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As COVID-19 lockdowns lifted, the accelerating monthly declines in trucking prices slowed with a mild 0.9% price decline in June. Sep 1, 2020 170
Among the eight transportation categories we check monthly, LTL trucking is the only one in which average transaction prices for the first quarter of 2020 escalated faster than we had forecasted. May 1, 2020 158
Unit Costs and Trends within Louisiana's Logging Contract Rate. McConnell, T. Eric Report Mar 22, 2020 7340
Down Under Trucking: Garbage Trucks Go Electric. FreightWaves Nov 4, 2019 1571
Trucking & Freight Markets 360[degrees]. Nov 1, 2019 1171
Trucking Utilization Improves While Prices Remain Suppressed. Sep 9, 2019 666
Futures Traders Hedge L.A. To Seattle In Uncertain Rate Environment. Aug 8, 2019 665
Declining for the third month in a row, average prices. Jun 1, 2019 165
Intermodal to the rescue: There are no easy answers to the trucker shortage, but a project in Oregon demonstrates that intermodal could help save the trucking industry. Monteiro, Heather Jan 1, 2019 2543
Impacts of Transportation and Logistics on Brazilian Soybean Prices and Exports. Fliehr, Olivia; Zimmer, Yeito; Smith, Linda H. Jan 1, 2019 4115
Trends in prices charged by U.S. owned airlines that fly freight suggest inflation rates here, too, have passed their peak, although our airfreight data is a bit murkier than trucking. Nov 1, 2018 174
Whereas inflation slowing for trucking and airfreight, water transportation prices remain rather buoyant. Nov 1, 2018 164
Amid trucker shortage, Trump team pilots program to drop driving age requirement to 18. Jul 1, 2018 956
Deere to raise prices as costs go up. Bloomberg May 19, 2018 258
Help Wanted, Desperately, Behind the Wheel. May 14, 2018 1978
With trucking capacity severely strained. Apr 1, 2018 167
Corporate America's new dilemma: raising prices to cover higher transport costs. Feb 26, 2018 1179
Average transaction prices in all sectors of the trucking. Aug 1, 2017 176
Transaction prices for trucking services. May 1, 2016 156
Diesel at 6-year low, falls below gasoline prices in about half the U.S. Schulz, John D. Sep 1, 2015 763
Update on the Interior energy project. Bradner, Mike Apr 1, 2015 2060
Trucking prices overall. Jun 1, 2014 186
Fuel 'postcode lottery' anger; WHOLESALE 5P PRICE FALL MUST BE PASSED ON SAYS HAULIER. Sep 20, 2013 564
Wright Media Launches Fuel DAWG App - Lowering Fuel Costs for Trucking Companies. Jul 31, 2013 584
Hauliers' concern as diesel prices smash the pounds 1.50 barrier. Apr 7, 2012 350
Transportion News. Jan 23, 2012 5384
Trucking productivity and costing model for transportation of recovered wood waste in Oregon. Han, Sang-Kyun; Murphy, Glen Statistical data Oct 1, 2011 6811
Excluding local trucking and household/office movers, all other trucking categories increased prices significantly in February. Apr 1, 2011 166
Aggregating all transaction prices charged by all types of carriers in the trucking industry suggests inflation stood still from August to September. Nov 1, 2010 150
Both TL and LTL long-distance haulers of general freight report their average transaction prices fell from June to July, down by 0.2% and 0.6%, respectively. Sep 1, 2010 163
HAULIERS ARE HIT BY SOARING FUEL COSTS; Petrol prices to rise again. Jun 15, 2009 552
Truck rates rising. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 80
Hauliers warn of 'wildcat' action; The World Today FUEL PRICES ROW: Protesting lorry drivers say disruption may follow. Jul 3, 2008 301
Business chief warns of further fuel protests; PUMPS: Hauliers furious as prices soar. Jun 4, 2008 313
Hauliers face ruin over diesel prices. May 22, 2008 382
THE BIRMINGHAM POST: Hold off on the 2p fuel tax rate to help embattled hauliers. Apr 30, 2008 406
Hauliers in protest at fuel prices. Apr 29, 2008 255
ATA calls on White House to tap Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Apr 1, 2008 425
The BIRMINGHAM POST: Diesel tax cuts could help out our hauliers. Mar 7, 2008 468
Threat of protests as hauliers get angry about fuel prices. Nov 12, 2007 352
Strategic behaviors toward environmental regulation: a case of trucking industry. Lam, Terence; Bausell, Charles Jan 1, 2007 5822
Stable and steady. Mar 1, 2006 610
Last month we reported that prices charged by long-distance truckers increased by only 0.1% for TL carriers and fell 0.3% for LTL from July to August. Nov 1, 2005 168
Norwegian total cost index for road goods transport down in October 2003. Brief Article Nov 17, 2003 159
Norwegian total cost index for road goods transport down in September. Brief Article Oct 16, 2003 158
Maverick Revamps Trucker Pay. Whiteley, Michael Brief Article Nov 15, 1999 160
Trucking in today's environment. Nov 1, 1996 1417
The effect of less-than-truckload rates on the purchase order lot size decision. Carter, Joseph R.; Ferrin, Bruce G.; Carter, Craig R. Mar 22, 1995 5712
Are you ready to conduct business under the new transportation law? Augello, W.J. Mar 1, 1994 872
Motor carrier deregulation and the filed rate doctrine: catalysts for conflict. Sharp, Jeffery M.; Novack, Robert A. Dec 22, 1992 5794
Trucking undercharge crisis hits industry shippers. Van Wagner, Lisa R. Dec 1, 1992 936

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