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Principles of Cloning, 2nd Edition.


Principles of Cloning, 2nd Edition

Edited by Jose Cibelli, John Gurdon, Ian Wilmut, Rudolf Jaenish, Robert Lanza, Michael D. West, and Keith H.S. Campbell

Academic Press


562 pages




Active researchers, most in academic settings, update the broad reference on cloning vertebrates. They cover basics, methods, cloning by species, applications, complementary technologies, somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) as a tool to answer biological questions, and ethical and legal affairs. Among the topics are how germ cell cloning contributes to the current understanding of genomic imprinting in mammals, pregnancy and neonatal care of SCNT animals, a historical perspective on the cloning of cattle, transgenic cloned goats and the production of recombinant therapeutic proteins, a proteomic approach to the reprogramming machinery of the mouse oocyte, and genome exchange in human oocytes.

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Date:Feb 1, 2014
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