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The 2002 Foodex Meatex exhibition marks the events 20th anniversary and will take place, once again, at the NEC Birmingham. The show will involve around 500 exhibitors and is expected to attract over 20,000 visitors with an estimated [pounds sterling]70m worth of orders being placed. The doors open 17th March and close again on 20th March.

As a reflection of the many growth areas in the food industry, this year's show will feature many themed areas such as FoodExtra and The International Area.

FoodExtra will cover products from the value added foode sector such as ready meals, chilled and snack foods. Other dedicated areas, such as the Sofware Village and Transport and Logistics, have been extended.

Throughout the show, topical talks, such as the one from entrepreneurial Allan Leighton, competitions, such as Foodexcellence, Pie & Pastry and Super Sausage, Question Time, and Foodex TV will prove that Foodex Meatex is more than just exhibits Touch Screen information its and colour coded aisles will make the show easy to navigate but with Food & Bake, Food & Drink Expo, and the Convenience Retailing Show all being held at the NEC simultaneously it is necessary to find the time to go and see exactly what is on display. To give you a brief idea of the sort of exhibits that will be on display we have previewed the following companies.

For more information contact the Foodex Meatex Press, Office on tel: O113 242 1155 or

MBT Ucrete

UCRETE[R] flooring systems are the original high-performance floors, with a proven pedigree. Originally developed by ICI for use in their own harsh processing environments, over 5 million square metres of UCRETE[R] have been supplied to blue-chip manufacturing companies worldwide.

UCRETE[R] is now part of Degussa, the world's biggest manufacturer of construction chemicals.

UCRETE[R] floors are only laid by fully trained, specialist expert contractors, supported by local experienced technical and customer services personnel.

UCRETE[R] is quick to install for minimal downtime: it can be laid onto seven-day-old concrete, and Onto some polymer screeds after just two days.

* UCRETE[R] meets the requirements of all EU directives on food plat hygiene, as well as those of US regulatory agencies. Joints are minimised to lessen the opportunity for the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

* UCRETE[R] will not taint foodstuffs just 12 hours after application

* UCRETE[R] flooring is easily cleaned and when over 9mm in depth is suitable for steam cleaning.

Contact: MBT Ucrete, tel: 01527 505100


Food process engineers BCH, manufacture a range of process equipment for the chilled and frozen industries.

On show will be the new Rotachill bag cooling system. The Rotachill system rapidly cools sealed pouches, giving products extended shelf life, with retention of flavour, colour and texture. Also on display will be the 50 litre pilot size cooking and cooling system designed for atmospheric or pressure cooking and vacuum cooling of ready meal sauces. Following the cooking of the sauces it can chill products to +5[degrees]C in just 30 minutes.

BCH vacuum cooling systems are available in up to 3000 kilo batch capacity and are fitted with the latest PLC controls as standard for optimum performance.

Ready meal manufacturers should pay a visit to the BCH stand.

Contact: BCH Ltd. tel: 01706 852/22 or

Urschel International Ltd

Urschel offer a full line of high capacity slicers and dicers which are simple to use and backed by the company's service philosophy. Each machine manufactured by Urschel has been individually assembled, assuring the user a clean and gentle cutting action.

On display will be six machines representative of the company's complete range of slicers, dicers, strip-cutters, milling equipment and shredders. Four of these machines will be operational for demonstrative purposes.

Ursehel machines can be seen used in the following sectors of the industry: bakery, babyfood, cheese and dairy, ethnic foods, fresh produce, fruit and beverage, meat and poultry, ready meals, sandwich filling and vegetable preparation.

Contact: Urschel Ltd, tel: 0116 263 4321 or

Cintex Ltd

Cintex will be showing a range of equipment designed to safeguard food and meat manufacturers. Among these will be the new Sentry[R] metal detector and Compact X-ray[R].

Featuring a unique and innovative touch screen control panel with a large, back-lit, graphical screen, the new Sentry[R] system affords greater sensitivity in contaminant detection and even displays the type of contaminant; ferrous, non-ferrous or stainless steel. The system is user-friendly and affords enhanced detection and reject tracking abilities.

The brand new Visionscan from Cintex is to be displayed for the first time. Visionscan is able to identify and verify the printed information on food packaging to ensure that it is correctly labelled, readable, correctly positioned, and in-line with the stringent retail requirements. Visionscan is able to scan at around 185ppm, depending on product parameters. The system uses optical clarification verification (OCV) and pattern matching techniques to locate critical information, such as the barcode. A camera then scans for printing errors, missing information and incorrect positioning and if the details do not match the product is rejected. This is done with user-friendly , simple set-up menus.

Also on display will be the Eclipse CS4000[R] high speed checkweigher, with information about Linsetter[R] software.

Contact: Cintex Ltd, tel:01908 629200 or

Risco UK Ltd

The Risco range of equipment comprises of stuffers and fillers, mincers, mixers fresh meat slicers and and frozen meat slicers together with a whole host of ancillary equipment.

On show at Risco's stand is the new RS 5004 Full Vacuum Stuffer. This new system incorporates the proven 'long life' product pump for the delivery of excellent product quality. Suitable for dry sausages, coarse ground, fine emulsions or chunked and formed products, it features the unique 'Dual Vacuum System' giving the highest product density. Additionally, the RS 5004 has the ability to portion directly, off the stuffer and has an output of 10 tons per hour/ straight filling.

New in the Risco range is the Frontal Linker, developed for the production of linked sausages in cellulose, collagen and natural cases. The RS900 Ground beef system for portioning, grinding and depositing meat onto trays and the RS4020 Stuffer for cheese and ready meals, other dairy, non dairy, delicate and difficult products, are also both new.

Contact: Risco UK Ltd, tel:01189 561618.

Cabinplant (UK) Ltd

Cabinplant (UK) Ltd, supplies a large range of food processing equipment manufactured by their parent company, Cabinplant International A/S., in Denmark. Predominantly, the equipment is for the vegetable, fish and ready meals industry. Cabinplant are able to deliver and install complete lines or single machines.

