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Princes opts for Legarde.

Princes Foods at Chichester have chosen three Lagarde 1800mm four-basket rotary retorts through UK and Eire agent, Holmach. The retorts, which were installed in February 2005, are pasteurising and sterilising a wide variety of Princes leading meat, soup and sauce products in pouch, cans, plastic bowls and glass jars.

The 1800mm diameter retorts can process using either stearn/air or steam/water to obtain the best possible process, regardless of container type. High speed rotation, processing in static mode is also possible. Because of space restrictions, the Lagarde units feature a vertically opening door to minimize length. To allow forklift operation, the units have a dropping station in front of them to avoid damage to the mouth of the autoclaves.

Constructed in stainless steel and fully insulated for maximum energy conservation, the retorts use a unique internal cage to rotate the products to ensure an even heat treatment. Cooling is achieved via an external plate heat exchanger. Digital temperature and pressure control (no plc's required) works within tight limits, typically less than 0.5[degrees]C and 0.1 bar across the whole retort.

There are over 200 Lagarde units in operation in the UK and Eire on products ranging from ambient sauces to pasteurised ready meals and Doypacks of cooked rice.

Contact Holmach on tel: 01780 450 044 or visit
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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