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Prince Harry's Fashion Evolved Since Dating Meghan Markle.

The Meghan Markle Effect has also affected the former actress' fiance, Prince Harry!

Since dating Markle, Prince Harry's fashion sense has evolved. ( US Weekly compiled a series of photos of the prince which proved that his choices in clothes have improved 6 perhaps with the help of his fiancee.

In the past, Prince Harry has been photographed wearing his usual long-sleeved polo shirt and trousers. During official events, the prince typically wears a coat and tie. But since meeting Markle in 2016, Prince Harry's coats appear to be tailored well. He has also been mixing brighter colors into the mix.

When he and Markle went to Cardiff, Wales last week, Prince Harry did not wear a coat. Instead, he wore a navy blue long-sleeved sweater on top of his white long-sleeved polo shirt. He paired his tops with dark blue jeans and shoes of the same color.

It has also been evident that Markle and Prince Harry are choosing clothes that perfectly blend with each other in terms of color. Earlier this month, they visited a radio station in London, and Prince Harry wore an olive green trench coat, gray shirt and white long-sleeved polo shirt. He paired it with his black pants and brown shoes.

Markle, on the other hand, wore black top and black pants underneath her beige trench coat and shawl. She completed her look with her black shoes.

On Christmas morning, Prince Harry once again looked dapper in his light blue trench coat and blue and white coat and tie. He wore blue pants and black shoes to the royal family's Christmas morning service. Markle once again wore a light brown trench coat and brown knee-high boots.

During several other occasions, Prince Harry and Markle also blended well with each other. For instance, they both wore blue coats during their first official visit after their engagement announcement. The couple's ( engagement photos also looked very stunning.

Meanwhile, since the ( Meghan Markle Effect has been in full bloom, fans cannot wait to find out what Prince Harry and Markle will wear to their May 19 wedding. The couple will tie the knot in St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Jan 24, 2018
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