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Antitrust and Authorized Generics: A New Predation Analysis. Peelish, Natalie Mar 1, 2020 21596
Ogra proposes reduction of rs 2.55/ litre in petrol rate. Oct 6, 2019 213
Hunting the Big Five: Twenty-First Century Antitrust in Historical Perspective. langlois, Richard N. Essay Jan 1, 2019 11345
Beyond Brooke Group: Bringing Reality to the Law of Predatory Pricing. Hemphill, C. Scott; Weiser, Philip J. May 1, 2018 13362
TAMING THE 800-POUND GORILLA: Companies are increasingly coming under fire for unfair competitive practices and abuse of a dominant market position. What can they do to avoid costly fines and regulatory scrutiny? Hodge, Neil Apr 1, 2018 1783
Inside dumping theory: Austrian perspectives on the cost problem. Stamate-Stefan, Andreas; Mihaela, Iacob; Smirna, Tudor Report Mar 22, 2017 5704
China - HP-SSST and price undercutting. Saslow, Brendan Mar 22, 2016 6289
The necessary complexity of predatory pricing analysis: a comment on Richard S. Markovits' treatment of predatory pricing in 'Economics and the Interpretation and Application of U.S. and E.U. Antitrust Law'. Wickelgren, Abraham L. Mar 1, 2016 7705
Prices cut on Contrast lenses. Brief article Aug 9, 2013 129
Management, market power, and antitrust - Procter & Gamble and the U.S. laundry detergent industry. Steiner, Robert L. Jun 22, 2013 8301
Management, market power, and antitrust - Procter & Gamble and the U.S. laundry detergent industry. Steiner, Robert L. Jun 22, 2013 9549
Continental joins the (all)star alliance: antitrust concerns with airline alliances and open-skies treaties. Hand, W. Robert Jun 22, 2011 13348
Making the most of a state's education investment: Ivy Tech's commitment to efficiency. Snyder, Thomas J. Nov 1, 2010 642
Did Trinko really kill antitrust price squeeze claims? A critical approach to the Linkline decision through a comparison of E.U. and U.S. case law. Rudaz, Caroline Cavaleri Oct 1, 2010 18576
Proposed standards for identifying predation: Williamson's perspective and the court. Durrance, Christine Piette Sep 22, 2010 5420
On the pretrial use of economists. Rubinfeld, Daniel L. Sep 22, 2010 2950
Notes from all over. Kenny, Jack Editorial Mar 1, 2010 481
Allocating costs in Ninth Circuit predatory pricing cases: Marsann Co. v. Brammall, Inc. and its problematic progeny, Inglis v. Continental Baking and Thales v. Matsushita. Wazzan, C. Paul; Frech, H.E., III Sep 22, 2009 11011
Ministry of Economy succeeds in reducing prices during Ramadan: Al Mansouri. Sep 13, 2009 626
Price of Saudi Arabian light crude rises in March. Brief article Apr 16, 2009 225
Wehco woes. Hengel, Mark Brief article Mar 9, 2009 271
Biggest price cut of the day. Brief article Feb 23, 2009 92
Biggest price cut of the day. Brief article Feb 17, 2009 89
Fire sale on condos, tax credits for first-time homebuyers. Stoler, Michael Feb 17, 2009 407
Do more with less. Madsen, Jana J. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 318
The CFO's best friend: purchasing isn't just a supply chain activity--it's a value-adding market activity that can make a significant contribution to profitability. Gerardo, Richard A.; Spanyi, Andrew Cover story Dec 1, 2008 3400
Majority preparing for possible budget cuts. Heffes, Ellen M. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 191
Cutting cost per loan through electronic content management. King, Jason Nov 1, 2008 1828
Don't Cut Corners With Your Customers; To maintain profits, businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs. But shortchanging the customer experience may cause long-term problems. McEwen, William J. Oct 9, 2008 1422
The law and economics of bundled pricing: LePage's, PeaceHealth, and the evolving antitrust standard. Klein, Benjamin; Lerner, Andres V. Sep 22, 2008 11753
Assessing the anticompetitive effects of multiproduct pricing. Carlton, Dennis W.; Greenlee, Patrick; Waldman, Michael Sep 22, 2008 14123
Sales force integration is vital. Moorman, Michael Jul 1, 2008 1688
