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CDC grand rounds: public health strategies to prevent and treat strokes. George, Mary G.; Koroshetz, Leah Fischer Walter; Bushnell, Cheryl; Frankel, Michael; Foltz, Jennifer May 12, 2017 2855
Proper regulation of e-cigs seen to prevent sickness, deaths. Apr 24, 2017 384
CDC Grand Rounds: family history and genomics as tools for cancer prevention and control. Rodriguez, Juan L.; Thomas, Cheryll C.; Massetti, Greta M.; Duquette, Debra; Avner, Lindsay; Iskande Nov 25, 2016 2883
Public Health Actions To Prevent And Control Diabetes, Tobacco Use, Heart Disease, And Associated Chronic Disease Risk Factors. Oct 4, 2016 164
Public Health Actions To Prevent And Control Diabetes, Tobacco Use, Heart Disease, And Associated Chronic Disease Risk Factors And Improve Health. Sep 29, 2016 131
National Alliance for Hispanic Health Renews Partnership with CDC to Prevent Smoking through Educational Campaign. Apr 1, 2016 710
Prevent #CATmageddon: Did You Know Your Pet is Affected by Secondhand Smoke? [Video/Infographic]. Feb 11, 2016 982
Provision of Community Partnerships for Tobacco Use Prevention. Jan 21, 2016 178
Group of chest physicians, GSK tie up for prevention of COPD. Dec 12, 2015 462
Reduced-nicotine cigarettes cut dependence, smoking. Moon, Mary Ann Nov 1, 2015 553
Public Health Actions to Prevent and Control Diabetes, Tobacco Use, Heart Disease, and Associated Chronic Disease Risk Factors and Improve Health. Oct 12, 2015 147
Creating heart-healthy environments. Sep 28, 2015 467
CES Spotlights Drug Education and Prevention as Part of Corporate Social Responsibility. Jul 23, 2015 1244
50 years of progress, but still a way to go. Rollins, Judy A. Jan 1, 2014 1261
Self-efficacy: a mediator of smoking behavior and depression among college students. Mee, Susan Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 5755
Fifteen Years after Tobacco Settlement, Report Finds Most States Continue to Shortchange Prevention Programs. Dec 9, 2013 1223
Health promotion and primary prevention strategies to fight chronic disease: a systematic review/Estrategias de promocao da saude e prevencao primaria para enfrentamento das doencas cronicas: revisao sistematica. da Silva, Luciana Saraiva; Cotta, Rosangela Minardi Mitre; Rosa, Carla de Oliveira Barbosa Author abstract Nov 1, 2013 5509
Roxon travels with tough stance on tobacco. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 212
New Study Finds Implementation Of Smoke-Free Casinos Can Prevent Medical Emergencies. Aug 5, 2013 986
Many more countries have to implement comprehensive tobacco control programmes. Jul 31, 2013 631
Tobacco control policies to prevent deaths of 7.4m people by 2050. Jul 1, 2013 344
Pancreatitis: causes, treatment, and prevention. Jul 1, 2013 620
Toward primary prevention of cancer: the case for a global strategy to limit avoidable exposures. Brown, Valerie J. Apr 1, 2013 476
The 2011 United Nations high-level meeting on non-communicable diseases: the Africa agenda calls for a 5-by-5 approach. Mensah, George A.; Mayosi, Bongani M. Feb 1, 2013 3112
New Report: States Spend Less Than Two Percent of Tobacco Revenues to Fight Tobacco Use. Dec 6, 2012 1186
Developing Pacific smokefree strategies. Dec 1, 2012 427
Tobacco epidemic in Pakistan. Khan, Javaid Sep 30, 2012 1799
Grab Your Skateboard, Gaming Console, Or Concert Ticket: truth Youth Smoking Prevention Campaign Kicks Off Annual Summer Tour. Jun 11, 2012 2507
