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The life of the parties: why do we have Democrats and Republicans? Sep 29, 2008 895
The people's choice? How a U.S. President is really chosen. Sep 29, 2008 977
One nation now? Table Feb 25, 2008 1578
The road to re-union: in the final month of the Civil War, Northern and Southern leaders made decisions that would save the Union--and lead America out of some of its darkest days. Play Jan 21, 2008 1784
Slavery in ancient Egypt: what was life like for a young slave in this ancient civilization? Sep 17, 2007 1465
The Cuban missile crisis: for 13 terrifying days in 1962, the U.S. seemed to be on the brink of war. Apr 30, 2007 1364
Lost childhoods: millions of African children are forced to do dangerous, backbreaking jobs. Why? Cover story Jan 22, 2007 1640
Globalization and you: your generation will have to compete for jobs with people all over the world. Will you be ready? Oct 31, 2005 1267
The great debate: which presidential candidate speaks for you on the big issues? Find out in this JS debate! Oct 4, 2004 1365
The life of the parties: why do we have Democrats and Republicans? Oct 4, 2004 921
Are you way too busy? Many teens' lives are filled with activity, but for some kids, the price may not be worth it. Mar 22, 2004 1142
Behind barbed wire: why were so many Japanese-Americans imprisoned during World War II? Mar 22, 2004 1716
Eleanor Roosevelt: once, the U.S. President's wife was expected to be a silent partner. Eleanor Roosevelt changed that rule forever. Mar 8, 2004 1268
The problem with bullies: for teens all over the U.S., bullying has become a serious health crisis. Feb 9, 2004 1078
The history of money: this ordinary item has transformed the way we live. How will new types of money shape our future? Sep 15, 2003 806
The Sioux today: what is life like for the kids of Pine Ridge? (USA). Mar 28, 2003 884
The Russian Revolution: In 1917, the Russian people started a rebellion that would change their nation forever. (World History Play). Mar 14, 2003 1384
Irish immigrants and the rise of Tammany hall: in the 1800s, Irish immigrants in New York City built a corrupt political machine. (American History). Feb 21, 2003 1179
The stock market: the people who buy and sell stocks have a direct influence on your life. Find out how. (Money and You). Nov 1, 2002 1083
Pearl Harbor: Sixty years ago, the U.S. was suddenly attacked. Nov 26, 2001 1361
Save Risk Free! Feb 12, 2001 475
THE Great DEBATE. Oct 2, 2000 1105

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