The range of Multihead weighers is extremely flexible with many possible attachments to weigh difficult sticky products in all kinds of packaging. The Multiheads are also extremely compact and can be mounted on a wheeled stand for operation in different parts of a line as required. On the stand will be a modular thawing unit for frozen blocks from 2 trolleys to whatever the customer requires. Each trolley holds approximately 750 kilos of product. The defrost cycle is controlled by a PLC and includes a menu system for ease of use.

Contact: Cabinpiant (UK) Ltd. tel: 01652 640111 or e.mail: .uk

Craemer UK

Craemer has created a hygienic handling solution for Fribo Foods in Wrexham. From an initial meeting at Pakex, Fribo, the well-known frozen poultry company, needed a solution for internal distribution of their raw materials.

Having to replace timber pallets Fribo Foods required a hygienic handling solution to be used both in their food processing and their cold storage areas. The product they were looking for had to be versatile under both these diverse temperatures, strong, durable and most importantly hygienic. It had to meet approval of Health and Safety officials.

Fribo Foods trialed many pallets including the Craemer H3 1200 by 1000 pallet. The H3 is a one-piece injection moulded pallet, with a unique design and a range of choices, which proved to be a success in this demanding application.

A visit to the Craemer stand could initiate another successful hygienic handling solution.

Contact: Craemer, tel:0161 633 3533 or

Handtmann Ltd

Handtmann will be using the show to launch their new range of VF600 Vacuum Fillers being shown for the first time in the UK. This range is completely new in design and concept and with some outstanding features offers the latest technology in vacuum filling and microprocessor control.

Also on show for the first time will be the new GMD99-1 Fresh

Mince Portioner as apart of a total in-line system for the high speed production of accurately portioned fresh mince.

In addition to filling equipment Handtmann will show their GD93-3 in-line mincing and portioning of fresh sausage into natural gut or collagen casings. This is a new development and offers total flexibility to produce quality high value product with more 'show meat' better definition and longer shelf life.

TSL Projects Ltd

Contact: Handtmann Ltd, tel:01582 576116 or visit the website

TSL Projects Ltd, is a well established, independent, High Care construction company that has developed expertise and experience in a wide range of market sectors, including food & drink, and distribution & warehousing. The company operates throughout England and Wales, with a normal contract range of [pounds sterling]500,000 - [pounds sterling]8m.

Whilst High Care construction remains their core business activity, TSL can offer a range of services according to client's requirements, including: concept and feasibility studies, design and full project management. TSL can therefore act as Principal Contractor or offer a full, 'Concept to Completion' service if required. To provide the design element the company bring together consultants with appropriate expertise and experience.

TSL's recent clients include: Dairy Crest, Grampian Foods, Arla Foods, Uniq, St Ivel, Express, The Princes Group, Pasta Reale, The Glisten Company, Lionel Hitchen, Hildon Spring Water, Buckingham Foods, Nampak Liquid Foods.

Contact: TSL, tel: 01489 581007, or e-mail:

Marel UK Ltd

Marel UK Ltd, will be displaying a new range of equipment for portion control, Marel TVM. A Portio 4000 portioning machine applies a new method to cut fixed weight portions with more accuracy then ever before. Attached to the machine is a Tryfiller 2000 that will automatically fill trays with steaks coming from the Portio 4000.

A new Compact Grader will be demonstrated for the first time in the UK. The compact grader is a new cost effective grading solution that takes up very little space. The grader is contained in one unit and powered by 220v, making it a good solution for the small producer.

On the stand Marel UK Ltd. will also be demonstrating various software solutions: for traceability in de-boning halls, packing and job tracking, along with the robust Ml100 scale.

Contact: Marel UK Ltd, tel: 01527 880225 fax: 01527 880226

Wrapid Packaging Systems Ltd

Wrapid will be introducing the new Marlen CR-250 tray sealing machine. The new CR-250 has the capacity to wrap up to 60 packages per minute with in-line product flow into and out of the machine. With its patented and fully-automated loading system, variable-speed and precise motion servo-drive, the CR-250 provides maximum operating efficiency and productivity. The patented sealing alignment system allows sealing of both narrow and wide flange trays for a variety of food applications.

Additional Marlen machinery now available in the UK through Wrapid includes the new CR125 tray sealing machine which has a capacity of up to 15 cycles per minute with a one-up or two-up tool, compared to the two-up or four-up capacity of the CR-250.

Also on the Wrapid stand will be the Ulma Thermoforming equipment range. These flexible machines are ideally suited to the meat industry. Equipped with comprehensive safe operator guarding, automated in-feeds and a hi-level of sanitation.

Being displayed are Ulma's Flowrapping systems, a proven packaging solution for flowrapping. The newest addition to this range is the Nevada, designed to incorporate the latest electronic technology, as well as the characteristics expected from the Ulma range of flowrapping machinery such as, strength, reliability, versatility and ease of operation.

As part of the complete food packaging offer, films including Mylar[R] polyester tray lidding films, aimed at the ready meals market, Clysar[R] shrink films and polypropylene based material, both extensively used in the food industry are available from Wrapid.

Contact: Wrapid Packaging Systems Ltd, tel:01274 220235 or visit

Seymour Manufacturing International Ltd

On Seymour's stand the innovative, modular Tempro Dome[TM] inflatable chill store will be making its European debut. The Tempro Dome[TM] is capable of providing over 65m3 of chilled space but takes only minutes to erect. It can be located almost anywhere and being inflatable, once up and running is self-supporting. Using its in-built chilling or heating equipment Tempro Dome[TM] is a cost effective means of providing chill, heated or air conditioned storage at seasonal and other times.

Tempro[R] is Seymour Manufacturing's unique lightweight insulation that has exceptional thermal properties and being soft, pliable and tough can be used to produce spacial shapes, containers and insulating covers, typically for roll cages and pallets. It has a minimal thermal conductivity factor (k) of 0.029W/ink, verified in tests by the Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association.

