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Pricing expert brings "Eastern enlightenment to Western marketing strategy".

Marlene Jensen, author of the popular Pricing Psychology Report and a member of NL/NL's Editorial Advisory Board, has turned her eye to the East with a playful meditation on the art of pricing.

Her new book, The Tao of Pricing, is written in the best tradition of succinct Buddhist "poetry." Here, for example is the entire Preface:

"Pricing is not a unilateral decision.

"It's like a game of poker you play with both your customers and your competitors.

"A skilled player both notices the tendencies of the other players ...

"AND anticipates their reponses to his or her moves."

While often presenting pricing strategies and considerations in the enigmatic way of Eastern thought, Marlene also offers up innumerable examples of the most-effective pricing tactics and practical ideas for increasing your profits.

Its ten chapter titles should give you an idea of just how much ground she covers:

* Premium Pricing

* Smart Discounting

* Numerology

* Competitive Pricing

* Brand-name Pricing

* Foolish Discounting

* Line-Category Pricing

* Cost-Plus Pricing

* "Reasonable" Pricing

* Pricing and Insight

As copywriter Bob Bly puts it in a blurb for the book, "This book makes pricing so much fun, you might not realize how much you're learning."


* From "Line-Category Pricing": "A peasant may not remain one.

"Offering a range of models at different price levels lets consumers develop brand loyalty--before they can afford your best.

"Example: By ignoring the low ends of their market, G.M. & Ford allowed Toyota and Honda to grow strong enough to challenge them with high-end cars."

* From "Competitive Pricing": "Lower prices, relative to your competitors can cause your products to be perceived as lower quality.

"Example: Ancillary Profits newsletter tested $97 and $127 annual prices, and received 11% MORE BUYERS at the higher price.

"That's 45% more revenue."

* From "'Reasonable' Pricing": "A 'reasonable' price is dependent upon the category of the product.

"Therefore, wise marketers position their products in most-favorable categories.

"Example: A newsletter costing $495 is an expensive publication--but cheap business advice."

The insights and strategies revealed in The Tao of Pricing can be applied to any type of pricing--newsletters, special reports, consumer goods, even consulting fees.

The book is priced at $39.95. But, for a limited time, you can get The Tao of Pricing for only $27--with discounts for multiple copies. Go to www.TAOofPRICING.COM and be prepared to make more profits from your existing products.
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Author:Swift, Paul
Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Dec 17, 2004
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