Counseling is a must with this smoking cessation aid: for many smokers, the benefits of quitting will outweigh the risks associated with varenicline. Stephens, Luke A.; Stevermer, James J. Mar 1, 2012 1207
Smoking ban to be relaxed in Wales during TV filming? BID TO PREVENT PRODUCTIONS FILMING IN ENGLAND INSTEAD. Feb 7, 2012 701
Federal Government Continues Progress to Prevent Tobacco-Caused Disease While States Fall Tragically Short. Jan 19, 2012 1257
Smoking cessation: What to tell patients about over-the-counter treatments. PharmD, Kyle Burghardt; Ellingrod, Vicki L. Jan 1, 2012 1947
Hard habits to break.... Leipzig, Rosanne M. Editorial Nov 1, 2011 538
Cytisine shown effective for smoking cessation. Moon, Mary Ann Report Oct 15, 2011 773
Smoking. Sep 1, 2011 9344
Most North Carolina colleges smoke-free. Currie, Donya Brief article Sep 1, 2011 181
Post-tobacco master settlement agreement: policy and practice implications for social workers. Clark, Trenette T.; Sparks, Michele Jones; McDonald, Theresa M.; Dickerson, Janet D. Report Aug 1, 2011 5300
Is deployment associated with an increased risk of respiratory outcomes? What do we know? What do we think? Baird, Coleen P. Report Jul 1, 2011 4883
Any tobacco use in 13 states - behavioral risk factor surveillance system, 2008. Thorne, S.; McClave, A.; Rock, V.; Asman, K.; Malarcher, A. Aug 6, 2010 5124
Cigarette smoking and metabolic syndrome in Turkish women/Frequency and affecting factors of metabolic syndrome in women older than 20 years of age/metabolic syndrome: importance and prevention/Turk kadinlarmda metabolik sendrom ve sigara iciciligi/yirmi yas ve uzeri kadinlarda metabolik sendrom sikligi ve bunu etkileyen faktorler/metabolik sendrom: onerni ve onlenmesi. Onat, Altan; Hergenc, Gulay; Kitis, Yeter; Bozbas, Huseyin Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2010 1820
Aromatase inhibitors and bone health. Bundred, Nigel J. Clinical report Jul 1, 2010 4209
Community stroke prevention programs: an overview. Kozub, Elizabeth Report Jun 1, 2010 5463
Legislative Decree Number 62 on Preventing Smoking Put Into Effect on Wednesday. Apr 19, 2010 415
Do smoking bans reduce heart attacks? Marlow, Michael L. Report Mar 22, 2010 2236
Public smoking ban 'sees fall in heart attacks' WAG gives extra pounds 650k for prevention. Dec 7, 2009 556
Supersizing of tobacco advertising targeting youth: a pilot study of convenience stores in Virginia. Ajibade, Phoebe Butler Report Sep 22, 2009 3583
Big government's tobacco habit. Brief article Aug 1, 2009 222
FDA seeks tobacco comments. Anderson, Jane Brief article Aug 1, 2009 107
Gene variants behind cigarette smoke metabolism linked to lung cancer risk. Dec 23, 2008 433
Programs cut smoking rates. Anderson, Jane Brief article Mar 1, 2008 114
An assessment of causal inference in smoking initiation research and a framework for future research. Heckman, James J.; Flyer, Fredrick; Loughlin, Colleen Jan 1, 2008 5464
Smoke free UK beckons. Survey Jun 1, 2007 477
The influence of individual factors on the effectiveness of message content in antismoking advertisements aimed at adolescents. Smith, Karen H.; Stutts, Mary Ann Dec 22, 2006 12920
College students' responses to antismoking messages: denial, defiance, and other boomerang effects. Wolburg, Joyce M. Dec 22, 2006 10782
Employer initiatives to stop smoking: as more employers take aggressive steps to reduce health care costs arising from employees' tobacco use, EAPs can and must help ensure the process goes smoothly and meets the needs of all parties involved. Hill, Mary May 1, 2006 2393
