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Prison island exile.

Now therefore without protest holding my head high I will plead guilty to all accusations and visibly turn into an empty-hearted plaque of stone. Taking upon myself all your sins of lovelessness, I'll withdraw into my own world. One solitary night, in an empty courtroom, the judge, plaintiff, lawyers and clerks all plotting around a tea table, suddenly put me up on the dock -- alone, naked, with no friends at all -- thrusting me into exile on a prison island, the whole gang went back to their tea club. Your're all serving a life sentence at that tea party; hoisting my sail, I'll float away to the island. Whether or not there ever was a heart -- no explanation is required. You've got it all, whatever was within my breast. With no expectation, filling my pockets with a formless yearning to be loved I'll go away to the island now. Your ships will never reach that island. 4 July 1966 Calcutta
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Title Annotation:Three Bengali Women Poets; poem
Author:Dev Sen, Nabaneeta; Ray, Sunil B.; Dev Sen, Nandana; Wright, Carolyne
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Date:Jul 1, 1993
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