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Prices of dry fruits go up both in wholesale, retail markets.

ISLAMABAD, November 03, 2010 (Balochistan Times): As cold weather has accelerated across the country, the prices of dry fruits have gone up notably, both in wholesale and retail markets. Dry fruits are in popular demand in winter season because of greater use during winter. Almond and peanut remain the most favourite dry fruit varieties in Pakistan and are imported in greater quantities. The prices of popular varieties of dry fruit fall in the range of 200 to 2000 rupees per kg. This makes frequent use of most of the dry fruits unaffordable for the lower economic class people. Almonds, for example, are considered a sought-after variety of dry fruit but cost around prices like dry fruits, in turn resulting in less consumption and a decrease in the prices. At present, the hike in prices has cut down the sales of dry fruits sharply in Karachi and may lead to a decrease in the prices due to failing sales of the commodity. Dry fruits, the most attractive winter fiesta is enjoyed by all and sundry which were not present in markets in large quantity a couple of days before. However, with the change in weather, markets and bazaars were filled with different kind of dry fruits overnight. I like peanuts a lot, but it is surprising to see that the rates of peanuts are doubled as compared to the last years winter, said Kafil Ahmed, a customer standing on a dry fruit shop at Commercial Market. He said it is beyond understanding that why most of the shopkeepers do injustice with their profession by selling the most demanding items at their wilful prices. He complained about the standard and quality of dry fruits and suggested that the concerned authorities must take serious note of the prices of dry fruits as they are almost out of the reach of middle class. If I am reluctant to buy a dry fruit item costing Rs 1000 per kg, then would you expect that a poor can even get the taste of Allahs blessing in shape of dry fruits, he asserted. Saeeda Bibi, another customer with the similar complaint, raised another point saying, Pakistan is among the countries where dry fruits are produced in abundance, then why there is no mechanism to check their prices. She also pointed out the quality of dry fruits and said that the good quality dry fruits become the beauty of international markets. She asserted that even if we cannot eat first class dry fruits then why to pay extra for the sub-standard items. Haji Siddique, a whole-seller of dry fruits, rejected most of the allegations by putting some lamb excuses of price hike of every item and petroleum products. He was of the view that dry fruits are one of the most tough items to be handled adding that lot of labour and hard work is involved in the whole process. He added that people only talk about the things which are on surface as they do not know reality. We do not raise prices by ourselves. It is the daily market which determines the prices of all commodities including dry fruits, he remarked. Whatever are the circumstances, one should not forget that there should be a proper procedure to fix prices of daily use items. We cannot justify everything by referring tom increase in oil prices. The concerned authorities should check the prices of dry fruits.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Nov 3, 2010
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