Controlling above-cost predation: an alternative to Weyerhaeuser and Brooke Group. Kirkwood, John B. Jun 22, 2008 16515
Weyerhaeuser's aftermath: increased vulnerability of resource-based input markets to monopsony. Haglund, Michael E. Jun 22, 2008 14563
Bundled discounts: the Ninth Circuit and the Third Circuit are on separate LePage's: Cascade Health Solutions v. PeaceHealth. Markus, Blake I. Jun 22, 2008 5925
Between China and a hard place. Shoulberg, Warren Apr 21, 2008 551
Schering-Plough embarks on massive cost-cutting program. Apr 7, 2008 336
Wyerhaeuser, predatory bidding, and error costs. Hylton, Keith N. Mar 22, 2008 8058
Whatever Happened to the "Service Station"? In their efforts to cut costs, companies in gasoline retailing -- and plenty of other industries -- are minimizing human interaction. Does this self-service approach risk turning their brands into commodities? McEwen, William J. Dec 13, 2007 1200
J&J to cut workforce to fund future growth. Aug 20, 2007 334
USDA approves assessment increase & appoints council members. Brief article Dec 1, 2006 169
Predatory pricing, the theory of the firm, and the recoupment test: an examination of recent developments in Canadian predatory pricing law. Iacobucci, Edward M. Jun 22, 2006 15657
Predatory Pricing and consumer harm. Zerbe, Richard O., Jr. Mar 22, 2006 1859
NACDS enters fray on credit card charges. Oct 10, 2005 490
Economic formalism in antitrust decisionmaking. Shores, David F. Sep 22, 2005 19532
Bundled rebates: the quest for an antitrust theory. Hartwell, Ray V. Sep 22, 2005 431
Distinguishing competitive and exclusionary uses of loyalty discounts. Greenlee, Patrick; Reitman, David Sep 22, 2005 8580
Defending the result in LePage's v. 3M: a response to other commentators. Englert, Roy T., Jr. Sep 22, 2005 6489
Beer wholesalers see looming "price war" in Citigroup survey. Aug 1, 2005 331
EU delays plan to cut sugar price. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 253
American Airlines cuts fares from Miami. Brief Article Nov 19, 2004 162
Steel mills trim prices. Brief Article May 1, 2004 186
A flight path to precision? How the Commissioner of Competition's case against Air Canada offers insights into the definition of some important cost accounting terms. Atkinson, Anthony A.; Kennedy, Glenn May 1, 2004 3564
German booksellers angry with newspaper book offer. Brief Article Apr 2, 2004 174
State Farm Mutual Automobile cuts rates in 10 states. Brief Article Apr 1, 2004 128
Sony to cut price of PlayStation 2 game console by 20%. Nov 10, 2003 152
What suppliers can do about customer pressures. Anderson, Melissa Nov 1, 2003 922
Fighting for your price: a new kind of professional purchaser bent on getting rock-bottom costs threatens suppliers of basic materials. But these companies can save themselves by taking up the purchasers' weapons. Abele, John M.; Elliott, Brian R.; O'Hara, Ann A.; Roegner, Eric V. Sep 22, 2002 3399 brings complaint against AOL Time Warner. Brief Article Jun 28, 2002 153
On the rationality of predatory pricing: the debate between Chicago and post-Chicago. Kate, Adriaan Ten; Niels, Gunnar Mar 22, 2002 8282
The law and economics of price floors in regulated industries. Weisman, Dennis L. Mar 22, 2002 8411
Predation in the airline industry: the Canadian antitrust approach. Eckert, Andrew; West, Douglas S. Mar 22, 2002 8809
Stopping above-cost predatory pricing. Edlin, Aaron S. Jan 1, 2002 25811
Exploring predatory pricing in the airline industry. Brady, Stephan P.; Cunningham, William A. Industry Overview Sep 22, 2001 7795
Gasoline Pricing. Brief Article Aug 27, 2001 447
Fed Proposes Changes to Curb Predatory Lending. Kocher, Daniel Brief Article Feb 19, 2001 319
Predatory pricing standards: Is there a growing international consensus? Niels, Gunnar; Ten Kate, Adriaan Sep 22, 2000 7594
Senate Democrats request investigation into airline ticket pricing 'unfairness'. Brief Article May 3, 2000 110
