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Changes in Alcohol-Risk Level After Exposure to a Computer-Delivered Intervention by Generational Status, Race, and Gender. Taylor, Pamela H.; Smith, Thomas J.; Henry, Beverly W.; Howell, Steven M. Report Apr 1, 2021 5669
Scientology Nashville Promotes Drug Prevention Awareness with Red Ribbon Week Activities. Sep 21, 2019 426
Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies for Postoperative Opioid Abuse. Zhao, Shuai; Chen, Fan; Feng, Anqi; Han, Wei; Zhang, Yuan Jul 31, 2019 9399
Study identifies new target to prevent, treat alcoholism. Report Feb 9, 2019 342
Consider this Eventuality: Your Child with a Disability is Now 18+ Years Old. Waldman, H. Barry; Schwartz, Andrew G.; Larsen, Charles D.; Zablotsky, Nevin; Perlman, Steven P. Jun 1, 2018 2057
DISTRIBUTION of STROKE RISK FACTORS IN EASTERN CROATIA. Bijelic, Bibijana Rostohar; Petek, Marta; Kadojic, Mira; Bijelic, Nikola; Kadojic, Dragutin Report Mar 1, 2018 4282
Coalition heads to forum on substance abuse prevention. Feb 10, 2018 451
Maintaining Treatment Fidelity of Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention Intervention for Alcohol Dependence: A Randomized Controlled Trial Experience. Zgierska, Aleksandra E.; Shapiro, Joshua; Burzinski, Cindy A.; Lerner, Faith; Goodman-Strenski, Vict Report Jan 1, 2017 12495
Oxidative Stress and Liver Cancer: Etiology and Therapeutic Targets. Wang, Zhanpeng; Li, Zhuonan; Ye, Yanshuo; Xie, Lijuan; Li, Wei Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2016 6497
Pharmacological interventions for alcohol relapse prevention. Chithiramohan, Anita; George, Sanju Jul 1, 2015 2580
An innovative approach to college student drinking: On TRACK: Teaching Responsible Alcohol Choices and Knowledge. Russett, Jill; Gressard, Charles F. Report Apr 1, 2015 2989
Mukherjee to confer national awards for prevention of alcoholism and substance abuse. Jun 26, 2014 308
Actual research questions and the prevention of alcohol behavior of adolescents from the position of ecopsychology. Lokteva, Anna Vladimirovna; Kovtun, Yulia Yuryevna Report Jun 1, 2014 1894
New medication may help to prevent alcohol abuse. May 18, 2014 387
Combating alcohol abuse: the Militar's uphill battle. Arvanitis, Hope Nov 1, 2013 3293
The construct of self-esteem in alcohol and drug education. Sharma, Manoj Editorial Aug 1, 2013 1088
RATS THE WAY TO HELP PREVENT ALCOHOLISM; Scientists 'can turn off booze craving area in brain'. Jun 26, 2013 251
Gaps in clinical prevention and treatment for alcohol use disorders: costs, consequences, and strategies. Willenbring, Mark L. Jun 22, 2013 4985
The World Health Organization's Global Monitoring System on Alcohol and Health. Poznyak, Vladimir; Fleischmann, Alexandra; Rekve, Dag; Rylett, Margaret; Rehm, Jurgen; Gmel, Gerhard Jun 22, 2013 4513
A total ban on alcohol advertising: presenting the public health case. Parry, Charles; Burnhams, Nadine Harker; London, Leslie Report Jul 1, 2012 2688
MPs discuss law on drug and alcohol addiction prevention. Jun 13, 2012 281
Statewide Coalitions and State Systems. Issues in Prevention. Abstract May 1, 2012 135
In India, a new sin. Brief article Feb 17, 2012 192
'Pushing buttons': an evaluation of the effect of Aboriginal income management on commercial gambling expenditure. Lamb, David; Young, Martin Report Dec 22, 2011 7860
Evaluation of web-based and counselor-delivered feedback interventions for mandated college students. Doumas, Diana M.; Workman, Camille R.; Navarro, Anabel; Smith, Diana Report Oct 1, 2011 5727
Defining risk drinking. Dawson, Deborah A. Report Sep 22, 2011 12099
Prevention interventions of alcohol problems in the workplace: a review and guiding framework. Ames, Genevieve M.; Bennett, Joel B. Report Sep 22, 2011 8156
Prevention in the military: early results of an environmental strategy. Ames, Genevieve M.; Spera, Christopher Report Sep 22, 2011 2386
Environmental approaches to prevention in college settings. Saltz, Robert F. Report Sep 22, 2011 4237
Individual-focused approaches to the prevention of college student drinking. Cronce, Jessica M.; Larimer, Mary E. Report Sep 22, 2011 8276
