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Principles and Practices for the Safe Processing of Foods.

PRINCIPLES and PRACTICES for the SAFE PROCESSING of FOODS. Edited by D A Shapton and Norah F Shapton. 457 pages with index. Price: 53.00 [pounds]. (UK: Butterworth-Heinemann)

Originally this book was compiled to guide Heinz manager who are responsible for the continuing improvements required by their corporate commitment to Total Quality Management. The H J Heinz Company is now offering this book to a wider market in the belief that it offers some useful guidelines to help turn professional knowledge into action. Nowadays, consumers takes for granted the safety of food purchased but that assumption makes great demands on the food industry and all its employees because they have to see that all the food products are safe. From the consumers point of view the whole aspect of safety if failry simplistic but, in reality, it requires constant vigilance on the part of all involved.

Following an introduction the text divides into twelve chapters with titles: Assessment of an operation; Establishment and implementation of HACCP; Buildings; Sanitation; Personnel; Micro-organisms - an outline of their structure; Biological factors underlying food safety, preservation and stability; Insights into microbiological control methods; Pathogenicity and pathogen profiles; Spoilage - including enzymes and their importance; Aspects of microbiological safety in food preservation technologies; and Criteria for ingredients and finished products.

This text has been well veted by many eminent Heinz employees, both past and present, and it therefore presents an important distillation of knowledge about how one of the world's better known food manufacturers goes about the business of ensuring the highest levels of safety for purchasers of their products. Whilst the book seems more like a dictionary or encyclopedia, it is not difficult to understand.
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Date:Feb 1, 1992
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