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Printmaking in the Sun: an Artist's Guide to Making Professional-Quality Prints Using the Solarplate Method.

(2001; $29.95, paper), by Dan Welden and Pauline Muir. Watson-Guptill Publications, 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003.

This is a book that can be of interest to advanced printmaking students at the high-school level. Essentially, the book deals with the artistic possibilities growing from a process in which a light-sensitive polymer plate is exposed to sunlight (with an artwork done on a transparent film overlay on the plate). The parts of the polymer surface exposed to light (not blocked by the opaque lined or masses of the artwork) harden, while the parts of the polymer blocked from the light remain soluble and can be washed away. This creates a plate that can be used to print either in relief or in intaglio.

The authors describe a technique that generates a wide range of printed effects. The book deals with equipment for printing, preparing a relief image, and making and printing a relief plate. Also, it deals with digital images; photogravure; color printing; and preparing, making and painting an intaglio plate. Overall, it is a very complete and well-illustrated review of an interesting and exciting printmaking technique. For information about this publication, circle No. 390 on the Reader Service Card.
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Author:Hausman, Jerome J.
Publication:Arts & Activities
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Date:Nov 1, 2002
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