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Print manager does in minutes what once took hours.

Brent Robertson
Systems Analyst and
Database Administrator
Oakwood Healthcare
Dearborn, MI
Voice: 313-724-4158
Fax: 313 724-4560


Oakwood Healthcare (5 hospitals with 1,902 beds, 50 primary care sites, 1,200 affiliated physicians) was bogged down by inefficient document and data management.

Our existing Windows95 and NT print services were not capable of the storing, reprinting, and search capabilities that we needed. We wanted to be able to search for text-based information by keyword, and wanted to split and route by the information on the page itself. Our old system was a macro report generation application that could take mainframe data and place it on an 8.5"x11" page. These reports could be over 1,000 pages long, and if our printer lost that mainframe data, we'd have to start all over again. We would constantly have to log in and out of the mainframe to piece the data together, so it was a very time consuming process. We would have to open and close up to 140 reports on an individual basis and send each to the LAN printer.

The information contained in these data reports, such as accounting data, is critical throughout the organization and needs to be accessible to staff members at all levels and in all locations. Efficient document and data sharing is a crucial element to any large healthcare organization.


We implemented Information Systems Corporation's Cypress Output Manager to help us store, reprint, sort, route and archive data during large-scale print jobs.


We implemented Cypress early in 1998. We considered several other document management solutions. We looked at Dazel, Mobius and INSCI but chose Cypress because it had all the elements we were looking for -- delivery, archiving, and sorting functions that really set it apart from the rest.


Hardware: Cypress server runs on a Windows 4.0 dedicated server with 256 RAM and 8 GB hard drive.

Software: Cypress Output Manager

Networks: Runs on a Token Ring LAN/WAN backbone throughout Oakwood. We will utilize the Cypress Windows95 interface to facilitate multi-client use of the software.

Consultant: Mary Hinz, ISC

Training: The implementation and training process was smooth and Cypress recently took its first full blown production run. We're especially happy to have found a solution that's so close to home. ISC's technical support has been excellent, and they really bend over backward to meet our specific needs.

What did it entail? With that product there is some logic that needs to be in place that separates reports. They were able to write the logic so the reports come out in an efficient manner. Goes to printed page, grabs a field identified as a key and can break out sections based on a key on a page (dept number for example), and can send reports to be printed to a different department printer.


Cost: The cost of Cypress is $325 per Cypress client, $500 per Cypress server.

Cost justification: The purchase was researched and approved by Jamey Cribbs, Manager of Tech Support/Information Services at Oakwood.


Began early 1998 -- because Oakwood is using the product so extensively, Oakwood and ISC are continually implementing new features and capabilities to the system. It was a whole new area for us for report distribution. For us it was a pilot project.


Currently, Cypress is used for the creation and distribution of large month-end accounting reports, which are used by the accounting department as well as the affiliate remote physician locations (over 50 locations, 1,200 physicians) that might need a copy of the data. Currently runs on two workstations but will soon roll out to 200 users for online viewing of reports and will provide users with interactive control of their local printer.


Savings: With Cypress, the database administrators can run several jobs at once, and have cut the number of trips to the printer from 140 to 13. We no longer have to sort and split at the macro level. We can pull down 2,000 pages of data from the mainframe, feed it into Cypress, and split and route the data based on a qualifier on every page. It only takes minutes to do what once took 22 hours.

Productivity: Cypress saves us both overhead and processing time and has really helped to conserve our network bandwidth. Under the old system one server that was dedicated to do this took 30 to 48 hours to do the report processing, sorting and printing. With the Cypress product, it was able to pull reports, sort and distribute to multiple printers in one hour, reducing network bandwith consumption to a fraction of previous use.

Patient: Easier access to accounting/financial data and other extensive data for administrators -- better, more efficient service. The reports invariably do not have to be printed. Users can open the report, find or select ranges of text, view online and make a educated decision if they do indeed need to print. Or they can "view" the text online without printing. It's up to the end user to decide what's needed to print. Nice feature!
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Title Annotation:Industry Trend or Event; Information Systems Corp's Cypress Output Manager used at Oakwood Healthcare
Publication:Health Management Technology
Date:Mar 1, 1999
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