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Prime-time pederasty. (Insider Report).

Showtime cable network has announced the addition of the cartoon series "Queer Duck," which will be shown immediately after its breakout homosexuality-themed series "Queer as Folk." The new animated series portrays the picaresque adventures of its title character and his "companion" Openly Gator, as well as his friends Bi-Polar Bear and Oscar Wildcat. Scott Seomin, entertainment media director of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), applauds "Queer Duck" as "funny and sometimes very clever."

Seomin praises even more effusively the first half of Showtime's homosexual double-feature, "Queer as Folk' which unabashedly celebrates drug use, promiscuous sex, and even statutory homosexual rape. The "breakout" character of the show's first season was a promiscuous 29-year-old named Brian, who lured a timid 17-year-old named Justin into a homosexual relationship. Justin, who had just come out as a homosexual, could be seen as an example of what homosexual activists call "questioning" youth.

Here is an interesting double-standard: If a television show depicted, in graphic fashion, sexual activity between a 29-year-old man and an underage girl, it would be trashed mercilessly -- with feminists leading the chorus. No such stigma has attached to "Queer as Folk." In fact, producers Ron Cowan and Daniel Lipman describe the predator Brian as "very heroic, very honest; he lives by his own code of ethics." Of course, the homosexuals in clerical garb who molested trusting young boys lived by their "own code of ethics," as well; should they likewise be regarded as "heroic"?

The homosexual community has embraced ''Queer as although some are concerned that its candor may be strategically counterproductive. But GLAAD's Seomin has no reservations.

"It does show a portion of gay life that perhaps the gay community at large doesn't want everyone to know about -- the promiscuity and rabid drug use," he told the June 19, 2001 issue of The Advocate. "I hear from people who say, 'I was like Brian when I was 29 -- it's realistic and should be celebrated.' And I also hear a common criticism, 'I don't want my mom and the straight world knowing about this,' even from people currently living that life."
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Date:May 6, 2002
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