Once inflated Tempro Dome[TM] is self-supporting and only requires an intermittent low-pressure air supply to maintain its semi-circular shape. Constructed to aeronautical standards, Tempro Dome[TM] modules employ a modern high technology, multi-layered durable plastic based material formed into profiled inflatable tubes. The thermal properties are achieved with an internal lining of SMI's patented Tempro[R] insulation material and PVC coated polyester. Access is by a 2.5 metre high aluminium-framed doorway fitted with a PVC strip curtain and a night curtain for temperature retention.

The basic Tempro Dome[TM] measures 6 by 4 by 2.8metre and can accommodate about 18-24 roll pallets or cages in its 67m3 of space. Addition can be made to this space by adding further 4 metre modules. When not in use the Dome folds away as a complete unit in a comparatively small portable bag, several of which will fit inside a small panel van.

Contact: Seymour Manufacturing International Ltd, 01952 730630 or

Herbert Industrial

New weigh label equipment and systems unveiled by Herbert Industrial include the latest evolution of the successful Gemini auto weigh label system. Also on show is the radical Cyclone label applicator, and a new PC based, touch-screen driven OCM system.

Herbert Industrial have played a pivotal role in the development of catchweight and fixed weight automatic pack sleeving systems based on their own and third party labeller technologies.

To support the philosophy of 'Linking Factory to Board Room', a range of equipment network and supporting information networks are also on display to demonstrate how this form of information control can be used to provide real productivity improvements within a food processing operation. Key exhibits include the Fusion RFS system, new scale and OCM networks and a fresh suite of factory information systems.

Contact: Herbert Industrial, tel: 01440 711440 or

RHM Technology

RHM Technology operate one of the largest food technology centres in Europe providing a wide range of services to the Food Industry.

Food Technology Services improve products and processes by providing testing and consultancy in food science, process technology, modelling and simulation as well as sensory analysis. A "one-stop shop" for New Product Development. Engineering Services offer specialist support in project management, environmental control, troubleshooting and targeted innovation, all augmented by CAD and 3D modelling.

Information Services answer ad hoc enquiries or regularly update tailored information. Consultancy services are available for guidance on food legislation, labelling and regulatory affairs as well as optimisation of market research expenditure.

Scientific Analytical Services address the issues of food safety, authenticity and characterisation. 100 UKAS accredited methods confirm world-leading laboratory status specialising in sophisticated analyses e.g. first UKAS accreditation for GMO quantification; Mycotoxins; Trace Contaminants e.g. 3-MCPD. Juice, Fruit and Pasta Authenticity; Taints; Nutrition; Microbiology plus a Foreign Body identification service.

Contact: RHM Technology tel: 01494 428112 or e-mail:

Atwell Labellers Ltd

Visitors to the Atwell Labellers stand will be able to see various working models showing the advances made in both label delivery and system build.

The main highlight is the AL120S programmable Top and Bottom labelling system for lidded trays, thermoformed packs and flow wrapped product. The AL120S programmable label heads features heavy duty drives giving a label accuracy of [+ or -]0.50mm. The Touch Surface operator control box enables up to 25 pack/label settings to be quickly stored and recalled. A unique feature is the Security Access Key inhibiting unauthorised changes to these settings. The Top/Bottom system incorporates quick release slide out of Bottom label head for changing labels and servicing while the conveyor drives are only 30mm diameter to allow for more stable product transfer from the main Production Line conveyor.

The conveyor base is constructed from stainless steel. A choice of conveyor lengths and belt materials are available to match the floor space available and format of pack. To allow for off take conveyors or rotary collection tables, the IP55 variable speed drive motor is mounted inboard away from the discharge end of the conveyor.

Also displayed will be the Koch high speed IP65 Cross Web labeller for mounting on thermoformers, Series 3000 high speed Print and Apply direct on thermal transfer labeller and ALl20 Overhead Promotional Sticker labeller.

Contact: Atwell Labellers Ltd, tel:01342 844146 or

Converging Solutions

Foodex Meatex will be the first opportunity to view the latest product range from Converging Solutions since the company was established in March last year.

Converging Solutions will launch their Integrator converging system, the latest in its range of intelligent converging systems. This robust and hygienically designed machine is suitable for operation in high-risk food production areas due to its unique ability to be quickly stripped down for cleaning without the use of specialised tools or knowledge. This feature also makes the Integrator range easy to service and maintain with belt changes taking less than 2 minutes. Integrators are specifically designed to interface with most types of thermoforming equipment to ensure that multiple lanes of packs are brought down to a single lane outflow with speeds of up to 17 cycles per minute being offered on the Integrator Plus.

Also shown for the first time will be the TSE6085 bench-top seal integrity tester that is ideal for use in harsh industrial environments and capable of finding leaks as small as 50 micron. Since the company was formed Converging Solutions has already installed 30 machines into blue chip food manufacturers.

Arco Ltd

Contact: Converging Solutions, tel:01789 491144 or

To keep track of all the safety and hygiene products a company needs to ensure that it stays within the due diligence controls it has set, can be a time consuming and frustrating problem to managers in every sector of the food processing industry.

Gloves from one source, cleaning chemicals from another, the pressure is not only to keep control of suppliers, but is also driven by the need to maintain confidence in their performance and traceability.

Recognised as the market leader in safety, ARCO publish an annual catalogue, known as the 'Big Red' Book. This unique publication is a combination of practical advice and value for money products covering all aspects of personal safety, workplace safety, hygiene and maintenance. This 'Big Red' Book is easy to use and illustrates the depth of the ARCO product range. ARCO recognises that many companies are now choosing to work with a smaller number of carefully selected suppliers who recognise the special needs of the food industry.

Visit Arco for your copy of the 'Big Red' Book.

Contact: Arco Ltd, tel:01482 611436.

Wrightfield Conveyor Systems Ltd

Wrightfield specialise in the precision delivery of food products to any point in a factory in 'perfect' condition.

Wrightfield are able to meet these requirements with a range of fresh or trayed product conveyors, tray de-nesters, infeed and outfeed tray delivery systems, check weighers, metal detectors and sauce depositors.

