decision to make hasty exits from Germany and South Korea has implications of UK retailers. Aug 19, 2006 399
All set for grosser grocery margins: Jonathan Pritchard is sanguine about the state of the grocery sector, predicting robust sales and healthy margins in the next few quarters. Jul 22, 2006 413
We're getting into a winning mood: Britain is on form for watching the World Cup--and the greatly feared holes in family budgets never materialised. Jun 24, 2006 409
Why fitness is the new fatness: everyone seems to be sticking with their New Year health resolutions this year--and it's almost the end of May. May 27, 2006 406

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