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Printing with an architect's stamp.

Printing with an architect's stamp

Rubber tree stamps make it easy to create your own distinctive Christmas gift tags, greeting cards, or wrapping paper. Used by architects and landscape architects for their presentation drawings, these stamps produce precise elevations (side views) of several tree types, some of which look just like Christmas trees. Another type of stamp, which produces overhead views of trees for site-planning studies, makes a good approximation of a snowflake.

To find the stamps, look in the telephone book yellow pages under Architects' Supplies or Artists' Materials; call to check availability. One mail-order source is Treeline, 2 Greenwood Rd., Natick, Mass. 01760; (617) 655-6178; write or call for a free catalog.

Stamps cost about $4 to $8. You'll also need an ink pad, usually available in red, green, black, or blue. For other gift ideas from art supply stores, see page 110.

Photo: Stamp act: wooden-block backing for rubber cutout makes inking easy

Photo: Landscape architect's tree stamp dresses up a plain gift tag
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Date:Dec 1, 1984
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