The company only use the highest quality materials and suppliers to ensure robust, reliable systems. The design quality at Wrightfield together with the knowledge of their installation engineers and their supply chain ensures clients experience minimum disruption or downtime.

Contact: Wrightfield Conveyor Systems Ltd,

tel:01379 898590 or

Interfood Technology Ltd

Interfood will be displaying a wide range of equipment, whilst promoting the services of their in-house food technologists.

Included in the equipment on display will be the IMAX 620 injector following the appointment of Interfood as the UK representatives of Schroder Maschinenbau KG.

Also on display at Interfood will be the Polar Massager from Wolf-tec which is proving to be a popular choice for the deep massaging of pork, poultry and beef. Benefits of the massager include reduction in cycle times by as much as 50%, less operations, savings in swill, programmable 'auto torque control to produce a consistent product, better use of natural proteins leading to less added ingredients and fill capacity of 90% which reduces the machines footprint.

New to Interfood's range and also on show at Foodex Meatex is the Weber 903 high-speed bulk slicing line. Capable of blade speeds of up to 2,000 rpm, the 903 has throat size capable of accommodating four 110mm diameter products and has a facility for auto loading completed portions automatically into end of line packaging machines.

Other equipment being demonstrated will include Poly-clip clipping systems, Marlen Pumps, Weber Slicers, ice machines and derinders.

Contact: Interfood Technology Ltd.

tel:01844 217676 or


Lutetia, the designer of machines and technologies for the food industry offers a full range of injectors, tenderizers, vacuum massagers, cooking and smoking cabinets.

Defrosting technologies are also available especially with the patented and innovative defrosting under steam and vacuum in a massager, the best system available at the moment.

Lutetia can also supply fully automated complete ham lines, with robotized transfer systems, moulding and de-moulding equipment.

Contact: Lutetia, France, tel:+33 1 30 86 28 39, fax:+33 1 30 86 15 98.

D2 Food Systems Ltd

D2 have announced their partnership with G Mondini and the worldwide launch of the new Evolution high-speed traysealer.

The Evolution has been designed to achieve unprecedented levels of performance, efficiency and Hygiene. Standard features include stainless steel construction and full hose down specification, mechanical operation, enormous seal pressure, patented random tray infeed and fast changeover from one tray size to the next. It is available in single and twin lane versions and when equipped for vacuum and gas flushing is the fastest MAP traysealer available.

Also on show for the first time is the versatile Vortex continuous batch cooking, cooling and chilling system. The Vortex is suitable for vegetables, rice, pasta, seafood and products in pouches such as scrambled eggs. Combining the flexibility of a batch operation with the high output of continuous cooking equipment, the Vortex covers most output requirements from small batch runs of 2000kg per hour and more. Other benefits include strong water agitation, gentle handling, precise cooking times and efficient product cooling. Information will also be available on D2's pasta making and process equipment as well as their range of plain and smoothwall aluminium foil trays.

Contact: D2 Food Systems Ltd, tel:01582 622111 or e-mail:

Multivac Ltd

Multivac are showing, for the first time, three new developments. The new B500 Conveyor Belt Vacuum Packer makes its debut as does the new Pack Marshalling System that automatically delivers trays to and from its medium and high output traysealers, the T400 and T550. Also getting its first public airing is the 'Open Design' T400 Infeed System which is hygienic, flexible and can be reset for different tray sizes simply and quickly at the push of a lever.

Multivac's stand also features the in-line C700 Large Chamber Vacuum Packer with shrink tunnel and drying unit. It is particularly suited to packing large items, like 2 x 20kg cheese blocks each cycle.

The Multivac stand is not just about volume packing systems. The R230 Thermoformer is a low-cost start-up unit which retains all the standards of Multivac design and build quality.

Cross-web and in-line Labelling Systems with thermal transfer printing will be demonstrated on the stand as will Multivac's range of table-top and floor-standing Chamber Vacuum Packers.

Contact: Multivac Ltd, tel: 01793 425800 or visit

B & G Cleaning Systems Ltd

B & G Cleaning Systems have extended their range of centralised pressure cleaning pump units. Machines have been introduced capable of pumping water to 85[degrees]C, which is particularly useful for applications such as the dairy industry where water is needed above the sterilisation temperature range.

The MPA pressure pump set is offered with two pumps up to six pumps with a range of flow and pressures to suit the application. The units are controlled by a program logic controller which ensures that the machine functions are continually monitored. This controller brings in back up systems if certain components fail and provides easy fault diagnosis. An auto-manual key switch ensures that the machine is useable even if a critical component fails.

The pump set is manufactured in stainless steel throughout and single pumps units are available for smaller applications for one or two operators. Single units are available for use with a steam heated water supply.

B & G also supply centralised cleaning chemical systems for foaming and sanitising, including bulk chemical tanks and pipework installations.

Contact: B & G Cleaning Systems Ltd, tel:01827 717028 or

Ishida Europe Ltd

Ishida will unveil two major breakthroughs in the weighing and packing of fresh foods.

On show will be the new 8-head semi-automatic multihead weigher, designed for fresh and sticky products such as poultry, meat and seafood. Also unveiled is Ishida's FPS (Flexible Packaging System), which uses advanced robotics to provide automated packing of trays into Eurotrays, cases and cartons.

When using the CCW-NZ-108B semi-automatic weigher, the operator directs product along eight individual belt feeders to ensure a consistent product feed to the pool and weigh hoppers. Special hopper linings and door opening patterns ensure a smooth product flow through the weigher without sticking. The weigher operates on the same principle as Ishida's fully automatic multihead weighers with the computer selecting the best combination of weights in the weigh hoppers that comes close to the target weight.

This new FPS brings automation to the placing of flexible or rigid primary packs into Euro-trays, cases or cartons, using a robotic 'pick-and-place' mechanism. Speeds of up to 160 packs and 40 pick-and-place operations per minute are achievable.

