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Price of a loaf is set to increase; BRITAIN TODAY CONSUMER.

THE cost of a loaf of bread is expected to rise after stifling droughts in the United States farm belt caused wheat prices to rocket.

Droughts which have devastated maize crops in the US have caused a dramatic increase in demand for wheat, with prices rising by a third in just one month in both London and Paris, the Grocer magazine said.

Consumers have now been warned bakers will be forced to increase the price of a loaf to cover their increased supply costs. Michael Clarke, CEO of Hovis baker Premier Foods, said: "The sheer magnitude of the wheat price increases means that we will have to pass them on."

Bread makers have braced themselves for a possible repeat of 2010, when failed harvests and export bans sent grain prices soaring.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Aug 11, 2012
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