College prevention: a view of present (and future) web-based approaches. Walters, Scott T.; Neighbors, Clayton Report Sep 22, 2011 2161
The Alcohol Policy Information System (APIS) and policy research at NIAAA. Bloss, Gregory Sep 22, 2011 1244
Energy drink cocktails: a dangerous combination for athletes and beyond. Woolsey, Conrad Dec 1, 2010 8560
College wine tastings can prevent alcoholism among pupils, believe French advisers! Mar 5, 2010 215
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: from research to policy. Thomas, Jennifer D.; Warren, Kenneth R.; Hewitt, Brenda G. Report Jan 1, 2010 6575
Role of labeling in prevention of alcohol abuse. Sharma, Manoj Editorial Dec 1, 2009 1196
Tools for policy and prevention: the Australian National Alcohol Indicators Project. Chikritzhs, Tanya Sep 22, 2009 5206
Reducing alcohol use in first-year university students: evaluation of a web-based personalized feedback program. Doumas, Diana M.; Andersen, Lorna L. Report Mar 22, 2009 7165
College Alcohol Risk Assessment Guide: Environmental Approaches to Prevention. Ryan, Barbara E.; Colthurst, Tom; Segars, Lance Report Jan 1, 2009 280
National policy on prevention of alcoholism and drug abuse to be formulated. Dec 10, 2008 244
Targeted alcohol resource. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 120
Personality disorder influences alcohol relapse. Walsh, Nancy Clinical report Jun 15, 2008 637
Diffusion of innovations theory for alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Sharma, Manoj; Kanekar, Amar Editorial Apr 1, 2008 1292
Baclofen cuts alcohol use in cirrhosis patients. Bell, John R. Jan 15, 2008 499
Estimating the burden of disease attributable to alcohol use in South Africa in 2000. Schneider, Michelle; Norman, Rosana; Parry, Charles; Bradshaw, Debbie; Pluddemann, Andreas Aug 1, 2007 9009
Experiences in Effective Prevention: The U.S. Department of Education's Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Models on College Campuses Grants. DeJong, William; Anderson, Jerry; Colthurst, Tom; Davidson, Laurie; Langford, Linda M.; Mackay-Smith Author abstract Aug 1, 2007 429
Alcohol: what it does to your brain: is that evening cocktail your friend, on your enemy? Here's how to tell when drinking may be causing you harm. Jan 1, 2007 1381
Underage drinking legislation. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article Jan 1, 2007 160
Use of a virtual reality driving simulator as an alcohol abuse prevention approach with college students. Sirdeshmukh, Mannish Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2006 3161
Short-term evaluation of a web-based college alcohol misuse and harm prevention course (College Alc). Currey, David Sep 1, 2006 5372
Alcohol front-loading among college students: exploring the need for prevention intervention. Geller, E. Scott Jun 1, 2006 2478
Do brief interventions for unhealthy alcohol use work? Saitz, Richard; Fiellin, David Jul 1, 2005 1051
Protecting you/protecting me: effects of an alcohol prevention and vehicle safety program on elementary students. Bell, Mary Lou; Kelley-Baker, Tara; Rider, Raamses; Ringwalt, Christopher May 1, 2005 5023
Alcohol abuse: think before you drink. Feb 1, 2005 3346
Campral helps combat alcoholism. Brief Article Aug 30, 2004 212
Reggie Leach, the Rifle, shoots from the hip. Solomon, Keith May 1, 2004 1174
Maternal alcohol counseling boosts development in siblings; brief intervention. Sullivan, Michele G. Apr 15, 2004 538
The transtheoretical model of change for mutli-level interventions for alcohol abuse on campus. Eastwood, Andrea L. Mar 1, 2004 5923
The Role of State, Community, and Institutional Policy in the Prevention of College Alcohol Problems. Prevention Updates. Davidson, Laurie; DeJong, Christene Feb 1, 2004 344
Novel compound deters drinking in mice. Feb 1, 2004 366
Three universities recognized for combating alcohol abuse. Sep 29, 2003 386
At a ceremony held in Washington, D.C, the Coors Brewing Co. and the Inter-Association Task Force recognized colleges with outstanding records in preventing alcohol abuse by students. Brief Article Sep 29, 2003 85
New initiative launched to improve access to alcohol treatment. Jun 1, 2003 342