The FPS will be demonstrated as part of a fully working automatic weighing, labelling and pack handling line. The line will feature Ishida's recently launched FDP 3000 weigh price labeller, together with a DACS-W-012 checkweigher with integrated Safeline metal detector.

Contact: Ishida Europe Ltd, tel:0121 607 7700 or

The Food Machinery Company Ltd

The Food Machinery Co are using this show to unveil their new Sam 35 Samosa and Spring Roll Forming Line.

This is the first machine ever that is capable of using the clients own spring roll pastry or dough sheet to automatically produce an authentic 'hand folded' style of Samosa or Spring Roll in a range of weights and sizes up to 120g.

The system is designed to produce 35 finished Samosa or Spring Roll per minute with one unskilled operator simply placing the cut pastry shapes onto the infeed belt, and can be configured to match the users existing style and method of hand folding.

Also on display will be the Elite Patty-O-Matic semi-automatic burger and patty former.

This machine is designed to cope with high quality food products and can form them into a variety of shapes and weights up to 80z with the minimum of product damage.

Contact: The Food Machinery Company Ltd, tel:01634 272345 or e-mail:

Pactiv Europe FoodService-Packaging

Pactiv will be showcasing a number of innovative new packs for the take-away, home meal replacement, deli, snack and salad market.

The Company, which boasts one of the largest ranges of plastic thermoformed containers, and dual ovenable paperboard trays currently available, is introducing a series of products initially developed for the US Food Service sector.

These include the unique ClearView Mealmaster Chicken Barn containers which feature integral handles, snap-in seals, a steam release system to help reduce condensation from hot products, and anti-fog domes.

Chicken Barn containers comprise a black, microwaveable tray, which has dimples and ribs in the base to trap grease and excess moisture and prevent food from sticking and a Crystal Clear domed lid. Also on show will be the Chicken Roaster designed to carry home whole cooked chickens.

Pactiv will also be introducing ClearView one-piece dual colour containers which have black bases and clear lids with SmartLock closure systems. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including three and four compartment versions and those with integral handles, the dual colour containers can be used for a wide range of salads, snacks and chilled meals.

Contact: Pactiv Europe Packaging, tel: 01207 282244.

Espera Scales Ltd

Espera Scales is showing, for the first time, a brand new range of Labellers, in addition to its range of Weigh Price Labellers. Espera has entered a sole agency partnership for the UK with European Labelling Systems (ELS) as part of the strategy to supply complete labelling and printing solutions.

This new range of ELS Labellers are built from high-grade materials and latest system control technology to fulfil high food hygiene standards and high label placement accuracy.

The modular design allows easy adaptation of the labellers to accommodate future production requirements and can be equipped at any time with rotary coders, hot foil coders or TTF printers without changing the control system, software or the labelling head base unit.

On the stand will be the Labelling Conveyor ELS 320 for packing lines, and the Crossweb Labelling System ELS 500 for integration into packing machines, like Thermo Formers and Flow Wrapping Machines.

Contact: Espera Scales Ltd, tel:01306 740 785 or

The BOC Group

BOC will be showcasing, for the first time in Europe, its cryogenic impingement freezer. Together with this impingement freezer BOC will display a new strategy for processing and packaging case ready meats, the SafeFresh system [TM] and the remote monitoring capability of the new Cryomaster 2100 liquid nitrogen food freezer.

BOC inform us this impingement freezer has the highest convective heat transfer rate in the food industry allowing it to freeze food extremely quickly. This characteristic also leads to a reduction in product dehydration. The modular design of the freezer allows ten foot long sections to be assembled to the precise requirements of the customer up to a maximum of 50 feet in length. The SafeFresh system[TM] takes product post slaughter to retail pack in a totally controlled and integrated system. The Safefresh [TM] approach offers improved levels of food safety and shelflife, reduced lean giveaway by more than 50%, savings in packaging materials and costs, and greater retail distribution and shelf space efficiency.

The Cryomaster 2100 cryogenic tunnel freezer builds on the strengths of its predecessor. Finally BOC will be using Foodex Meatex to demonstrate how argon, the latest gas available for modified atmosphere packaging in the food industry, may benefit packaged product quality.

Contact: BOC, tel:01483 244515 or

Raque Food System Sales Ltd

Raque will be demonstrating a continuous motion Drum Heat Seal Machine. This S by 2 metre unit will include a Raque Random Indexer driven by the single lane heat seal machine to ensure precise synchronisation. The indexer is a mechanical conveying system designed to accept preformed trays of product from a random supply which it then transfers into carrier plates on the heat seal machine,

This heat seal machine, on show at Foodex Meatex, will be a single lane unit, ideal for both frozen and chilled foods and capable of handling 120CPET containers per minute. This low maintenance machine differs from more conventional sealers in that it relies on twin sealing drums, one for pre-heat and the other for final seal.

Quick release tray carrier plate inserts ensure fast and efficient size change. In addition, there is no need to change drums when any variation in tray sizes takes place.

Such a simple and flexible arrangement is particularly suited to chilled food requirements where shorter runs and frequent change-overs are the norm. The cutting unit can be supplied either as straight cut and scrapless for rectangular trays or if a profile cut is required, the excess material is rewound onto a mandrel.

Contact: Raque Food System Sales Ltd. tel:01344 750101 or

Bryant Ltd

Bryant Ltd, the clipping specialists, will be exhibiting a complete range of machines and clips from table top models to fully automated systems.

From Tipper Tie Inc. is the RS4203 automatic double clipper, which is user friendly and compact. It is used with large calibre casing and has slack fill option and based on the successful RS4202M.

Machines from a wide variety of chub making and bag sealing machines will be displayed from Tipper Tie Technopack. The KDC-SV is a new additon to the range and offers automatic double clipping with voiding for clean tails.

For the first time Bryant Ltd will be exhibiting Tipper Tie Alpina automatic chub clippers. Using preformed clips these high speed machines benefit from precision Swiss engineering. There will be over 30 models on view on the Bryant stand as well as staff to discuss machinery and clips as well as technical and product issues.

