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After SBI, more PSU banks link deposit and loan rates to repo. Aug 10, 2019 419
Fitch: Kenyan Banks Set for Profit Boost if Loan Rate Cap Ends. Oct 2, 2018 545
Consumers brace for high loan rates. Oct 1, 2018 1043
Fitch: Philippine banks remain 'broadly steady' amid rising interest rates. Sep 26, 2018 406
Fitch: Large Kenyan Banks' Margins and Growth Stumble on Interest Rate Cap. Aug 16, 2018 366
JCR-VIS assigns initial bank loan rating to Elite Estates' loan facility. Jun 14, 2018 161
JCR-VIS assigns initial bank loan rating to Elite Estates's loan facility. Jun 14, 2018 126
Rate hike by RBI might result in banks raising their home loan rates. Jun 10, 2018 251
GCC banks' funding pressures ease on rising oil prices in 2017. Apr 11, 2018 687
Saudi Arabia raises key interest rates, a credit positive for banks. Mar 27, 2018 636
Rising interest rates to support UAE bank profitability. Mar 27, 2018 643
Act soon, interest rates on bank loans in UAE to rise. Oct 31, 2017 1062
Some UAE banks temporarily cut loan interest rates. Apr 24, 2017 446
Best time to borrow? Some UAE banks temporarily cut loan interest rates. Apr 24, 2017 462
Credit line of eur 50 mn for Macedonian companies: the National Bank decided for the third time since December 2016 to reduce the benchmark interest rate by 0.25 percentage points, to 3.25 percent, the same level of July last year, that is before the crisis began. Feb 1, 2017 181
Pound liberalisation, high interest rate credit positive for banks: Moody's. Nov 7, 2016 354
No plan to raise interest rate ceiling of personal loan, says CBO chief. Nov 1, 2016 602
No plan to raise interest rate ceiling of personal loan, says Central Bank of Oman chief. Nov 1, 2016 602
SMEs need more than bank loans with low interest rates to succeed: experts. Oct 31, 2016 356
Extra Space Storage secures USD1.15b credit facility. Oct 18, 2016 230
Extra Space Storage secures USD1.15b credit facility. Oct 18, 2016 228
United States : Extra Space Storage Inc. completes $1.15 Billion Senior Unsecured Credit Facility. Oct 18, 2016 313
BOC's real estate management unit to dispose of assets worth ,e1/41.1bn. Aug 31, 2016 621
Fitch: Interest Rate Floor Ruling to Squeeze Spain Bank Margins. Apr 21, 2016 455
High interest rate hinders banks in Egypt from obtaining foreign loans. Apr 18, 2016 463
Moody's: Global banks' credit risks to low oil prices rising. Feb 25, 2016 341
SSI in talks with eight banks over loan restructure as firm struggles with falling steel prices; Thai owner reported as saying the sale of the Redcar blast furnace was a possible option :: 'The site is not for sale', says MP. Sep 1, 2015 596
Bank interest rates are these days seeing a downward trend in Romania. May 30, 2013 421
Low loan rates in Taiwan attract China's gov't-owned biz. Li, Judy Brief article Nov 1, 2012 228
Bangko Sentral prods banks to cut loan rates. Oct 30, 2012 388
Latest poll says Turkey interest rate cut likely. Oct 17, 2012 419
Domestic banks to enjoy larger interest spread in Q4 after raising lending rate. Li, Judy Brief article Oct 8, 2012 285
Loan rates seen to ease further. Sep 17, 2012 414
CRE loan prices rise for seventh straight month. Sep 1, 2012 705
Australia : All banks cut agribusiness loan rates, July Monitor shows. Jul 21, 2012 462
India leaves interest rates on hold. Jun 18, 2012 437
Automobile companies hopeful of interest rate cuts. Apr 17, 2012 364
Personal loan rate reduction may trigger refinancing trend. Mar 27, 2012 725
Banks tighten loan standards amid falling mortgage demand and home prices. Oct 23, 2011 578
Bankers Assoc. sets lowest NT-dollar syndicated loan rate of 2%. Li, Judy Brief article Aug 3, 2011 139
Bank farm capital: does it cost the earth? Harrison, Ian; Hoskin, Kevin Jun 1, 2011 5650