An exploration of student perceptions and practices by ethnicity regarding alcohol-free Late-Night entertainment. Gates, Sarah C. Mar 22, 2003 5308
Understanding college alcohol abuse and academic performance: selecting appropriate intervention strategies. Sullivan, Michael; Risler, Ed Sep 22, 2002 4637
First U.S. patient has been given new treatment for alcoholism. Jul 22, 2002 330
Finding the future alcoholic: Scientists may soon be able to identify children who are likely to become alcoholics. But will society be able to prevent their addiction? Stocker, Steven May 1, 2002 1966
Can schools help curb the teen drinking epidemic? (Notebook: usable education information from schools, business, research and professional organizations). Angelo, Jean Marie May 1, 2002 397
Innovative alcohol education program for college and university judicial sanctions. Freeman, Mark S. Sep 22, 2001 3023
The changing field of preventing alcohol and drug problems in Finland: can community-based work be the solution? Holmila, Marja Jun 22, 2001 5148
Environmental Strategies To Prevent Alcohol Problems on College Campuses. Fisher, Deborah A. Apr 1, 2000 253
PREVENTING AND REDUCING SUBSTANCE USE AMONG INSTITUTIONALIZED ADOLESCENTS. Morehouse, Ellen; Tobler, Nancy S. Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2000 9344
Alcohol abuse in policing: prevention strategies. Violanti, John M. Jan 1, 1999 1627
California grant program reduces alcohol-related crimes. Stroh, Jay Nov 1, 1998 3225
Brief Interventions Can Help Problem Drinkers. NIDECKER, ANNA Brief Article Sep 1, 1998 543
Recruitment and retention in an alcohol prevention program of two inner-city middle schools. Pappas, Deborah M.; Werch, Chudley E.; Carlson, Joan M. Aug 1, 1998 4784
The 'Swedish model" of dealing with alcohol problems: historical trends and future challenges. Blomqvist, Jan Jun 22, 1998 20759
Mentoring high-risk minority youth: evaluation of the Brothers Project. Royse, David Mar 22, 1998 4240
Many voices: Finnish students' criteria for evaluating alcohol and drug educational videos. Montonen, Marjatta Mar 22, 1997 13597
F.A.B. IDs: detecting fake, altered, and borrowed cards. Johnson, Roger Feb 1, 1997 2147
New estimates of the optimal tax on alcohol. Kenkel, Donald S. Apr 1, 1996 11505
Does your parish have a drinking problem? Piwowarski, Linda Jun 1, 1995 2971
Longitudinal evaluation of an enhanced alcohol misuse prevention study (AMPS) curriculum for grades six-eight. Shope, Jean T.; Kloska, Deborah D.; Dielman, T.E.; Maharg, Ruth Apr 1, 1994 4100
Using evaluation resources in a community action project: formative evaluation of public health input into the implementation of the New Zealand Sale of Liquor Act. Stewart, Liz; Casswell, Sally; Duignan, Paul Dec 22, 1993 6966
Development of alcohol- and drug-free housing. McCarty, Dennis; Argeriou, Milton; Vallely, Joseph; Christian, Christopher Sep 22, 1993 5401
Teenage drinking in rural America. Williamson, Ed Jul 1, 1993 2030
Under pressure program: using live theatre to investigate adolescents' attitudes and behavior related to drug and alcohol abuse education and prevention. Safer, L. Arthur; Harding, Carol Gibb Mar 22, 1993 4814
Conducting clinical trials in practice settings: research in progress by family physicians. Nutting, Paul A.; Alexander, Gregory P. Dec 1, 1992 1775
A-B supporting April's "alcohol awareness month." (Anheuser-Busch, Companies Inc.) Apr 6, 1992 230
Is "just say no" a no-go? Engs, Ruth C. Jan 1, 1992 3024
Oregon Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Education (ADAPE) Infused Lesson Guide K-12. Mielke, Dan; Holstedt, Peggy Author abstract Jan 1, 1992 241
Health issues. Holmgren, Elisabeth Dec 1, 1991 679
Issue for the '90's. editorial Jan 21, 1991 701
Alcohol: your child and drugs. Pamphlet Jan 1, 1991 1273
Alcohol and the moderate drinker: moderate drinkers are responsible for the bulk of alcohol-related problems. Nov 1, 1990 461
Differential effectiveness of an elementary school-based alcohol misuse prevention program. Dielman, T.E.; Shope, Jean T.; Leech, Sharon L.; Butchart, Amy T. Aug 1, 1989 6089

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