Contact: Bryant Ltd, tel:01494 483991 or

Alpma GB Ltd

The stand at Alpma will be displaying two machines, one a well-established favourite, the other making its UK debut.

The Alpma Cut 25 W is the established one and is for the production of fixed weight cheese portions.

Making its first public display will the Alpma San 80 F. This machine is a specially developed overwrapper for fresh triangular sandwiches which will be handling a new biodegradable film. Pressure from industrial sandwich manufacturers for a reduction in packaging together with a fresh quality display of the product has led Alpma to develop this machine. As the sandwich market grows further so too do requirements for innovation, cost reduction and a fresh presentation. Alpmas San 80 F offers solutions for the well-known triangular shape using flexible film.

Alpma now have several options available for sandwich wrapping: over-wrapping a naked sandwich; over-wrapping a semi-carton, and overwrapping a cartoned sandwich. The following outline the advantages of the semi-carton: fresh product presentation, easy open film, reduced packaging and costs, the ability to use OPP, cellophane or biodegradeable film, and finally, a fully automatic Alpma San 80 F overwrapper.

Contact: Alpma GB Ltd, tel:01256 467177 or

Limpet Tapes Ltd

On show at Limpet Tapes will be their latest systems for end-of-line operations to close, seal, code and stabilise cases in one compact operation. The systems comprise a semi or fully automatic case taper, legend ink jet printer with membrane keypad and a Compact Unitizer mounted to the top taping head section of the case taper applying the Lock n Pop pallet stabilisation system.

The latest addition to the Lock n Pop range is specifically designed to unitise pallets of chilled or frozen goods for deep freeze storage. Cold Grip is completely eco-friendly being water/glycol based, nontoxic, biodegradable and FDA approved. It can be applied in a variety of packaging such as sacks, bags, cartons or cases in conditions down to -7[degrees]C for subsequent freezer storage.

Also on the stand will be the innovative Stay Fresh Seals, the low-cost way to re-seal opened bags and packs to keep their contents fresh. With a choice of adhesives to suit each application, they are used to re-seal products a minimum of six times.

Contact: Limpet Tapes Ltd, tel:01480 459461 or

Fortress Technology Ltd

Fortress Technology's metal detection system combine simple operation, with high performance and rugged reliability. Products on show include the latest range of metal detection systems for both 'in-process' and end of line inspection.

The Phantom Metal Detector includes the option of running both metalised and non metalised film packs without performance loss. Automatically learning and selecting the correct compensation level the Phantom ensures the highest levels of sensitivity performance are maintained on all package types. Calibration to compensate for product effect can be achieved on a single key press and pack. Sensitivity performance is enhanced where external interference such as static, vibration and electrical noise are present through the implementation of FM software logic.

Ease of use is one of the key principles applied to all the Fortress products, ensuring that the end user can consistently achieve the highest levels of performance. Avoiding complicated menus and technical jargon the Fortress systems can be setup within seconds.

Contact: Fortress Technology Ltd, tel:01295 770014 or

Starfrost UK Ltd

Visit Starfost's stand and you will see, for the first time at an exhibition, a large working model of its Starlite HT (Hybrid Tunnel) system.

Custom-built and pre-assembled, the compact Starlite HT is suitable for smaller processors looking to move to continuous IQF production and for those requiring extra capacity and flexibility. It combines the look of a fluidised bed tunnel with the controlled airflow and efficiency of a spiral system.

The HT is available with up to five belts that can be independently operated with variable direction and speed. The system can be adapted to harden, chill, freeze or thaw a wide range of products, including fish, meat poultry, dairy products, fruit and vegetables.

Starfrost has been influential in the development of compact spiral freezers and IQF systems. The company's equipment range includes machines for freezing, chilling, pre-hardening, re-freezing and proving.

Contact: Starfrost UK Ltd. tel:01502 562206 or


ATMS will be displaying StockTrack PLUS, its Supply Chain Control system and barcode equipment along with the latest Navision Attain business system.

ATMS provides solutions for improved supply chain control including systems for warehouse management, track and trace and order processing. In addition ATMS provides data collection hardware and e-commerce interfaces for all its systems.

The ATMS team includes specialists in manufacturing, distribution and warehouse management. ATMS solutions can be tailored to meet specific requirements and focus on achieving real business benefits.

ATMS systems work hand in hand with SAP, Progress, Oracle, MFG/PRO, Navision, PRMS, PECAS with customers ranging from Geest, Rexam, Twinings and Walkers Snack Foods.

Contact: ATMS, tel:0121 628 9000

Kalsec UK Ltd

The Kalsec[R] range of herbs and spices are used by many meat processors to develop great tasting products. The Kalsec[R] line of liquid seasonings have a chracteristic flavour balance of ground and fresh spices or herbs. However, Kalsec[R] extracts are more consistent, sterile, easy to use, while being very stable.

The current portfolio encompasses both single herb/spice products and over 1000 blends, such as the South American Cajun or Jambayala. The company have recently developed new blends to help in the creation of hand held snack food products. Two of these concepts will be on show this year: hearty Italian Meat snack, and Roasted Chipotle Meat Snack.

In the last two years Kalsec have been strongly involved in the development of innovative sausages. Their garlic and onion extracts have an excellent microbial quality, with no residual enzyme activity, and can be added directly to mixing vessels without the need for rehydration. Kalsec[R] extractives contain all the nautural properties of the spices and herbs. Their liquid seasonings can combine all these facets to give one ingredient with a fresh, natural flavour, stable colouring and natural oxidation control. Visit the Kalsec stand and pick up their full list of spices and herbs,

Contact: Kalsec UK Ltd, tel:01638 715011 or

ACO Technologies

ACO Technologies are showing, for the first time in the UK, ACO Pipe[TM] , the latest addition to the company's range of high-performance, stainless steel drainage and fluid flow systems for food processing applications.

ACO Pipe is a new range of socketed waste pipework and fittings manufactured from thin-wall stainless steel. It is suitable for virtually all liquid transfers including soil, waste, process drainage, rainwater and potable quality water.

