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Price of petrol, diesel slashed by over Rs2.

Byline: Mohammad Arshad

Islamabad -- The government on Saturday reduced prices of petrol and diesel by Rs. 2.07 and Rs 2.00 per litre respectively for the month ofApril. However, the government maintained the prices of Kerosene oil and LDO at the same level as in the month of March.

Prices of Petroleum products for April are as follows: Product Prices w.e.f 1-4-18 Rs. per litre Motor Spirit (MS) 92 RON Petrol 86.00 Diesel (HSD) 96.45 Kerosene Oil 76.46 Light Diesel Oil 65.30 .

The OGRA had proposed increase in the price of diesel by Rs 0.65 per litre but keeping in view the fact that diesel is primarily used in public transportation, transportation of goods, and also in farm equipment, the government decided not to burden the public at large with higher rates of diesel.

OGRA had recommended a greater price reduction in the price of petrol, but keeping in mind that in previous months the government had reduced the price of petrol by more than what OGRA had recommended, and given the rising price of crude oil in the international market, the government took the decision to reduce the price of petrol by Rs 2.07 per litre.

Finally, the prices of Kerosene and LDO are being maintained at the level as in March 2018 even though OGRA had recommended increasing the rates of both these products. The prices shall be effective from today to midnight on April 30, 2018. The statement said the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority had asked that the prices of light diesel and kerosene should be increased - recommendations that were not adopted and thus respective price for the products maintained at Rs 65.30 and Rs76.46 respectively.

The ministry, however, also stated that Ogra had asked for a greater price cut for petrol - another recommendation that could not be followed completely as, the ministry explained, the price cut granted in previous months was more than what was asked for.

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Date:Apr 1, 2018
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