Stress testing New Zealand banks' dairy portfolios. Hargreaves, David; Williamson, Gina Jun 1, 2011 6225
CBS Calls on Public & Private Banks Not to Change Interest Rates on Loans. May 19, 2011 220
Crop price indemnified loans for farmers: a pilot experiment in Rural Ghana. Karlan, Dean; Kutsoati, Ed; McMillan, Margaret; Udry, Chris Mar 1, 2011 9398
Round up: CDFA energy loans reach milestone. Callahan, Kathleen Brief article Jan 28, 2011 224
Interest rates to drop next year. Dec 13, 2010 172
LEAD: Japan's interest rates for new bank loans hit lowest-ever in Oct. Dec 6, 2010 238
Debt X: loan prices stall in September. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 135
Returns on bank deposits. Aazim, Mohiuddin Statistical data Nov 1, 2010 1076
Banks increase loan rate costs. Sep 21, 2010 386
United States : Banks Raise Interest Rates on Loans En Masse. Jul 26, 2010 392
Taiwanese Banks' deposit-to-loan rate gap grows to 1.31%. Li, Judy Brief article Mar 12, 2010 196
LPS reports more than 7.2 million loans past due. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 245
Interest rates on personal loans hit nine-year high. Feb 10, 2010 448
Mortgage banking profits slip in third quarter. Report Feb 1, 2010 482
Gov't-linked banks' loan rates rebound to 1.577% in September. Brief article Oct 30, 2009 252
The effects of audit quality on loan interest rates for small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan. Tsai, Hsuehchang; Hua, Mingshu Jun 22, 2009 8405
BANKS are not likely to be in a position to reduce interest rates on loans any time soon. Mar 4, 2009 544
The Federal Home Loan Bank System: the lender of next-to-last resort? Ashcraft, Adam; Bech, Morten L.; Frame, W. Scott Feb 15, 2009 12627
Further decline in credit feared as the Bank of England faces rebellion over lending levels; Nationwide warns it will not pass on further interest rate cuts. Jan 3, 2009 738
What's ahead now for shrimp industry in wake of global economic woes? People still have to eat, despite the financial meltdown, and shrimp supplies will continue to be abundant. But prices will likely be soft, and bank credit is increasingly harder to come by. Wayland, Ernie Industry overview Jan 1, 2009 1353
Credit interest rate up consumer goods industry reeling. Oct 1, 2008 1931
Another move, but with less surprise. Carlson, John; Wakefield, Sarah Feb 1, 2008 326
Determinants of house prices in central and eastern Europe. Egert, Balazs; Mihaljek, Dubravko Sep 1, 2007 8303
Banking on more political hazards: as commodity prices boom and expropriation and nationalization re-emerge, banks and other financial institutions thirst for credit and political risk cover. Buck, Graham Aug 1, 2007 1859
Interest rates scaling down but credits remained un-disbursed. Apr 1, 2007 1644
A comparison of syndicated loan pricing at investment and commercial banks. Harjoto, Maretno; Mullineaux, Donald J.; Yi, Ha-Chin Dec 22, 2006 10712
Interest rates on housing credit start declining. Apr 1, 2006 1439
Fourth District banking conditions. Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 269
The cruelest month. Murray, Bobbi Apr 26, 2004 800
Information and prices. Ergungor, O. Emre; Haubrich, Joseph G. Column May 1, 2003 2453
Money and financial markets. Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 769
Loan pricing: a pricing approach based on risk. Bexley, James B.; Ashorn, Leroy W.; James, Joe F. May 1, 2001 2597
Statement by Alan Greenspan, Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, before a joint meeting of the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs and the Committee on the Budget, U.S. Senate, January 10, 1992. Mar 1, 1992 1507

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