Microsoft's internet exploration: predatory or competitive? Hazlett, Thomas W. Sep 22, 1999 12887
Oligopoly Behaviour in the Trans-Tasman Air Travel Market: The Case of Kiwi International. Haugh, David; Hazledine, Tim Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 1999 10606
A marketing perspective on predatory pricing. Gundlach, Gregory T.; Guiltinan, Joseph P. Sep 22, 1998 10482
Faux predation in markets with imperfect information on product quality. Thomas, Christopher R. Oct 1, 1997 5698
Does predatory pricing exist? Economic theory and the courts after Brooke Group. Zerbe, Richard O., Jr.; Mumford, Michael T. Dec 22, 1996 10539
Retail "sale" advertising, perceived retailer credibility, and price rationale. Bobinski, George S., Jr.; Cox, Dena; Cox, Anthony Sep 22, 1996 6893
The anticompetitive nature of brand-name firm introduction of generics before patent expiration. Liang, Bryan A. Sep 22, 1996 12256
An economic analysis of Matsushita revisited. Belderbos, Rene; Holmes, Peter Dec 22, 1995 10621
Price-cutting alarm. Dec 22, 1995 1310
Prices, costs, externalities and entrepreneurial capital: lessons from Wisconsin. Gabel, David; Rosenbaum, David I. Sep 22, 1995 9667
Predation in local cable TV markets. Hazlett, Thomas W. Sep 22, 1995 12091
Deregulation and predation in long-distance telecommunications: an empirical test. Kahai, Simran K.; Kaserman, David L.; Mayo, John W. Sep 22, 1995 6805
Wal-Mart fights the battle of Conway. Kurtz, David L.; Keller, Scott B.; Landry, Mike J.; Lynch, Daniel F. Sep 1, 1995 3125
Wal-Mart pricing policy OK'd by Arkansas court. Jan 30, 1995 882
Price slashing. Hewitt, Janet Reilley Dec 1, 1994 1216
Digital streamlining operations, cutting Alpha prices. Jul 1, 1994 760
Predatory pricing analysis in the Supreme Court. Gifford, Daniel J. Jun 22, 1994 18358
Anticompetitive practices and the U.K. Competition Act, 1980. Utton, Michael Jun 22, 1994 17791
NBWA works to keep slotting fees outlawed. May 23, 1994 198
CPhA files predatory pricing suit. Apr 25, 1994 426
Retailers challenge multitier Rx pricing. Apr 25, 1994 769
Grass leads fight over multitier pricing. Apr 25, 1994 396
Fighting two-tiered pricing. Apr 25, 1994 856
Retailer reactions to competitive price changes. Dickson, Peter R.; Urbany, Joel E. Mar 22, 1994 8925
Squaring off in Michigan. Fitzgerald, Mark Feb 5, 1994 855
800 number portability: is it for you? Kirvan, Paul Column Feb 1, 1994 812
Watch those specials. Garry, Michael Brief Article Nov 1, 1993 116
Court rules against Wal-Mart. Oct 25, 1993 619
Price wars. Garda, Robert A.; Marn, Michael V. Jun 22, 1993 4429
European new entry into UK grocery retailing. Duke, Robert Colin Jan 1, 1993 3271
The myth of predatory pricing. DiLorenzo, Thomas J. Jan 1, 1993 2292
The ultra top-secret Microsoft strategy. Oct 31, 1992 277
NACM seeks proof of shipping. Wise, Jim Oct 1, 1992 663
Just what is a "dollar's worth"? Consumer reactions to price discounts vs. extra product promotions. Diamond, William D. Sep 22, 1992 4590
Adventures in the food chain: when Wal-Mart begins selling groceries in small-town America, what's a Kroger to do? Morgan, James Aug 17, 1992 4214
Europe: "Prices have totally crashed." (distribution consultant Global Touch Pres Denise Sangster on the European software and peripherals markets) (Interview) Interview Jul 31, 1992 441
Washington price war is erupting. Sep 9, 1991 653
Promotions: the Ventura rebate. Jul 7, 1991 445
The power of price, plus. Apr 1, 1991 1006
Maximizing profits from periodic department store promotions. Achabal, Dale D.; McIntyre, Shelby; Smith, Stephen A. Dec 22, 1990 7615
Competing on price: the role of retail price advertisements in shaping store-price image. Cox, Anthony D.; Cox, Dena Dec 22, 1990 6442
900, 976 are bargain in California. Aug 1, 1990 331
The lessons of Indianapolis. Thayer, Warren Sep 1, 1989 3318
A challenge to conventional wisdom. Walzer, Edgar B. editorial Apr 1, 1987 1439
The long wait. Sansolo, Michael Mar 1, 1986 885

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