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Prisoners will punish Britain; Letters.

I SHOULD think Westlife star Brian McFadden's children Molly, 12, and Lilly-Sue, 11, are over the moon to have Dad coming back to this country for keeps after living in Australia for four years.

Modern technology is such a help for split families but there is nothing like the real thing in person - and lots of cuddles. Sylvia Monk Bishop's Stortford, Herts WE kept being told that MPs were doing all they could to help people hit by the floods.

So do they think that taxing the disposal of used sandbags will encourage councils to supply them again in the case of more downpours? Michael Foley Romford, Essex LIAM Gallagher seems to have gone off the rails, getting kicked out of pubs and acting like an idiot. At 41 and with four children, it's about time he started to act his age. Elizabeth Harman Eastbourne, East Sussex WHAT a great article in last week's paper on X Factor winner Sam Bailey, who wanted to have a quiet Mother's Day with her hubby and kids at a bowling alley.

And what a terrific goal she has - buying her own mum her own house.

David Evans Walsall, West Mids WHAT a lovely family photo of Kate, Wills, George and dog Lupo. They looked so happy - and, by George, what a handsome young chap he is.

Brian McDonald Eastbourne, East Sussex IT seems the old saying "beware your sins will find you out" is coming true for many people. Each week uncovers more evidence of the perverted sexual abuse of children. People found guilty should be named and shamed, regardless of their current status. Kath Sharman Pontefract, West Yorks YES, his jokes may be awful but Strictly Come Dancing without Brucie will not be the same. I'm so sad to learn that the rumours he is to retire are true.

Louise Jones Ruthin, Denbigh IAIN Duncan Smith's Bedroom Tax is an unmitigated disaster. Yet a U-turn seems to be the last thing on his mind.

With the general election just around the corner, he could do worse than think again about a political gaffe that has brought misery to so many people. But let's not hold our breath.

Andy Kane Kingston Park, Tyne and Wear CORONATION Street actor Michael Le Vell's problems are understandable. I cannot imagine how it must feel like to be wrongly accused of a child sex crime.

It is great that studio bosses are giving him time off to sort things out. Michael seems to have a lot of support from his cast-mates. I'm sure he will get through this.

Billy Fulker Brighton Letter of the wins PS25, the others PS10 WEEK YO nearl YOUR story regarding nearly half of prisoners at Whitemoor jail being Muslim - and the threat this poses if they're turned into jihadists while serving time - is an issue politicians must heed.

Surely if someone is regarded as a threat to human life, then they should not be let out into society to cause havoc and chaos.

If they are considered a risk and deportation is possible, that should be the only alternative. No ifs or buts.

David Webster, Taunton, Somerset
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The People (London, England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Apr 6, 2014

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