All joints are fitted with a unique double seal o-ring that allows quick, push-fit assembly and provides long-term operational reliability both above and below ground. The new system is fully compatible with ACO's existing range of stainless steel channel and point drains, floor gullies, interceptors, grease traps and rainwater outlets.

ACO's in-house engineers use purpose written modelling software to develop what is the most effective solution for each individual application. Once installed, a technical helpline and network of field engineers provide round-the-clock support. ACO will shortly be running a series of CPD seminars on drainage and fluid movement solutions using stainless steel.

Contact: ACO Technologies, tel: 01462 816666.


Alpheus is a market leader in the management of water and wastewater. Plant operation and maintenance; water, wastewater and liquid waste treatment; waste management and recycling.

The company are experienced in the application of new technologies and with access to considerable industry expertise in-house and the extensive resources of parent company, AWG.

An example of Alpheus' services is FILTRA PURE, which offers protection against Cryptosporidium for the food industry. This service ensures that all process water is free of Cryptosporidium with continual monitoring of filter integrity to provide round the clock security. Alpheus operate and maintain some 500 sites throughout the UK, ranging from the smallest to the largest International groups. Each of these companies receives the same quality, dedicated service and a commitment to providing solutions which protect reputations, profitability and the environment.

Contact: Alpheus, tel:01234 686100 or e-mail:

Krehalon UK Ltd

Krehalon will be exhibiting their existing product range of bags, casings and films for food packaging. Also being promoted will be TS Casing, with high protection and top quality presentation, and ML 40 shrink barrier bags for superior gloss-like product presentation, both designed for use in the meat, cheese, poultry, game and fish industries.

Krehalon's two new products will also be on show. Firsty, there is the ML4OT Tough bag, designed to protect solid, or even sharp products, such as lamb, pork lions, hard smoked or roasted cooked meats, and secondly, Flovac, a shrink Flowrap film, a new concept for packaging of chilled products, reducing material usage, labour costs and leakers.

Contact: Krehalon UK Ltd, tel:01482 865277 or e-mail:

Flottweg Veronesi

Flottweg are to exibit their range of centrifuges, clarifiers and separators for the first at the Foodex Meatex show.

As a separation technology specialist Flotvegg have proven applications in solid/liquid separartion of fruit, vegetables, fats, oils, gluten, starch and proteins.

The expertise at Flottvegg offers cost effective dewatering and separartion results which create benefits in terms of reduced processing times, energy consumption and increased discharge material integrity.

Able to handle ultra-fine soilds in suspension through to food waste sludge in effluent treatment, Flottweg equipment and systems offer single and multi-phase liquid/solid separation in even the most arduous conditions.

On the stand will be a number of Flottweg's technical engineers to offer advice on system design and flexibility.

Contact: Flottweg Veronesi, tel:01531 635422 or e-mail:

Newsmith Stainless Ltd

Newsmith Stainless has been manufacturing industrial washing and handling equipment for 30 years. The company will be displaying equipment, and promoting its service contracts and detergent range by running a competition on the stand, which is open to all visitors, with the winner receiving a free machine service.

The series 80 utensil and tray washer with an optional double deck washing system will be on show. This tray washer features a system which ensures maximum utilisation of space when washing smaller items, whilst accommodating larger items when the centre tier is not required. It has split doors and slide out shelves for ease of loading.

Newsmiths Rack Washer is ideal for washing free draining items which can be loaded into the machine at random. Special racks are available to wash standard and specialised equipment. A larger capacity machine is available which incorporates special door widths, heights and depths of cabinet, depending on requirements.

The company also manufactures a range of handling equipment, including, conveyor systems, stacked basket and pallet conveyors, basket loaders, denesters and tray stackers.

With an extensive range of detergents and service contracts available Newsmith Stainless are well worth a visit.

Contact: Newsmith Stainless, tel:01924 405988 or

Kemtile Ltd

Kemtile is an industrial flooring company who specialise in supplying highly technical flooring systems to the food & drink industry. The company will be launching a new product, which will revolutionize the use of tiling in food manufacturing facilities.

Kemtile now offer ceramic flooring systems with Microban(R) antibacterial protection in the grout. Kemtile low viscosity epoxy resin grout with Microban(R) can be used as an optional extra with any of the 5 Kagetec systems. Kemtile is the exclusive UK applicator for Kagetec tiling systems, which are engineered in Germany by Van Koetsveld & Grimberg GmbH.

Microban(R) provides effective protection and performance against bacteria including E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria and fungi such as Aspergillus Niger (black mould). The growth of bacteria can be reduced by more than 99% and, when combined with good hygiene practice, helps provide a more hygienic environment in kitchens, food preparation areas, food and drink manufacturing facilities, breweries, dairies etc.

As well as the five Kagetec systems Kemtile also install Ucrete. They have been licensed contractors for Ucrete longer than any other company. Ucrete is the original Polyurethane Concrete flooring, developed more than 30 years ago in Europe as the answer to the most demanding environments in industry. Kemtile recommend Ucrete because of its proven track record.

Contact: Kemtile Ltd, tel: 01925 763045 or


At the show Scanvaegt will exhibit a wide selection of its meat processing equipment ranging from IT systems, weighing equipment, processing equipment, packing solutions, labelling systems, marine weighing and processing equipment and turnkey process lines.

Some of the main exhibits at the usually impressive Scanvaegt stand are their new range of checkweighers, which demonstrate how to incorporate a waterproof machine with quality at a competitive price.

Making its world premiere is the new strippCutter[TM]. This stainless steel machine provides high hygiene levels and is serviced by just the one operator, who places the product on the feed band. The cutting is done by several circular knife blades on one shaft, with the distance between these blades affecting portion sizes. This machine is particularly suitable for cutting meat and fish in to portions.

Also, making its UK premiere is Scanvaegt's ScanCombinator 5414[TM] Multihead Weigher for use in the wet and IQF food industry. This state-of-the-art machine communicates and integrates with all major brands of packing machines.

