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Princeton Softech's Ager 2000 Solves Critical Year 2000 Testing Problem.

PRINCETON, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 18, 1997--

First Tool to Deliver Semantic Date Aging

Princeton Softech today announced Ager 2000(TM), a product that solves one of the most challenging aspects of Year 2000 testing -- creating aged test data for the mainframe environment. IT organizations need aged test data in order to simulate conditions before and after the century boundary. But generating this test data is very difficult, and existing date aging products fall short because they offer only simple date calculations.

Ager 2000 is the only product with semantic date aging capability. It enables IT staffs to easily create test data that is more useful for Year 2000 projects because it "understands" the company's business rules for processing dates. The result is that better testing is accomplished; defects are spotted and corrected before the Year 2000 arrives.

"The ability to intelligently age dates is of paramount importance to companies trying to develop a sound strategy for testing Year 2000 compliance," explains Don Cohen, VP Research and Development, Princeton Softech. "Many of our customers have found that existing date aging tools lack the flexibility to address the wide variety of dates found in applications, and lack the ability to apply a company's specific business rules to make the resultant dates meaningful. They have also found that it is a daunting task to build such a utility from scratch."

It has become widely recognized that testing will be more than 50% of the Year 2000 effort. Creating reliable test data is a significant part of this effort. Linear approaches to date aging produce dates that may not match the company's business rules. When this happens the programmers waste valuable time debugging the test data instead of the programs. With semantic date aging, business rules are known and automatically applied as appropriate. Ager 2000, with semantic date aging, prevents potential delays in the verification of Year 2000 compliance.

"Princeton Softech has been working with date aging technology for the last couple of years. In January 1997 we delivered the first aging facility as part of our Relational Tools for DB2. Now, with Ager 2000, we can provide semantic date aging to help clients test all their legacy applications," states Joe Allegra, President of Princeton Softech. "This adds tremendous flexibility and power to the date aging process and continues our tradition of leading the market with useful, innovative tools for the Year 2000 and beyond."

Ager 2000 is a comprehensive date aging tool for MVS files and databases. It directly updates either VSAM or sequential files. Used in conjuction with DBMS import/export facilities, Ager 2000 can also be used to create aged test data for IMS, IDMS, ADABAS, DB2, and other mainframe DBMSs. Ager 2000 is priced by MIPS, starting at $40,000.

Founded in 1989, Princeton Softech ( is a privately-held company that specializes in delivering data and program synchronization solutions to IS professionals who develop and maintain critical business applications. Ager 2000 is the newest addition to Princeton Softech's Upgrade 2000(TM) suite of Year 2000 productivity tools, which include Version Merger(TM), the industry-leading version reconciliation tool, and the Relational Tools(TM), which are relational test data creation and verification tools for client/server and mainframe platforms. The Relational Tools for DB2 have special facilities for transforming data and creating test data containing dates after December 31, 1999.

Princeton Softech's software solutions, which make it easier to implement Year 2000 and Euro releases, are in use by over 800 clients in 20 countries. The company's development, support, marketing, and most of its US/Canadian sales staffs are located in Princeton, NJ. Eighteen independent distributors sell the company's products in Europe, Australia, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Princeton Softech was named a leading specialty vendor in Gartner Group's analysis of Year 2000 software tools. Recently, the company was recognized as one of New Jersey's finest privately-held companies and was ranked number 361 in Software Magazine's Software 500, a ranking of the best, brightest and most successful companies in the software industry.

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Date:Nov 18, 1997
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