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Prince George May Attend Boarding School In The Future.

Prince George may head to Boarding School in the future due to two possible reasons.

Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal expert, told ( Express that Prince William and Kate Middleton's decision to send their son to boarding school will depend on how happy he could be in the institution.

Since Prince George is only 5 years old, the royal couple won't have to make the decision anytime soon.

"As a child develops certain characteristics come to the fore and they will want to make sure George is happy, that is the really important aspect. Alongside that is security and, if it is going to be a boarding school, there will be a matter of convenience so commuting will have to be feasible," he said.

Fitzwilliams said that Prince George should go to a school where his full potential will be realized.

"As George develops and we see where his interests lie, there will be certain schools that specialize in certain subjects and areas. Kate and William will take into account the obvious academic excellence of the school that they think will best suit George depending on where his strengths lie because one of the purposes of anyone's education is to play to their strengths," he explained.

Additionally, Kat Hopps, a journalist for Express, noted that another reason why Prince George may head to boarding school, later on, is because his grandfather, Prince Charles, and dad, Prince William, also went to one.

( Prince Charles attended Gordonstoun , and Prince William and Prince Harry were sent to Eton in Berkshire as boarders. In college, Prince William and Middleton both attended Marlborough College.

But Fitzwilliams said that it is highly unlikely for Prince George to also go to ( Eton College because it is not a mixed-sex school. Rumors are also ripe that he may enroll at Brighton College later on in his life.

"The move would not be a surprise, it would be seen as modernizing. I would be surprised simply because George will one day be the future King. However, it is a time of change," he said.

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Date:Sep 9, 2018
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