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Preview look at Dec. 12-16 Congress of Cities.

Scarcely more than one month from now thousands of local officials from around the nation will convene in Las Vegas for the 1991 Congress of Cities, December 12-16. Together, the members and leaders of the National League of Cities will formulate National Municipal Policy and learn from national leaders and one another about "Governing in Challenging Times," the theme of this year's annual meeting.

Through workshops and general and special sessions, the interrelated local, national and global economies, the upcoming national presidential campaign, new federal mandates, and the status of state-local relations will be addressed. All are current issues which have a great impact on local governance today and will continue to be key factors in the future.

At the Congress of Cities in Las Vegas, local officials will learn ways to guide their communities through the changing times with leadership and foresight.

A panel session bringing together local officials and governors will address the changing nature of state-local relations and also aims to identify issues for the future and hopefully offer insight into ways both sides can work together to serve people in our nation's cities during difficult times. In addition to the governors and local leaders, the panel will feature a prominent national personality as moderator.

NLC members may benefit from learning how national presidential candidates proposed to govern in challenging times. Because the 1992 national elections are approaching quickly and a sizable pool of candidates has emerged, NLC plans to address the issues of the 1992 elections either by presenting the candidates in person or via satellite to address delegates.

For cities interested in our place in the global economy--and that should be all cities, large and small--Lester Thurow, dean of M.I.T.'s Sloan School of Management, will address delegates on Friday morning, December 13. A self-described "economics educator," Thurow will discuss why our nation is lagging behind our global competition.

On the national front, city officials will take great interest in concurrent workshops dealing with hot topics like ways to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and how cities work with the Resolution Trust Corporation to create opportunities for local government.

More than fifty track workshops in this year's program foster peer information exchange that allows local officials to take in a wide range of information and experience in a short time.

As always there is a variety of workshops geared specifically toward the needs of the smaller community, marked by the (sc) designation in the program. Financial resources, diversifying economic strategies, meeting the needs of the elderly and coping with environmental mandates all are topics that will be addressed in small city workshops.

The host city, Las Vegas, will be treating delegates to mobile workshops highlighting innovative and successful facilities and programs in the Las Vegas area. Planned communities, a local Air Force facility, public works and public safety will be focused on in these sessions. Interested attendees may sign up on-site to attend these free workshops.
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Title Annotation:includes related articles and information on the conference; 'Governing in Challenging Times'
Author:Ryder, Julianne Ryan; McCarty, Kathryn Shane; McCloud, Thom
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Oct 28, 1991
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