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When man took to the skies: one hundred years ago this month, in Kitty Hawk, N.C., the Wright brothers gave the world powered flight. Dec 8, 2003 1534
Fighting the 'Red Menace': fearing Communism's spread from overseas, the U.S. government waged a decades-long battle at home. Oct 13, 2003 1724
How American slavery led to the birth of Liberia: in 1820, a private American group established Liberia as a colony for freed U.S. slaves. But it was troubled from the start. Sep 22, 2003 1707
"The mother of all battles": in the 1991 Persian Gulf war, a U.S.-led coalition ousted Iraq from Kuwait. But the conflict didn't end there. (times past). Mar 28, 2003 1777
Under U.S. rule: the occupation of Japan; after World War II, American forces set out to rebuild a shattered, defeated nation. (times past). Mar 7, 2003 1495
Out of Vietnam: thirty years ago this week, the U.S. ended its most unpopular war. But Vietnam has cast a long shadow. (times past). Jan 24, 2003 1502
America held hostage: in 1979, Islamic fundamentalists seized the U.S. Embassy in Iran, holding 52 Americans for 444 days--until a change in presidents. (times past). Jan 10, 2003 1674
An ordeal like no other: the Donner Party's westward trek turned tragic in the snow. (times past). Nov 1, 2002 1852
Marshall's plan: pay for peace: as a devastated Europe smoldered after World War II, general-turned-diplomat George C. Marshall proposed the idea of opening America's wallet to countries in need. (times past). Sep 6, 2002 1871
The real Navajo code talkers: World War II's secret heroes created a code that proved unbreakable. Now they're movie stars. (times past). May 6, 2002 1447
Peace Corps: what you can do; President Kennedy enlisted youthful idealism in a global volunteer effort, a mission that President Bush is reviving. (times past). Mar 25, 2002 1374
Housewives 1, Feminists 0: divided over women's rights, the two sides waged a battle over the Equal Rights Amendment. (times past). Mar 11, 2002 1721
Presumed guilty: nine black teens known as the Scottsboro Boys faced bias and death in the 1930s justice system. (times past). Jan 21, 2002 1295
War on the radio: Tokyo Rose, Axis Sally, and Hanoi Hannah broadcast propaganda aimed at turning the hearts of lonely U.S. soldiers. (times past). Dec 10, 2001 1227
Parallels to Pearl Harbor: in 1941, as in 2001, a surprise attack on America united the nation for a major war. (times past). Nov 12, 2001 1521
A Fourth of July Firecracker. May 14, 2001 849
Separate but Equal? Feb 19, 2001 1371
Slavery's Big Victory. Feb 5, 2001 1423
Cleaning Up the Movies. Nov 27, 2000 1306
Dark Horses and Smoke-Filled Rooms. Brief Article May 8, 2000 773
The War America Lost. Brief Article Apr 24, 2000 1080
The Port Chicago mutiny: after a deadly blast, 50 black sailors refused to return to work--and went to jail instead. (times past). Brief Article Jan 3, 2000 620
THE WAR ON TOBACCO. Brief Article Sep 20, 1999 884

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