Handy gel gives hit with no hurt. Chomka, Stefan Brief article Apr 15, 2006 301
Would Issac Newton make a good family doc? Susman, Jeff Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 198
Secondhand smoke exposure decreasing. Sep 1, 2005 493
Vaccine may help some heavy smokers quit. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Aug 15, 2005 699
Smoking; Overview. Jun 15, 2005 2037
Tobacco use and cessation counseling--global health professionals survey pilot study, 10 countries, 2005. Costa de Silva, V.; Chauvin, J.; Jones, N.R.; Warren, W.; Asma, S.; Pechacek, T. May 27, 2005 2981
Cigarette smoking among adults--United States, 2003. Troschair, A.; Caraballo, R.; Malarcher, A.; Husten, C.; Pechacek, C. May 27, 2005 2292
Evaluation of a culturally tailored smoking prevention program for Asian American Youth. Chau, Tolan Dec 1, 2004 6015
Giving it up in real time. Mowbray, Simon Brief Article Sep 4, 2004 244
Behind the smoke screen. Hoar, William P. Aug 23, 2004 403
Cigarette smoking among adults--United States, 2002. Husten, C.; Jackson, K.; Lee, C. May 28, 2004 2475
Chance to better public health gone up in smoke: states squandering tobacco settlement. Kirn, Timothy F. Apr 1, 2004 977
Use five A's in smoking cessation counseling with your patients: brief interventions. Boschert, Sherry Feb 1, 2004 623
It's the money: after the Big Tobacco suits, what next? Bernardo, Rick Jan 1, 2004 670
Helping queer teens shake the habit. Cowperthwaite, Elizabeth Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 351
Great American Smokeout--November 20, 2003. Brief Article Nov 14, 2003 288
Do smoking-prevention programs work? (Snapshot). Illustration Jul 1, 2003 100
Government puts $100 million into disease prevention. (Effort to Reform Risky Behaviors). Perlstein, Steve Apr 1, 2003 404
Kick the habit with nature's help. (natural health). Duke, James H. Jun 1, 2002 1250
Targeting pregnant smokers. (Pregnancy & Birth). Brief Article Mar 22, 2002 143
TOBACCO MONEYS BENEFIT HEALTH. Imperio, Winnie Anne Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 81
Effectiveness of School-Based Programs as a Component of a Statewide Tobacco Control Initiative -- Oregon, 1999-2000. Statistical Data Included Aug 10, 2001 1925
Principal and Teacher Reports of Strategies to Enforce Anti-Tobacco Policies in Florida Middle and High Schools. Tubman, Jonathan G.; Vento, Rita Soza Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 2001 5381
Taxes & Smoking. Meyerhoff, Michael K. Jul 1, 2001 108
Hutchinson study, gold standard or spruce goose: an epistemological view of prevention research. Woodhouse, Carolyn D. Jun 22, 2001 4262
Use of Office-Based Smoking Cessation Activities in Family Practices. MCILVAIN, HELEN E.; CRABTREE, BENJAMIN F.; BACKER, ELISABETH L.; TURNER, PAUL D. Nov 1, 2000 2607
Smoking Cessation Now. Satcher, David Oct 1, 2000 632
SURGEON GENERAL ANTISMOKING PUSH. Easton, Susan Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 138
Physicians' Advice to Quit Smoking. DOESCHER, MARK P.; SAVER, BARRY G. Jun 1, 2000 3565
World No-Tobacco Day -- May 31, 2000. Brief Article May 26, 2000 309
Pressing Patients to Quit Smoking Can Have an Impact. WORCESTER, SHARON Brief Article May 1, 2000 273
FLORIDA GETS SMOKING RESULTS. Brief Article May 1, 2000 115
Treat Tobacco Dependence as Chronic Disease. GOLDMAN, ERIK L. Dec 15, 1999 981
