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Prime Minister 'has a woman problem'.

DAVID Cameron's decision to cut tax credits for working people could cost West Midlands families more than PS500 million, Labour leadership candidate Yvette Cooper has claimed.

And she said the move showed that the Prime Minister has a "woman problem" - because women would be hardest hit.

Mrs Cooper spoke to the Post in the run-up to at hustings event in Birmingham this week. She said research showed tax credit cuts could see families lose as much as PS1,690 each year and the total cost to families would be PS522 million.

Mrs Cooper said: "David Cameron and George Osborne promised before the election that they would not be cutting tax credits. Now they are planning to do so. "We have got the House of Commons library to look at the proposal they have been briefing, that child tax credits would be cut back to the level of 2003.

"That's what would save them PS5 billion.

"That would mean a family with one child losing PS845 - with two children the figure is PS1,690.

"And 90 per cent of child tax credit is paid to women."

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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jun 25, 2015
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