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Primagraphics Launches Cots-Based Radar Video Distribution Server.

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Primagraphics, the command & control, video and graphics specialist (, has launched a Radar Video Distribution server, the latest addition to its RVP (Radar Video Processor) family, a new generation of high performance servers in PCI, CompactPCI and VME form factors.

The new server provides a cost-effective solution for the distribution of radar video from a sensor to multiple display consoles. In place of point-to-point wiring and distribution boards, the distribution server uses standard commercial off-the-shelf Ethernet networks and proprietary digital compression technology to distribute video from a radar source to any number of display stations.

As well as reducing the cost of distributing a primary radar picture to operational consoles, the RVP solution enhances the capabilities by providing flexibility in the choice of where and when radar video is displayed - no longer does there need to be a pre-configured connection from a display machine to the radar distribution unit.

By using standard networking connections, the new RVP product allows a much broader range of display options. Since the same radar video is broadcast everywhere, low-cost and portable displays can receive a radar picture on demand, thereby avoiding the expensive distribution or acquisition costs of legacy solutions.

The RVP solution offers considerable flexibility in interfacing to different radar types, including ACP/ARP, RADDS, ASDE-3 and specialized serial and parallel formats. Video data from these radar interfaces is digitized and compressed with Primagraphics' RACE radar codec, which is based on adaptive run-length coding. Although the server can be configured to start and begin distribution automatically, it may be also be controlled remotely across a network, allowing acquisition and distribution parameters to be dynamically adjusted.

The RVP Radar Video Distribution system is available in a range of form-factors and configurations from a 4U rack-mountable industrial grade PCI-based enclosure to single-slot VME or CompactPCI card.

Details of Primagraphics' range of cards and systems solutions are given on Primagraphics' web site at Contact Primagraphics in North America by phone on 434 951 9460, by post to 1000 Research Park Blvd., Suite 106, Charlottesville, VA 22911, USA, or by email to:

An extended version of this press release along with photography is available on request.
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Date:Jun 27, 2003
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