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Prince Louis Bears Striking Resemblance To Kate Middleton In Throwback Photo.

Prince Louis looks exactly like his mom, Kate Middleton, in his 1st birthday portrait taken by the Duchess of Cambridge.

In the photo, an adorable looking Prince Louis is looking straight into the camera with a faint smile over his face. He is wearing a navy-blue cardigan with a dog print in front.

Following the release of Prince Louis' birthday portrait, ( Daily Mail uploaded a photo of Middleton from several years ago. In the throwback snap, the mom of three is also just a year old, and she's sitting on her pram during an outing with her family.

Middleton also has a faint smile on face and her expression is exactly the same as ( Prince Louis ' expression. It cannot be denied that Prince Louis looks just like his mom when Middleton was still a baby.

Meanwhile, Prince George also bears a striking resemblance with the Duchess of Cambridge, but not as much as how Prince Louis looks like his mom. Princess Charlotte, on the other hand, looks more like Prince William and Princess Diana.

Several years ago, Middleton also released Prince George and Princess Charlotte's first birthday portraits to commemorate their special day. All of the pictures were taken by the Duchess herself.

Prince George is accompanied by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in his first birthday portrait. In the snap, the adorable baby is wearing a blue jumper and navy-blue polo shirt. The photos that were taken outdoors show Prince George playing with a butterfly.

Years later, Middleton also released a stunning photo of Princess Charlotte that highlighted her blue eyes. In the photo, Princess Charlotte is wearing a pink dress and a pink cardigan. A second photo shows the young girl playing outdoors while wearing the same attire.

Another photo shows Princess Charlotte wearing a blue dress and a cream cardigan.

"Turning one is an important family milestone and the family is happy to share these pictures," a royal source told ( People in 2016.

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