Scanvaegt will introduce to the UK the new ScanWic 8544[TM] for production of floor data. The company will also show the Multiflex 3000/SQL[TM] system. This system fulfils the software needs of a food factory whatever its size. Extensions to the standard edition can be easily incorporated. These include yield control, recipe formulation, stock control, dispatch management, factory order processing, label design and full factory traceability.

These machines are the latest additions to a large innovative Scanvaegt product range. Visitors to their stand will be able to view live cutting and batching solutions with PortionCutter B35 and ScanSizer 710.

Contact: Scanvaegt, tel: 0116 284 3500 or

Grote Company

The Grate stand will feature its Weigh Feedback System. This system is ideal for frozen entrees and retail packages requiring sliced portions with a precise weight. Grote Slicer/Applicators are combined with weigh scales to provide highly accurate weight control. Irregular shaped products, such as ham and roast beef, are precisely weighed within 1% to 5% of the target weight. When a stack or shingle needs to be produced, slices are deposited directly onto the scale. Grate's Weigh Feedback System weighs each slice while building the stack or shingle. The slice thickness is automatically adjusted to produce the desired portion weight.

For targeting applications, such as frozen dinners, the slices are deposited onto a targeting conveyor. The targeting conveyor then places the stack into the tray. If the slice weight falls outside of the required range, the Weigh Feedback System adjusts the slice thickness accordingly far the next target.

Contact: Grote Company, tel: 01978 362243 or

The Wire Belt Company Ltd

The Wire Belt Company manufacturers the well-known Flat-Flex[R] conveyor belting used extensively throughout the food, meat, fish, confectionery, biscuit, baking and packaging industries. The company's display will feature a range of Flat-Flex[R] processing conveyor beltings and associated drive sprockets. Also shown is the innovative Flat-Flex[R] XT wire belt. XT belting has maximum strength to meet higher loading requirements or longer conveyors. XT's large open area suits processing applications while providing for high hygiene standards. A positive drive system is used to ensure perfect tracking. Wire Belt also have examples of its range of wire and Plastic modular belting. On display will be the unique Spreader/Converger and Shuttle Conveyors.

Also featured will be the new compact Model 416 Flex-Turn[R], which incorporates many improvements whilst maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety. The application of direct drive principles to the Flex-Turn[R] range simplifies cleaning procedures.

Contact: The Wire Belt Company Ltd, tel:01795 421771 or

Loma Systems

Loma Systems, manufacturers of X-ray inspection, management information systems, checkweighing, metal detection and temperature sensing will be displaying its latest X-Ray technology, the new compact AXIS Rapid.

AXIS Rapid offers high-speed x-ray inspection capabilities. It is just 1900mm in length and together with its high speed processing makes it ideal for applications on fast production lines such as following high-speed flow-wrap machines. AXIS Rapid checks for broken, missing or underfilled product as well as detecting a range of contaminants from stainless steel, glass and stone through bone to plastics and rubber. Even products packaged in metal foil can be scanned.

Loma OnLine, the new data management system from Loma Systems, enables production staff to download all data from Loma 'AS range' check-weighers to a central computer. Production managers will now be able to view current production data, % overfill, overfill castings as well as batch and shift performance data.

In addition, 'Celsius' the microwave thermometry temperature sensing system from Loma has been upgraded to include the latest electronics and a mare user-friendly control panel. Celcius is now available in food grade stainless steel in line with Loma's existing inspection systems portfolio.

Contact: 01252 893300 or

Clegg Food Projects Ltd

Nottingham-based, Clegg Food Projects is the UK's leading specialist project management, design and build company for the food sector.

Part of the Clegg Group, the company has over 25 years experience handling food sector projects, ranging from the completion of feasibility studies, through design, construction and equipment installation to final commissioning.

Blue chip customers include Samworth Brothers, Hazlewood Foods, Northern Foods, Geest, S & A Foods, Noon and Tulip International and the company has an impressive reputation for completing fast-track projects within exacting tight time scales.

Clegg Food Projects has handled contracts throughout the UK including several major inward investment projects by leading European food companies. With its dedicated resources and expertise, the company can respond very effectively whether the project involves an entirely new plant, an extension or a refurbishment scheme.

At the show Cleggs will be promoting its full range of services.

Contact: Clegg Food Projects Ltd, tel:0115 841 3121 or e-mail:

Haskel Energy Systems Ltd

Haskel, view their stand at the Foodex Meatex show as a vital form of communication with their customers in the food and meat industry. The company are taking the opportunity to exhibit a wide range of products including their new Chemical Injection Electric Driven Dosings pumps used for the dosing of chemicals in water treatment.

Other products used extensively in the industry that will be on show include Enviroclean High and Low Pressure Centralised Cleaning Systems and Air Driven Air Amlifiers. The Air Amplifiers, used to increase compressed air pressure within air driven cutting machines will be of particular interest to visitors from the meat industry.

Contact: Haskel Energy Systems Ltd, tel:0191 549 1212 or

Delford & Sortaweigh

Delford & Sortaweigh will be demonstrating a selection of their popular systems, including the new Guardian 1000 Checkweigher and GS100 Grader - on show for the first time in the UK.

Designed for a wide range of general packaging applications, the upgraded Guardian 1000 can accommodate a variety of items, at throughputs of up to 180 packs per minute. The Guardian 1000 will be shown with an integral metal detection unit, which is one of the optional features.

Contact: Tel: 01255 241000

Giusti Ltd

Whatever the mix, whatever the problem, Giusti provide a tailor-made answer, whether the process involves heavy pie fillings, fine soups and sauces or shear sensitive food particulate.

From a one-off vessel to a complete turnkey project, Giusti provides an outstanding level of service which is now exported to and established in more than 40 countries, supported by a worldwide network of agents.

Giusti has now completed turnkey projects for the manufacture of pies and pasties, ready meals, soups, sauces, syrups, dairies, ice cream plants, and also toiletries, cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams and ointments.

Contact: Guisti, tel:01933 229933 or
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