Enhancing Smoking Cessation Rates in Primary Care. Wadland, William C.; Stoffelmayr, Bertram; Berger, Ellen; Crombach, Anna; Ives, Kathy Sep 1, 1999 6098
Expert Stress Need to Control TB. Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 374
Managed Care Scores Poorly on Smoking Cessation. BRUNK, DOUG Aug 15, 1999 1037
Making it Uncool. WORTH, ROBERT Mar 1, 1999 3527
Missed opportunities for prevention: smoking cessation counseling and the competing demands of practice. Jaen, Carlos Roberto; Stange, Kurt C.; Tumiel, Laurene M.; Nutting, Paul Oct 1, 1997 4033
National assessment of early elementary teachers' perceived self-efficacy for teaching tobacco prevention based on the CDC guidelines. Perry-Casler, Suzanne M.; Price, James H.; Telljohann, Susan K.; Chesney, Barbara K. Oct 1, 1997 5260
How to kick a national habit. Andrews, Joseph L., Jr. Cover Story May 1, 1997 4241
Current trends in tobacco prevention and cessation in Nebraska physicians' office. McIlvain, Helen E.; Crabtree, Benjamin F.; Gilbert, Carol; Havranek, Russell; Backer, Elizabeth L. Feb 1, 1997 5610
Pro-innovation bias: the case of the Giant Texas Smoke Scream. Smith, Dennis W.; Zhang, James J.; Colwell, Brian Aug 1, 1996 3163
Kick the habit! Oct 1, 1995 126
Tobacco and smoking - a few thoughts. Sagall, Rich Column Sep 1, 1995 691
Counseling patients for smoking cessation. Usatine, Richard P.; Richards, John W., Jr. Jun 1, 1995 744
Tobacco control: toward the year 2000. Houston, Thomas P. Editorial Jun 1, 1993 1278
Tobacco update. Jun 1, 1993 160
Biased education. Jul 1, 1992 260
Words as therapy: smoking cessation. Richards, John W., Jr. Editorial Jun 1, 1992 3980
The Tobacco Institute: helping youth say "yes" to tobacco. DiFranza, Joseph R.; McAfee, Tim Editorial Jun 1, 1992 1890
The role of the family physician in ending the tobacco pandemic. Blum, Alan; Solberg, Eric Editorial Jun 1, 1992 2468
A controlled trial to integrate smoking cessation advice into primary care practice: Doctors Helping Smokers, round III. Kottke, Thomas E.; Solberg, Leif I.; Brekke, Milo L.; Conn, Shirley A.; Maxwell, Patricia; Brekke, M Jun 1, 1992 5200
Preventing teenage tobacco addiction. DiFranza, Joseph R. Jun 1, 1992 2604
Tar Wars - a community-based tobacco education project. Cain, Jeffrey J.; Dudley, Timothy E.; Wilkerson, Mary K. Mar 1, 1992 1067
Teenage smoking preferences. Mar 1, 1992 290
Patches help smokers quit. Dec 14, 1991 320
The "mother of all battles": against smoking. Oct 1, 1991 193
The STAT agenda for ending the sale of tobacco to minors. Jun 1, 1991 151
Parent involvement in cigarette smoking prevention: two pilot evaluations of the "unpuffables program." Perry, Cheryl L.; Dudovitz, Bonnie; Halper, Andrew Nov 1, 1990 3838
Illuminating negative results in evlauation of smoking prevention programs. Ksihchuk, Natalie; O'Loughlin, Jennifer; Paradis, Sylvain; Masson, Paule; Sacks-Silver, Gloria Nov 1, 1990 2744
Smoking in movies: license to kill. Apr 1, 1990 478
State tobacco-use prevention and control plans. Mar 2, 1990 700
Smoking cessation breakthroughs are proliferating. Jun 19, 1989 599
Essential elements of school-based smoking prevention programs. Glynn, Thomas J. May 1, 1989 5377
Vocational education students: a difficult-to-reach population at risk for smoking-related cancer. Corcoran, Ruth Donnelly; Allegrante, John P. May 1, 1989 2872
Smoke Free Class of 2000. Evans, Arlene Nov 1, 1988 318
Nicotine: a drug of choice? Edwards, Diane D. Jan 18, 1986 2015

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